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I'm done with Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. I LOVED the show and now I fucking HATE it.

I hate that this entire episode is about how bad Meredith's life is. Um, why? 'Cause her dad left her and her mom is a bitch? 'Cause her Wun Twoo Luv turned out to be married? She has a pretty fucking awesome life and still whines about it. Shut up, Meredith. Your life is not that bad.

Why is no one calling Izzie on her hypocrisy? Seriously! What is up with her being a bitch about George and Callie when they've known each other longer than she ever knew Denny. George's dad was dying and he was panicked and she got mad at him for calling her on it. Shut up, Izzie, you're being an asshole.

And now for the real spoilers in the episode )

Finally, can Meredith and Cristina just declare themselves in love and get it over with for goodness sakes?!
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thoughts on last nights grey's )
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So CTV screwed up so now I've seen the first two episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It made me ridiculously excited.
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I have some Grey's Anatomy thoughts. So, it seems to be kind of common in post-Season 2 fanon to have Izzie as an OB/GYN intern or whatever. So, please, Shonda, tell me that Izzie is going to be working with Addison more because it would a) make sense, b) give slashers much more to work with and c) be hot.
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I went out at lunch and wandered around aimlessly. I went to HMV hoping to find Gilmore Girls Season One for cheaps but instead found Buffy Season Seven for $24.99. Dude! Every time I go somewhere that sells DVDs I check to see if they have Season Seven lest anyone discover that I should have it but don't.

I got Season Seven as a Christmas gift in 2004, which I promptly traded in for The West Wing Season Three because that's how I roll. Anyway, now I have the complete collection and now only have to wait until Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy Season 2 come out. And for everything else that is already out to become magically cheaper.

Also, I've noticed that I've been using 'dude' and 'seriously' a lot in my speaking patterns. I believe this is Grey's Anatomy's fault because I did not say them quite so much before I watched the show. Well, maybe that's not technically true because when people do impressions of me they always say "Seriously, guys. Seriously." And this was long before Grey's.

So, has Grey's changed my speaking patterns or has it just resurrected my old Homestar speaking patterns? You be the judge. And judging that I'm a little nuts is not an option.
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I have many thoughts today and almost none of them have any real significance.

1. Why, oh, why did I lend my tc-on-dvd collection to my girlfriend? I've been getting this huge urge to watch either The West Wing, Sports Night, Buffy or Angel and she has them all. Possibly other ones I haven't craved yet.

2. Speaking of tv on dvd, I really need to see how cheap I can get Gilmore Girls Season 1.

3. I never remember why I have long nails, they have such ridiculous upkeep.

4. Best. Crack!fic. Ever.. By [livejournal.com profile] fox1013, it's an an RPF Alias, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy crack!fic with zombies, Mary McDonnell and a Canadian Actor Mafia. And it's called "Tacky Lesbian Hijinks" and has Kate Walsh and Katherine Hiegl being big dykes. DUDE. I AM SO DEAD FROM THE AWESOME.

5. It's possible I look like I should be serving drinks at a country club or working at Canadian Tire.

6. My pissed off-ness about Grey's Anatomy being moved to Thursdays has grown, since CTV has decided to not only move Grey's to Thursdays as well, but shift the time slot to 8pm. I would be concerned if I got drunk a lot because Thursday is go-out-and-party-night. Still I almost always miss the 8pm shows because I'm out.

7. My love of an actress is directly proportional to how close her name is to 'Kate'. Let's take a looksee, shall we? Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica, Katherine Isabelle, Kate Beckinsdale (pre-Underworld) and to a smaller degree, Kathryn Erbe, Kate Burton, Kate Chopin, and Kate Bosworth.

Exceptions: Katie Couric, Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson.

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Also, the ABC Upfront was the gayest thing I have ever seen. Seriously.
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My father and Little Brother have gotten me addicted to Boston Legal. I can't help it, the show is pretty fantastic. Plus, Candice Bergen is a classic - always hot. The show clearly wanted me to watch it too because it was about Jeri Ryan's boobs and had Parker Posey being weird.

Also, this is one of the most boring days at work EVER. The phone hasn't rang, no one's talking, nothing. I just want to get home and watch the downloaded eps of Grey's and sleep. I'll probably have to shit-away my room too but after napping.
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I'm a little scared because I'm willing to watch two Will Ferrell movies just to see Kate Walsh. And by watch, I mean fast forward through. Television that you can fast forward is pretty much the best invention ever. <3

Also, I need some pictures of Addison and Izzie because I'm doing a wallpaper of them but I need a picture of them together from the show.
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Title: Appropriate Somehow
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] greys100, Challenge #37
Pairing: Addison and Izzie, pre-slash
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers up to 2x26 "Losing My Religion"
Word Count: 100

here )
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Grey's Anatomy. Okay, I've got a couple of thoughts tangentially related to last night's Grey's:

1. Addison = HOT! And also, awesome. I wanted to give her big gay snuggles after last night's episode.

2. My mom stayed up to watch it with me. My mother has trouble staying awake past 9pm so for her to watch tv until 11 the show has to be pretty good. Ooh, and she called it "our show" this morning. Awww.

3. The Addie/Izzie is kind of catching. Although the only real couple I like on the show are Cristina and Burke, fic can make you believe anything. Like the idea that I could somehow write an Addison/Izzie end-of-season-2 opus where they angst muchly and then have sex. Which is also angsty.

4. I feel that $31.99 for Season 1 of Grey's is too much. It's only 9 episodes. *

5. $45.99 is also too much for the first ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica and $49.99 is far too much for 12 episodes of Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Now, I love me some blond butchy Starbuck and some Tracey/Kelly hoyay! but not at those prices. That's what the internet is for. On the other hand, $40 is completely reasonable for 22 episodes of Angel, Stargate SG-1, and Farscape. However, they were all at least $40 more than that. And sorry, I will NEVER buy Farscape for $189. NEVER.

6. My favourite place to buy used CDs and television DVDs for cheaps went out of business, which means I shall be visiting my favourite place to buy movies on DVD and book for very cheaps more often. And yeah, I was looking for a copy of Under the Tuscan Sun because anything that has Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh as a couple is worth buying. Also, I liked the movie.

*all prices Canadian, eh?
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Why does this always happen? I accidentally get hooked on a television show (this time Grey's Anatomy) and always end up hating the main/title character (Buffy, Meredith, etc.). And yet, I am so in love with Kate Walsh, any many seem to be.

Derek/Meredith piss me off so much and though I have yet to wander into any comms for Grey's Anatomy I have a sneaking suspicion that they would all be like "OMGZZZ! Mer/McDreamy 4eva!!!1! Addisssson is SATAN!" or however it is the 14-year-olds are spelling it these days. It's the same type of people who went gaga over Buffy and Spike and their twoo luv despite their mutually abusive relationship. Blah. Most people are boring. And my television revelations usually happen late.

And yes, I am downloading Season One. And I curse my home internet because school internets is so much faster.

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