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There are times I hate my little brother. But mostly I love him.

One of the things I love best about him is his taste in movies. He likes stupid comedies a little too much for my taste but he also has a love for beautiful period movies as well. A weeks days ago he watched Amazing Grace every day for over a week.

I came from today and he had just turned on Elizabeth. And I got drawn in. I love this movie.
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Woo! I drove at night! I'm such a nerd for getting excited about small things but I really like driving.

We saw The Expendables tonight, since it seems to be pretty common now for the whole family to go to the movies on Tuesday. At our theatre it's half price, so you can get in for $4.50 or for the full 9 bucks you get a regular popcorn and a regular drink as well as admission. It completely PACKS the theatres.

Anyway, The Expendables was fun. I go to action movies expecting explosions, gun play and just to generally be entertained. Of course, I have standards but when the movie makes fun of itself, like The Expendables did, I usually enjoy it. I don't think I need to use a spoiler warning or cut to say that there were plenty of great fight scenes and quite a few laughs. I really enjoyed seeing Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren on film too. Possibly because I like seeing gigantic, muscled men flex said muscles, no matter how old they are. 

It was a pretty generic action movie but whatevs, I enjoyed it. 


Jun. 15th, 2010 09:59 pm
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[+] Still upset about Criminal Minds. Seeing the actors tweeting about it breaks my heart. Kirsten, Joe, Thomas, Gube and Paget have all tweeted about it.

Paget in particular seems angry, as she called bullshit and said that the reasons ARE financial, not creative. I kind of love this thing with celebrities tweeting because there's no real filter.

[+] In other news, I saw The A-Team tonight and it was awesome. It was everything I love in an action movie. I love funny action movies with tongue-in-cheek humour the most so I was giggling like an insane school-girl. I kept on fantasizing about a Charlie's Angels/The A-Team cross-over movie of crazy plans and outrageous heists.

[+] I've got a lot of stuff I want to get done this week. I'm just putting that out there to remind myself to get my ass in gear.
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[+] The Kylie Minogue song I just listend to was ONE HOUR AND NINETEEN MINUTES. Usually songs entitled "Megamix" are about ten minutes max. I guess if you have dozens of hits you can get away with 50 or 60 song samples. :S

[+] Saw a movie today called Cooking With Stella about a Canadian diplomat, her husband and baby in India and their servants, Stella and Tannu. It was okay, not amazing, but cute and utterly watchable. But most importantly Lisa Ray and Shriya Saran are too gorgeous for words.

[+] My Legend of the Seeker download of tonight's episode is moving at the speed of a snail so I won't get to watch it tonight. I need my Cara and Kahlan fix. They're just so pretty and make these FACES that make me happy.

[+] I've been shit about taking pictures again. :(
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I've been having some night-time sleeping issues the last few nights. Last night I was having some crazy nightmares. I actually woke up, jumped to my knees to peer out the window because I swore I heard a loud noise and was convinced an airplane was flying at the house. My heart was beating fast and I managed to seriously freak out the cat and myself before calming down.

So I put on a movie to help push me to sleep and hopefully to have good dreams. Whip It, which I had heard was a good movie and expected it to be so. I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked how it was a typical "rebellious teen" sort of movie but also managed to avoid a ton of the cliches and was generally very sweet. And let's ruminate on the awesome Roller Derby names like Iron Maven (Juliette Lewis), Eva Destruction (Ari Graynor), Maggie Mayhem (Kristen Wiig) and Bloody Holly (Zoe Bell). Jabba the Slut also made me laugh quite a bit.

I also watched The Blind Side today. It was a pretty typical inspirational sports movie, of which I have seen hundreds as my high school best friend loves them and dragged me to see every one that came out between 1999 and 2004. I may have teared up because it's a true story. And from what I can tell, the movie barely embellished at all.

ETA: Something something Jason Statham? Best ONTD post in a long time.
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[+] I don't like the Fleetwood Mac sample on that Cheryl Cole song "Boy Like You". I guess I'm just possessive about Fleetwood Mac because I rarely like any songs they've been sampled in.

[+] Dad and I put up the Christmas lights yesterday before the weather gets too cold or it snows. I was 15 feet up in the tree and bouncing around on the roof. Quite the exhilarating feeling.

[+] Filled two albums with pictures of Medium Brother while watching Up and Frost/Nixon, both for the second time. I love those movies a lot.
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Last year I bought my mom and movie and never gave it to her. A Bear Called Winnie about how Winnie (of Winnie the Pooh fame) came from belonging to a Canadian soldier to ending up at the London Zoo and inspiring A.A. Milne. It's got Stephen Fry, Michael Fassbender, Jonathon Young (Tesla from Sanctuary), Gil Bellows and Aaron Ashmore. Winnie was named after Winnipeg, the hometown of the company.

