Jan. 17th, 2011

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 I wasn't really that excited about the Golden Globes until I watched it. I wasn't blown away by any of the movies this year, while I enjoyed them all I wasn't rooting for any particular one. Though I was quite pleased when Aaron Sorkin won. A movie about privileged white boys get rich and screw each other over isn't exactly a groundbreaking or particularly likable movie but I will forever love and support that man for writing two of the best shows ever. Also, because I remember several years ago how people mocked him mercilessly when they heard he was writing a movie about Facebook. In your faces, suckers.

With the exception of Glee I didn't really care who or what won because everything was so deserving. I did find myself rooting for The Good Wife because that show is totally my happy place lately, the one I can't wait to watch every week. So much so that I even started a cap tumblr for it. 

Anyway, what pleased me most was the sheer amount of gay representation. Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and Jim Parsons all won and I believe are all openly gay (although I think only Jane is comfortable talking about it with the media). Matt Bomer presented the award to Jim too so it was a little gay fest on stage. I liked that.

Julianne won for portraying a lesbian and Natalie won for making out with Mila Kunis. Even Colin Firth's award I consider pretty gay because he didn't win for last years A Single Man even though he was magnificent in that movie.

Just generally I am pleased with the extreme amount of gay because I feel like it means a lot of progress is being made in terms of acceptance of openly gay actors.

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