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I just finished The Gargoyle in the bath. My family got a little concerned because they could hear me sobbing. Not just crying but big, loud, out-of-control sobs. My mom asked if it was sad and I honestly don't know.

I got to the final 20 pages and I just felt like all this emotion was being pulled out of me. I haven't felt that way about a book in a very long time.

It might take me a few days to write a review and I have to watch Season 1 of The West Wing, because, as you all know, that is the happy place I go when I'm overwhelmed with emotion.
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To preface this picture, let me just state that Flickr keeps broadcasting THAT I HAVE ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS until my Pro account runs out. I mention this for no attention whore-y reason, just to say that they use a lot of italics and bolding and I got the point about five or six days ago. *eye roll*

reading list {11/365}

The books next on my reading list covering all my favourite genres: modern fiction, historical fiction, trash, short stories and fantasy. WITH DRAGONS. That would be "Empire of Ivory" the fourth book in Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, not the Cheryl Cole biography, just for clarification.

Ooh, and "The Creation of Eve" I just got a few days ago in the mail. I'm part of LibraryThing Early Reviewer Program. I've mentioned it before but I don't know if I've explained it. I apply for a great number of books a month, pretty much everything that is fiction and available in Canada. The publishers offer up something like 25 or 30 books, sometimes more, sometimes less, and several hundred members apply to receive it so there is great demand. The more and quicker you review, the better your chances of getting another book are. I tend to read through them as quickly as possible so I've gotten six books in the past two years. Four in the past seven months alone. Pretty cool, eh?
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Another Early Reviewer book from LibraryThing, I read this book soon after I got it, mostly in the bath. I actually now associate 'bubbleberry' Mr. Bubbles with this book. *ahem* On with the review:

Powers is simaultaneously gripping and difficult, bringing the reader along on an exciting - if David Lynch-esque - tale, all the while the reader hoping that more will be revealed on the next page.

rest of review )

Overall rating: 2.5/5
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[livejournal.com profile] heartsways sent me a book, Chart Throb to read while I was plotting out a similar novel. It was a quite fun, quick read and I did enjoy it. So, a review, which actually isn't that kind but I'm working on my book critique. I'm trying to upgrade from "I liked it" or "I wanted to salt it then burn it."

review: Chart Throb )

Overall rating: 2.5/5

I got my next book from LibraryThing's Early Reviewer giveaway (free books, yay!) so I'm off to read that before bed.
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This is really a NaNoWriMo poll but I wanted to see if people actually read these books, even as guilty pleasures.

[Poll #1476420]

I've pretty much got my main characters and a rough plot sketch worked out, which I'll probably talk about on the filter more.
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My fourth LibraryThing early reviewer book came today and I am extremely excited. To start off, the last few books I've gotten have been paperback, not final copies and without a cover.

Today's book, Salt by Maurice Gee, is a final copy and hardcover with a dustjacket. I drew myself a bath and started reading almost immediately and I love it already. It's a YA fantasy novel, a genre I love.

Hopefully within the next day or so I'll post a review.

ETA: LOLing at all the Canadians on tonight's CSI:NY. And The L Word crossovers.
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[+] Oh my goodness. The fandom secret where the person is hating on Degrassi because Ellie cut herself with a protractor is HILARIOUS. That totally always bugged me too but not enough to make a secret out of it or anything.

[+] On the subject of [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets: why did someone even bother to make a post about Naomi Novik's fandom identity to taunt everyone when it seems like everyone already knew? Anyways, I still haven't gotten around to reading the last 200 pages of Black Powder War and I mean to. It just feels like I haven't got to the actual novel part. I had the same problem with Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross and the hundreds of pages it took to even get out of the opening scene, which took one day.

[+] I have been too poor to go pick up The Dragon Heir from the bookstore but now I have monies and want it so badly. But until I finish Ink Exchange, which I am enjoying muchly, I'm not even thinking of picking up another book.

