Feb. 22nd, 2011

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My Tuesday line-up of NCIS, NCIS: LA and The Good Wife bring me endless joy each week. And I don't care what imdb posters or tv by the numbers say, there is no way TGW is in danger of being cancelled. They say a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demo means cancelled, I say shut the front door. First off, there's a reason why CBS paired The Good Wife up with NCIS/NCIS:LA: both those shows are well-known to dramatically swing older, as TGW does. It took NCIS eight years to get up to the numbers they're at now. Plus, CBS is not going to get rid of the only program that's giving them any play at major awards shows. Julianna Margulies just won her second SAG award for the show, Archie Panjabi has an Emmy (and Christine Baranski was nominated against her), Julianna won a Golden Globe and TGW was the only newbie show nominated and, along with Lost, one of the very few network dramas making any play. But everyone is all "It loses so much from the lead-in shows." To which I say: "Oh, you mean the most watched scripted dramas on tv right now? What would you put there that wouldn't lose even more?"

That's just my two cents. And since it's CBS, who a) have a pretty good track record for supporting their shows and b) don't mind shows that don't do major 18-49 business. And since they're not NBC, they don't shoot themselves in the foot every week.

Now, on to NCIS, which totally gave me the one thing I wanted from the show this season: )

I loved NCIS: LA tonight, just like usual. Since they added the new tech girl, Nell, I've been very happy with the show. Everyone now has a partner to play off of and Hetty has room just to awesome all over the place.

And The Good Wife. Show, I love you )

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