Oct. 31st, 2011

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Ooh, changed my layout. Not sure if I like it or not.

I should type up my thoughts about The Good Wife  and Sanctuary  and Lost Girl but I'd mostly be a Debbie Downer (I should use a diffferent term since it's my Mom's name). They're all okay but just okay to me. I have a lot of thoughts, deep and otherwise, about various television shows but never seem to type them up.

Maybe later, if someone will discuss them with me. Because obviously I know my own thoughts, but I like having intense discussions with other people where I want to pick into their brains about various shows.

Or maybe I've just had three glasses of Italian Amarone and I'm feeling smiley.

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I'm really interested in stabbing a lot of Sanctuary watchers right now for a multitude of reasons.

Number one being the kiss at the end of the latest episode.

But close behind in the number two and three spots are that stupid 'Sanctuary Obvious Statements' tumblr and basically how the fandom will shit on you if you don't think the show is the most perfect show that ever existed. It's not the first four seasons of The West Wing, okay?

I actually feel like I might have a rant coming on about heteronormativity and how male and female characters in an intense situation are assumed to be sexually attracted to each other but if they're female characters then "there's not enough character development" or whatever. 

I just want to smack these assholes a lot for ruining my enjoyment with their small brains.

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