We're right at the end and it's been making me bawl the entire time. The man really loved Winnie and so many of the veterinary unit of the WWI military put their careers on the line for the bear. Seriously. I'm really crying hard.

There's a fairly thick booklet that came with it that talks about filming and how they had two bear cubs and just followed them around with the camera and let the bears interact with the cast however they wanted. Apparently the bear that played the adult Winnie, a bear named Bonkers, actually gave Michael Fassbender a genuine bear hug and made the entire crew cry.

Oh, AA Milne and Christopher Robin just walked away and tears are running down my face. I am such a sap.

I highly recommend this movie. All my Canadian peeps definitely need to watch it.
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Watching Street Fighter for Kylie Minogue...brain cells...dying.
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Some of the most fun I've had since coming back is fucking around with people at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets. There are two secrets, entitled new fanbrat and entitled old timey fan. New fans are jumping all over the latter and getting all hostile and talking about how they've never had access to Star Trek before in their lives.

There's already new Trek versus old Trek wank and, naturally, the "nu" fans are being absolutely hilarious.

No one ever learns. It was the same with Watchmen and Batman and every show/comicbook that has gotten a commercially viable, high profile movie. Oh internets. You bring me joy.
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Oh, Camp is my favouritist little campy gay movie about musicals ever. I kind of want to do a Michael/Vlad picspam for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy's Couples challenge but I can't seem to find any screencaps. I may have to take them myself.

I was so excited when I heard Robin De Jesus was going to be in In the Heights because of this movie. Hee. Favourite part? When everyone goes crazy when Sondheim shows up.

It's sad that I have 114 icons and the closest thing I have to a Broadway icon is this The West Wing Cheno icon.
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[+] I went to the doctor today about how I've been on my period for THREE OF THE PAST FOUR WEEKS. Yes. Three weeks. He's adjusting my birth control. He also asked if I've been having headaches and nausea, so the massive headaches (like the one I have right now) that never seem to go away and the not wanting to eat? Are symptoms me being over estrogenized. So hopefully they will go away soon.

[+] I've had the Wonderfalls theme song stuck in my head for DAYS. It won't go away and I'm not sure I want it to because I love it to pieces.

[+] I keep writing incredibly random non-shippy gen!fic. Apparently the [livejournal.com profile] galpalficathon is coming along at just the right time because friendship is what I want to write lately and shippy fics have been surprisingly problematic. Throw some Grey's fic ideas at me, peoples!

And just a poll: Erica/Izzie even more wrong than Callie/Izzie or about the same amount of wrong? Because I am feeling strangely compelled to write Erica/Izzie because of its incredibly inherent wrongness and how it would feel like watching a car wreck in motion.

[+] Watched part of Wayne's World today. I never, ever get over Lara Flynn Boyle hitting the car with her bike and flying over the hood. I laugh every single time and it transports me back to being on the bus for a band trip to Halifax (20 straight on a bus!) and how we made the teacher rewind that scene about half a dozen times.

[+] While still on Wayne's World: why is Rob Lowe so pretty?! He's pretty much the most attractive man in the whole world to me and it's making me want to go steal back my West Wing season 3 and 4 DVDs from my grandparents' neighbour. I really need to watch "20 Hours in America."

[+] After weeks us of trying to use the term "peely-wally" as much as possible, my dad finally asked my grandfather what it means and it turns out we were using it completely correctly! (For those interested, it's Scottish slang for being pale or sickly, basically for being hung over)

[+] And finally, I've started watching Birds of Prey (I know, I know, six years too late), The Middleman and something else that I can't remember at the moment but I vaguely recollect enjoying.
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I have three and a half fannish thoughts. They're not really important but I like writing them down anyway.

1. The end of "Two Cathedrals" reduces me to tears every single time. When the first strains of 'Brothers in Arms' picks up when the President walks out into the rain, goosebumps appear on my arms and tears well up in my eyes. I absolutely adore how the President walks through the hallways of the West Wing purposefully, knowing that his staff with join and following him. It's just a brilliant season ender. Brilliantly written, brilliantly acted, brilliantly executed. <3

2. I am completely in love with the movie Stranger Than Fiction. I watched it a couple of weeks ago with my dad, who also really liked it (but had seen it before). I wasn't really quite sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. Based on the trailer I expected more of a comedy and for Maggie Gyllenhaal to play a smaller role than she did. I fell in love with the Ana/Harold love story, especially the part where he brought her 'flours'. I keep saying "unexpected" but the story had so much more comedy, tragedy, romance and heart than I ever expected.

