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How freaking much do I love that Stephen Colbert called Oshawa "The 'Shwa". That's what we call it too, only more like "The Dirty 'Shwa". (Sidenote: best punk bar EVER there) I also LOVE that the Toronto Raptor put Colbert on notice. Great stuff.

I will never ever get tired of Colbert's Ontario Hockey League reports 'cause I've seen most of those teams play.

Best. Show. Ever.

bsg finale

Mar. 25th, 2007 10:47 pm
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It was so frakking awesome, and left me with about a million thoughts about cylons.

ponderings )
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I'm done with Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. I LOVED the show and now I fucking HATE it.

I hate that this entire episode is about how bad Meredith's life is. Um, why? 'Cause her dad left her and her mom is a bitch? 'Cause her Wun Twoo Luv turned out to be married? She has a pretty fucking awesome life and still whines about it. Shut up, Meredith. Your life is not that bad.

Why is no one calling Izzie on her hypocrisy? Seriously! What is up with her being a bitch about George and Callie when they've known each other longer than she ever knew Denny. George's dad was dying and he was panicked and she got mad at him for calling her on it. Shut up, Izzie, you're being an asshole.

And now for the real spoilers in the episode )

Finally, can Meredith and Cristina just declare themselves in love and get it over with for goodness sakes?!
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Ha! It's the episode where Skinner kills the hooker but really doesn't because it's a set-up. Also known as the Stargate alternate universe episode where Caldwell blacks out and kills Sam Carter but it turns out that he was possessed by a Goa'ould and she's not really dead it was just a trick.

Um...Pileggi and Amanda are kind of hot together. Before he gets that vision of her as super old and her head turns around. Seriously though, Amanda was really cute ten years ago. I mean, she's still beautiful and all but she used to have that button-ish quality.

Dear God, the fandoms, they are colliding in my head and creating some sort of unwritten crack!fic. This one is way better than the Pileggi/Lucy Lawless Tarzan/X-Files. Yeah, I watched that show *feels a little shame*

WHOA! I just remembered where I had seen the woman who plays Skinner's wife. VASH! From Star Trek(s). I always liked her.
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I've partially recovered my ability to watch my favourite tv shows. Although I'm working on my second run through of the entire LotR Trilogy. Eleven plus hours. I have motherfuckin' stamina.


the l word )

Gilmore Girls is totally predictable but still quite enjoyable.

Haven't watched the latest Veronica Mars yet but early reports have it sucking.
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I've got all this stuff to do and instead I just sit around watching the third season of The West Wing.

I've got all these downloaded episodes of tv and I've only watched the latest Veronica Mars and the L Word. Both of these were pretty forgettable and my only thoughts can be summed up in the following.

Mac should be in every episode because she is the perfect girl best friend for Veronica.

I guess more than one good episode in a row was too much to hope for The L Word. Marlee Matlin is hot. Why is there so much basketball? This show is about as subtle as a bag of cats.
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I have spent FAR too many hours at the library in the past couple of days. To the point that I feel weird when I'm not looking at obscenely tiny type in periodical indexes or photocopying. Also, microfilm/fiche is the DEVIL! So annoying and not great for actually finding things! DAMN YOU, PRIMARY SOURCES!

Anyway, because I just spent three hours at the library (I would have spent more but the stupid university library closes at 5) I'm watching The West Wing and going to do a tv meme I zoinked from [livejournal.com profile] illusory_thrill

television meme )

thoughts on recent SGA episodes )

And on the gay front, I downloaded a copy of Loving Annabelle and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's very short and could have used a little bit more plot in places but the lead actresses are very talented and have fantastic chemistry. It ends just like you expect it to but for some reason it's not as depressing as all the other lesbian movies I've been forced to watch against my will. I hate gay cinema 98% of the time for being utter crap but this was quite good although not as good as Imagine Me and You. But that had GILES.
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Before I say anything else, oh dear GOD, that was brutally bad.

l word 4x01 'legend in the making' )

Bleh, all these lesbians around me that love this show are just so desperate to "see themselves" on tv that they overlook all this garbage but I always identified with well-written characters regardless of sexual orientation. Maybe they just watch shitty tv.
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My Dad's birthday present came yesterday. Oh yeah, we've got Boston Legal season 2. I didn't start watching until my dad made me while we were in the motel in BC last May so I missed most of the show. But holy jeez, it's such a frickin' awesome show.

Also, how much do I LOVE that they played Five Iron Frenzy's "Oh Canada" when Denny and Alan went to British Columbia. Do you not get milk in bags in America?

Notes on Things I've Watched Recently:
- put Meryl Streep in a movie and I will want to sex it: I really enjoyed both The Devil Wears Prada and The Prairie Home Companion
- Little Miss Sunshine is made of brilliant and reminds me far too much of road trips in our old Chevy Astro
- I was a little wary of Scoop after the last Woody/Scarlett foray, Matchpoint, but it was pretty awesome. Woody Allen's lines were hilarious
- Rhona Mitra would have been a better Tomb Raider than Angelina Jolie and is way more attractive. *holds up fists to defend herself from rabid lesbians*
- the first season of The X-Files was completely awesome if you ignore Scully's horrible suits and that fact that David Duchovny has barely aged in the past 15 years
- I really like Stargate SG1 season 9 on a second viewing.

