Sep. 30th, 2011

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So, if you follow me on tumblr or are someone who I complain to a lot on gchat (*cough*Erin*cough*) then you know that I'm capping for [ profile] rawr_caps now. It's one of my favourite places to go for caps because they always offer downloads as well as a gallery. And all the caps are actually sorted so you get 500-800 decent caps rather than 2000 where more than half are blurry with movement.

I cap with them now and sometimes I get a little stressed because I'm now capping Terra Nova and The Good Wife which are currently airing shows and I get stressed because I want them out there for the fans as soon as possible. This is made slightly more annoying by the fact I absolutely refuse to cap anything with a logo. I don't care if it's the highest definition ever in the world, I will not cap it. Which means I often find myself waiting 12 or so hours extra to find the logofree 720p downloads. Frustrating.

This is all by way of saying that I'm gonna be sorting tomorrow and if I don't find the hardware that makes my headphones work with my laptop I will be going crazy. 

Here's all my posts over at Rawr. (By the way, I enjoy that I can search all the posts someone has made in a comm.) Shows capped include Sanctuary (blu-ray S1-3 and HD once the new season airs), The Good Wife (S1-current), Stargate SG-1 (DVD S1-10), Damages (S3 & 4), Private Practice (S3-current) and Terra Nova.

I hope to get to the following ones as soon as possible: The West Wing (S1-7 from the refurbished HD eps, not the DVDs), Stargate Atlantis (blu-ray S1-5), Xena, Rome, Caprica and ER. So there's that.

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