Jun. 5th, 2011

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I had such a good day today.

It was beautiful and sunny and hot. My high school best friend Crystal, the one I visited last week, came over to my house with her hubby and her puppy. I wanted her to show her puppy off to my parents and tell them about her new house. She's always had a really good relationship with my parents so I knew that would be important to her.

Dinner took a little longer than expected so we didn't end up eating until after seven but it was nice anyway because we ate on the back deck.

Then I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed out the door. I've taken my dog with me so many times that as soon as she sees me with my camera bag and sees me grab the car keys she gets overly excited and pushes herself out the front door.

We got to the park and the park was overflowing with people. There seemed to be some sort of event there and there were just tons of people. For some reason that just made me very happy, to see so many people from my community just out enjoyed each other.

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