[+] To make up for leaving me waiting in a bus terminal for half an hour, my father went and finally got my the West Wing S3 & S4 DVDs. Wunderbar! Even though certain people who shall remain completely anonymous got me all emotionally drained and was completely exhausted (totally worth it though), I came downstairs to watch "20 Hours in America" because I've been craving it far, far more than is reasonable. Not watching it when I was feeling downtrodden was like losing my security blanket. Or, if you're me, the Care Bear my great-grandfather brought for me the day I was born).
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[+] I'm totally judging Buffy by it's cover. Okay, and by the scans I've seen. But I think that perhaps I've lost interest in Season 8. This latest thing with Dawn is just weirding me out and the Willow/Kennedy thing is making me all upset. Plus, the art still hasn't gotten better.

Basically if Dollhouse isn't awesome I'm having my "Joss Whedon is my god" shirt changed to a "Ron Moore is my Cylon god." This is code for "I'm still upset about his run on Runaways."

[+] It's days like today when I'm waking up at 5:30 that I wish I could drive because driving 30 minutes to work is infinitely preferable to walking half an hour to the bus stop and then sitting on a bus trying halfheartedly to sleep for another hour and fifteen minutes. On the other hand, my awesome legs are probably a product of all the massive amounts of walking I do instead of driving.

cut for text from my favourite book )
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I know this is just super nitpicky on my part but "decimate" means to reduce by one tenth not "completely and utterly annihilate." I know that it's become colloquially acceptable due to constant improper usage but it still really bugs me since I've heard or read it more than once in the past two days. I find it to be the equivalent of using "decade" to mean "century."

In other word news, I am unexpectedly enjoying The Jane Austen Book Club. I thought it would be something different and it is rather funny, with an odd, skewed perspective that I really like. Also, my goal is to finish Black Powder War by the time I arrive back in Toronto tomorrow.
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So Fey came today. YAY! Is there anything I love more than gay faeries? THE ANSWER IS NO. I am excited for this book! There are stories by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare! I'm more than a little in love with Holly Black's writing and the way she manages to create an atmosphere you can actually feel.

Also, yesterday, my mom bought me Sideways by Rex Pickett and I ordered Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik even though I just finished the second book.

In the past two weeks, I've also gotten:
  • Black Powder War by Naomi Novik
  • Here if You Need Me by Kate Braestrup (non-fiction)
  • The Known World by Edward Jones
  • Mother of Pearl by Melinda Haynes
  • Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
  • The Serpent's Egg by J Fitzgerald McCurdy
  • Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton
  • Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik

    I'm reading four books right now and I still feel like I'm not reading enough. :S
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    The Spiderwick Chronicles trailer looks AMAZING. Their a little younger than the usual YA I read but it's HOLLY BLACK whom I love and worship. Plus, the movie has Mary-Louise Parker, which is always good.

    I hope this means that we can get awesome movie versions of Valiant, Tithe and Ironside too.
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    Am I the only person who is sick of hearing about Harry Potter? I'm going to get the book tomorrow, I will read it and I will likely enjoy it. However, it seems like people are going on hiatus because they don't want the ending spoiled, which I don't quite understand. I've never come across a spoiler that has ruined a journey for me. That is why I read, for the entire story, not just the end point so knowing that Dumbledore kicked it at the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince actually didn't ruin it for me at all.

    Another thing that bothers me is WHY the Harry Potter series is so popular. They ARE good books, yes. They obviously have captured the imagination of young children but I don't quite understand why these books and not other ones. Young Adult Fantasy, a genre I believe Harry Potter belongs in, is my very favourite genre, and one in which I read extensively.

    So, here it is, the YA Fantasy REC LIST for when you finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I highly recommend trying out some of these books, to compare YA lit to Harry Potter.

    dozens )

    I guess if you are uninterested in this genre than this has just served as a way for me to catalogue the young adult fantasy books I have. My dream would be to write in this genre or at least edit them.
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    Gah! I am trying to remember the names of three books I read several years ago.

    One was about the lives of yeti. The other was about several different owners of a haunted house and the real estate agent that loved the house. And the final one was about a girl chosen by a high school secret society to be their messenger but a catch was that she was shunned and ignored by the entire school.