3. (and one half) Season 1 of Supernatural arrived today. So yay! So the love I have of both demon-hunting and sibling relationships is now concrete and in my possession. YAY! The one half part comes in where I ponder whether I should spend 50 bucks to buy season 2 on dvd.
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Wee! Long weekends are excellent.

La Famille et moi went to see the Bourne Ultimatum today and it was incredibly awesome. It pretty much defies all explanations other than to say that was probably one of the best sequels ever.

Also, Julia Stiles was hotter than I have ever seen her.
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Yep, Order of the Phoenix is definitely my favourite Potter movie yet, which is funny because it is my least favourite book.

And seriously? My cousin looks so much like Ginny it's not even funny. Except that she's about eight inches taller but still.
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I have spent FAR too many hours at the library in the past couple of days. To the point that I feel weird when I'm not looking at obscenely tiny type in periodical indexes or photocopying. Also, microfilm/fiche is the DEVIL! So annoying and not great for actually finding things! DAMN YOU, PRIMARY SOURCES!

Anyway, because I just spent three hours at the library (I would have spent more but the stupid university library closes at 5) I'm watching The West Wing and going to do a tv meme I zoinked from [livejournal.com profile] illusory_thrill

television meme )

thoughts on recent SGA episodes )

And on the gay front, I downloaded a copy of Loving Annabelle and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's very short and could have used a little bit more plot in places but the lead actresses are very talented and have fantastic chemistry. It ends just like you expect it to but for some reason it's not as depressing as all the other lesbian movies I've been forced to watch against my will. I hate gay cinema 98% of the time for being utter crap but this was quite good although not as good as Imagine Me and You. But that had GILES.
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My Dad's birthday present came yesterday. Oh yeah, we've got Boston Legal season 2. I didn't start watching until my dad made me while we were in the motel in BC last May so I missed most of the show. But holy jeez, it's such a frickin' awesome show.

Also, how much do I LOVE that they played Five Iron Frenzy's "Oh Canada" when Denny and Alan went to British Columbia. Do you not get milk in bags in America?

Notes on Things I've Watched Recently:
- put Meryl Streep in a movie and I will want to sex it: I really enjoyed both The Devil Wears Prada and The Prairie Home Companion
- Little Miss Sunshine is made of brilliant and reminds me far too much of road trips in our old Chevy Astro
- I was a little wary of Scoop after the last Woody/Scarlett foray, Matchpoint, but it was pretty awesome. Woody Allen's lines were hilarious
- Rhona Mitra would have been a better Tomb Raider than Angelina Jolie and is way more attractive. *holds up fists to defend herself from rabid lesbians*
- the first season of The X-Files was completely awesome if you ignore Scully's horrible suits and that fact that David Duchovny has barely aged in the past 15 years
- I really like Stargate SG1 season 9 on a second viewing.

Finally, I think I may have abandoned my het OTP of Sam/Jack. Cam/Sam is seriously HOT. I just can't help it I just really adore Ben Browder. Also, the ryhming names does it for me.
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I love that Canadian tv is playing Better Than Chocolate right now. Canada is all about the lesbian sex, the nudity and the swearing, apparently.

Also, Ann-Marie MacDonald is in this movie and I love her more than any author ever. She was horribly under-utilized on The L Word but that's their loss. I secretly hope to run into her on the streets of Toronto and then commence the trying to convince her to leave her wife and stalking. Guh, I can't find screen caps of the movies so I can icon her with the thick rimmed glasses because thick-rimmed glasses are super hot to me.

And Peter Outerbridge needs to be the next obsession of everyone. He is as much awesome as Callum Keith Rennie.
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Coffee flavoured Jelly Bellies are incredibly gross.

All right, I'm being obsessed with Lord of the Rings again so does anyone know where I can get hi-res pictures 'cause now I want to do fanart. [livejournal.com profile] sinful_caesar? You girls are pretty much my pretty picture pimps so you must know good places to get pretty LotR photos.
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I finished Season 5 of Buffy, which I think is my least favourite season. Now I'm watching Wilby Wonderful and it is. Because anything that stars Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Callum Keith Rennie, James Allodi, Paul Gross and Maury Chaykin is AWESOME. Of course, I'm predisposed to liking Canadian, so I'm a bit of an easy sell.

Sometimes I get a little sad that Sandra Oh became all big with Grey's Anatomy because I totally adore her in these little movies that no one ever sees in big movie theatres. Also, I love how the phrase "double-double" automatically makes something Canadian. Oh, and Ellen Page really does look a ridiculous amount like Katie Stuart, who played Shadowcat in X2: X-Men United.

I also started watching this cute movie called Cake this morning. It also had Sandra Oh, with a surprisingly clothed Heather Graham, Sexual Chocolate and David Sutcliffe. I might have to catch it later.
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