Finally, I think I may have abandoned my het OTP of Sam/Jack. Cam/Sam is seriously HOT. I just can't help it I just really adore Ben Browder. Also, the ryhming names does it for me.
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I just watched the latest episode of Supernatural and I can't even express how excited it makes me. This show is truly the heir to The X-Files.

I love this show so much and though there is a large group of slashers totally digging the Wincest, I'm obviously not watching for that. I love that Supernatural dares to exist darker than most shows will ever even dabble with and those are just their light-hearted standalone episodes. I love the mythology of the show and how Sam and Dean already have quirky side characters that help them along a la the Lone Gunmen.

I'm such a sucker for sibling bonding too. As close as those adopted families on tv are, like the Scoobies on Buffy and such, but I think that having them as real brothers makes the bond so much deeper. Although Little Brother and I don't hunt demons, the Winchesters remind me of everything I love and hate and cherish about my little brothers. Also, I understand that overwhelming desire to save your family and I love how desperate Sam and Dean are when the other one is in danger. I would do anything - anything - for my other brother to be alive again.

Guh, Supernatural just hits on all my favourite television emotional points and is so awesome. I seriously cannot wait for the new episodes each week.
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thoughts on last nights grey's )
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So CTV screwed up so now I've seen the first two episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It made me ridiculously excited.
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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip )

Was that actually why Cheno and Sorkin broke up?

I'm going to watch this tomorrow night too. Perhaps I can be more coherent.
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OH DEAR FUCKING GOD! I have never been more excited for an episode of television EVER. FUCKING CRACKTASTIC.

Anyway, this one has just been begging to be done but the Dorothy is wrong but this one pretty much makes my entire fannish life.

Now I'm really pissed I'm going away this weekend and won't get to see download it THE SECOND the torrent is available.
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Okay, watching Season Five of Buffy and awwwwww, Willow and Tara are adorable. As are Anya and Xander. Anya's excitement about capitalism is one of the best inventions ever.

Anyway, I always get bothered by the ages of the characters on the show. A lot of times, the viewer is supposed to be tricked by the ages of the actors and it comes into sharp relief in Season Five with the addition of Dawn, whose realism as a little sister is actually pretty annoying.

They make a big deal about how old Giles is yet Buffy sleeps with men at least a 100 years older than her, or well over 250 in Angel's case.* Look how they treat Dawn and by the end of Season 5 or early Season 6, she would be the same age as Buffy was when she started slaying. It just kind of bugs me because Michelle Trachtenburg is actually (more or less) the same age as Dawn, whereas all the other actors are at least three years older than the characters they play in the case of Sarah Michlle Gellar and nine or ten in the case of Nicholas Brendan. I just find it weird.

Also, currently watching "Family" and it always makes me sad about how strongly they imply Tara had been abused, at the very least emotionally. Also, Amy Adams as her cousin Beth makes me do a little squiggle of happy. And the addition of Sandy in "Family" and "Shadow" is awesome continuity, considering it's the same girl that Vamp!Willow killed in "Dopplegangland". *loves of Joss*

* When Angel gives his age, we're to assume that it's his vampiric age, based on his gravestone in Angel episodes and not all the years since he was born.
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'Kay, I just finished Season One of Weeds. Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with it. Elizabeth Perkins rocks my world. Her response to her daughter making out with her friend was pretty much the best reaction ever. It cracked me up.
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I should not be crying as I watch the end of "Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee Techs" from Sports Night when Dan and Casey thank the people on the staff. Not-Donna makes me smile though.

Also, Jesus, Sally is hot. I always forget how hot and tall Brenda Strong is. I mean, her body was put together by a technician very close to God.
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I've finished Season Eight of SG1. So, yeah. "Moebius". It's a little odd that I find Geek!Sam to be really hot. Jeez, add glasses and extra geekiness to anyone and I go melty. Oh man, I am such a nerd. I even made this icon of Sam and Daniel being all geeky and cute.

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katiedammit, I got to see "Ripple Effect" as my download of Season Nine is permanently stalled at 94%. But yeah, there was waaaaay too little Sam and Janet interaction. Also, I'm kind of not feeling Cameron Mitchell or Landry. It can't be just that they're not Jack or General Hammond because Daniel is one of my favourite characters and I still really liked Jonas a lot. Maybe I'll like him more after watching a couple of episodes.
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I just finished "Chosen" and it killed me as much the second time as the first time. So, I've decided that Buffy still holds the same place in my heart that it has since the first time I watched it in 1997. Never before have I emotionally latched onto a show like this and sometimes I forget how much I love it. I absolutely freaking LOVE metaphors on tv shows and this show delivers in spades. I bonded with my now best friend over "Once More With Feeling", I saw my grief played out in Buffy and Dawn in "The Body" and "Forever" and a million other things. Oh Buffy, I love you.

Although it always pisses me off how much they go on about Faith murdering people. Let's remember when Giles killed Ben because Buffy couldn't, when Willow killed Warren, when Anya used to kill people, when Andrew killed Jonathan, when Spike killed people ALL THE TIME. I mean, they bring up most of them but Buffy always acts like she's better than Faith because of it. Why should Faith be in jail more than Andrew, Giles, Anya or Andrew? Because there was magic involved? I'm pretty certain that there was always talk of how there was freewill. It's just seems so fake when they show that there are consequences when there are only consequences for one character amongst many for similar acts.

Also, Vi is so very much my new favourite Slayer. I want fic!

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