    Not knowing what these books are is driving me CRAZY!
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    All sorts of things are coming in soon this week. My friend, who does the mail, messaged me to say that I had some mail. Checking it, I discovered not only had my Entertainment Weekly had come early but that Cassandra Clare's City of Bones had come early. It apparently isn't even released until March 27 but is here today in sweet hardcover! I love books!

    And for all the haters who get pissed off because she's plagiarist fanfic writer (there are plenty over at Fandom Wank), who really cares. If she really managed to parlay fandom noteriety into a three book deal, well, she's smarter than the rest of us.

    Also, I have a hard-on for urban fantasy.
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    I'm dying to read something but all I have lying around my apartment are school books. Rec me some fiction, it doesn't matter what genre just something that blew your socks off. I especially like anything from the young adult, fantasy or hilarious genres or some mixture. But really, anything will do.
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    I love that Canadian tv is playing Better Than Chocolate right now. Canada is all about the lesbian sex, the nudity and the swearing, apparently.

    Also, Ann-Marie MacDonald is in this movie and I love her more than any author ever. She was horribly under-utilized on The L Word but that's their loss. I secretly hope to run into her on the streets of Toronto and then commence the trying to convince her to leave her wife and stalking. Guh, I can't find screen caps of the movies so I can icon her with the thick rimmed glasses because thick-rimmed glasses are super hot to me.

    And Peter Outerbridge needs to be the next obsession of everyone. He is as much awesome as Callum Keith Rennie.
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    I went out at lunch and bought more super cheap books from my favourite used books store, BMV. That brings my total book-buying for the past four days up to eight books.

  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore
  • House on Fire by Charles Foran
  • Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard
  • Generation X by Douglas Coupland
  • Where the Heart Is by Billie Lets
  • Time Stops for No Mouse by Michael Hoeye
  • Standing on Richards by George Bowering (short stories)
  • Fidelity by Michael Redhill (short stories)

    Also, I realized that I there's nail polish on my pants after the Great Bathroom Explosion where one of my mother's ill-placed nail polishes bashed the back of the toilet and smashed into little pieces. Luckily, the Explosion was mostly (and miraculously) contained in the cheap garbage can. "Mostly" means that I spent a good amount of time scrubbing splatter off of the floor anyway.
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    100 books )

    So, it seems like I've read 18/100 of these books and ahve started yet never finished another 14 of them. Hmmmm...I should read more.
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    I referenced Ender's Game twice in two days and was struck by a nearly overwhelming desire to read it again. Then I remembered the old Civilization Watch article and totally got turned off of rereading Ender. And of course, rampant homohatred makes me feel the need to go out and be extra gay so maybe it isn't that I get turned off of reading Ender so much as it is I'm too busy reading gay smut.

    Remember when this article came out? I was in the Harry Potter fandom and all the BNFs were going crazy, writing essays and rants against it. I find it so truly bizarre that I am totally turned off of the idea of reading a book I love based solely on the author's personal opinions. Oddly enough, I keep the link bookmarked to read occasionally to stir me into a queer frenzy or something.

    Yep, now I am ready for that Queer Revolt Jon Stewart was talking about.
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    I am currently dying of fandom. I finally finished the first season of Stargate: Atlantis. It was killing my brother that I watched the first 18 episodes with him when we were both desperately ill over my reading week in February but hadn't got around to finishing the last two eps until now. Elizabeth/Sam is now my alternate Stargate OTP.

    Also, little bro has returned from the cottage which means we can now squee over our new Harry Potter books AND have SG1 marathons. And he also appreciates hot women that kick ass so we shall ogle together.

    AND THEN (no "and then!") I'm also obsessed with Sports Night because Felicity Huffman dancing while drunk is fucking sexy...especially when she gets on the table. Oh yeah, and this is the gayest thing I have seen for a long time. Now I understand why everyone is always slashing Casey and Dan. Because they are so clearly gay for each other. They are totally my boyslash OTP.

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