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These were just posted on the [livejournal.com profile] broadway_daily comm:

I could take or leave Sutton (her eyebrow always bugs me) but look! BEBE! I haven't posted Bebe in a while but here she is, in all her adorableness.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And Sherie Rene Scott, who is just so pretty it hurts me sometimes. Her and Idina like to switch parts and I find that cute.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Look! I finally have an OC related icon to use when I post about it! And of course, it is the gorgeous and delightfully evil Melinda Clarke.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Plus, I made a couple more. We've got my Stargate OTP, Sam/Jack:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've got my West Wing OTP, Josh/Sam (and how very, very gay it is):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've got The Bebe:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've got my beloved Amanda Tapping:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've got the obligatory Cheno-being-titorific icon:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've got my darling little woobie, Logan:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And Olivia Williams because she is so fucking hot and classy and in X-Men 3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] wickedlygilmore

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

fifteen obsessions: explained )

It's sad because all my favourite interests didn't come up. It would have been way more fun to explain my love of 'wordsex', 'leather corsets', 'boys in glitter', 'feather boas', 'gay hobbits', 'kates', 'ot3!', 'triple crosses' and 'thick rimmed glasses'.
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I watched The Faculty this weekend at the cottage. Bebe was even hotter than I remembered. And Famke Janssen in the sexy red dress....RAOR! I have so much love for everyone in that movie. I totally feel the Clea Duvall because the eye makeup is hot. Except maybe Josh Hartnett because he is overrated and not that attractive.

Also, I am highly entertained by the actors who have itty bitty parts. Jon Abrahams from Kids, Danny Masterson and Summer Phoenix, younger sister of River and Joaquin (and Brandy from SLC Punk). And how cute is it that she's engaged to Casey Affleck and named their son Indiana? Because River Phoenix played young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Ha! When Jordana Brewster kisses Elijah Wood at the end of the movie, I giggled to myself and thought of them both making out with the same sex. Mmmmm, Jordana in D.E.B.S.. And then my aunt said, "It's so weird to watch him kiss a girl, isn't it? He is so gay." It was HIGH-larious.

Too bad almost all Faculty fic is Zeke/Casey slash because I'm totally groovin' for some Stokely/Delilah/Marybeth (or any combination of that) fic. Because clearly the unrivalled loathing Stokely and Delilah have for each other is repressed sexual tension. CLEARLY.
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If it was possible to have sex with a magazine, I would be having it with Emmy magazine right now.

  • full page L&O, SVU and TBJ 'For Your Consideration' ads
  • a beautiful picture of S. Epatha Merkerson
  • FYC ads for The L Word, Queer as Folk (even though the ad is only Brian, Michael and Justin and they look terrible), Desperate Housewives, and Lost
  • an article on the Tony Awards
  • articles on HuffPuff (aka Scott Cohen) from TBJ, Ilene Chaiken who created The L Word and Lauren Graham
  • a half page FYC West Wing ad, complete with an itty picture of Cheno (AT LEAST SHE'S THERE!)
  • an uber-hot FYC ad for Naveen Andrews from Lost
  • a picture of Emily Procter and one of Candice Bergen in a sexy suit
  • and finally, amazingly funny ads by Bryan Cranston

    I'll try to scan these today but I don't know when I'll be able to post them due to the fact that my laptop is out of commission for the immediate future. It's just the very crappy work computer, for a while at least.
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    La Showcase de Bebe:

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Her shirt says "naughty bebe". I'll bet.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    *dies from the legs*

    five more behind the cut )
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    Episode 1x07 of Trial by Jury was on tonight. Technically it's called "Bang and Blame" but it will now forever be known to me as "The Knee High Episode" because it was all about the knee high boots Tracey and Kelly were sporting. Look, evidence:

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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    Stolz this from [livejournal.com profile] thejenius:

    Name 10 celebrities you find attractive, then tag 5 people to do the same.
    1. Bebe Neuwirth
    2. Elisabeth Röhm
    3. Amy Carlson
    4. Allison Janney
    5. Kate Winslet
    6. Mary-Louise Parker
    7. Emily Procter
    8. Felicity Huffman
    9. Jodie Foster
    10. Cate Blanchett

    I think they're all most attractive when making out with each other. They can pair or threesome off. I mean, Felicity and Allison's characters from The West Wing, Ann Stark and CJ Cregg, are my OTP of all time. Therefore, that leaves Mary-Louise and Emily (aka Amy and Ainsley); the K/Cates; Bebe/Elisabeth/Amy and Jodie as a third for whoever needs her. Yes. Okay.

    To add to this, I think I should put my favourite picture of each one

    my ten most attractive, right here from 10 - 1 )

    And since I'm very shallow, here's my next favourites.

    11. Idina Menzel
    12. Lauren Lee Smith
    13. Katharine Isabelle
    14. Kristin Chenoweth
    15. Evan Rachel Wood
    16. Amber Tamblyn
    17. Jennifer Beals
    18. Morena Baccarin
    19. Miranda Otto
    20. Naomi Watts
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    So everyone is talking about Amy, Diane and, most importantly, Bebe on Celebrity Charades. And it's not being shown on Canadian tv? This is a travesty. I need to see these two episodes of this show.
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    Weee! These new livejournal tags rock. Click on the pretty girls tag and it will automatically transport you to any post I made where there are pictures of pretty girls and only to the entries where there are pictures of pretty girls.

    Ooh, I am now the proud owner of a Bebe milk ad. I may have to restrain myself to keep from touching it a lot because there's leg and fishnets and a glittery black dress... Ummm, I forgot where I was going with that. I showed the ad to my friend and she said, "no wonder you're so obsessed." Well, duh.
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    Mmm, my latest obsession: Law & Order pretties. Most of them are screencaps because I love girls in suits.

    But first, Mariska Hargitay and Kittie. Yeah, "straight".
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Amy Carlson )

    Bebe Neuwirth )

    Angie Harmon )

    Diane Neal )

    Elisabeth Rohm )

    Mariska Hargitay )

    Stephanie March )

    Mariska continues to be extremely 'heterosexual' with other L&O girls )

    Now I need to either a) take a cold shower, or b) go and cap some Bebe in movies. I still have Jumanji, most of Tadpole, Bebe's Season 1 SVU episode and, like, 7 more episodes of TBJ.
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    Bebe Milk Ad. Ohmigod. I MUST find several copies of this to drool over. Except I have no idea what publications they would be in. Must have Bebe!
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    In honour of the Tony's tonight I'm just going to post a bunch of hot pictures of Bebe 'cause, you know, she's won a Tony. And I really don't need a reason to post pictures of Bebe.

    Weren't sexual favours once promised for a picture of Bebe and Amy like this?

    the rest are behind here )
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    This picture is absolutely adorable. Look at how comfortable they are. Tracey/Kelly is love!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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    I finally got to watch the last episode of Trial by Jury and OMGGAY! That defense attorney, Ana, that used to work with Tracey? They totally were sleeping together. And so many HoYay! moments between Tracey and Kelly. Tracey is the dyke Jack McCoy, sleeping with her ADAs, I can feel it.

    I must go cap this episode right away.

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