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My first response to Lance Bass's Coming Out (it really needs the capital letters) was to laugh hysterically. Maybe this represents my jaded view of the world because other people's secret hells or whatever cracks my shit up. Or maybe it's because upon reading the interview, he sounds even more like an idiot than I thought. The only thing he's done since the deep and philosophical N*SYNC disbanded was want to be an astronaut.

Did anyone ever see that MADtv sketch where Will Sasso played Lance as the most vacant moron ever? Yeah. It cracks me up that even when he's confirming his gayitude, he still has to be macho. "Uh, yeah, I've done TONS of chicks. And I totally was in love with them." Riiight. Someone should run some sort of experiment of Kathy Griffin to see if she is just the haggiest woman in Hollywood or if she has some sort of superpower.

Also, seriously. I started up this community specifically for non-challenge Stargate wallpapers and since I've seen this problem in other comms, there is an application post. It's made very clear that you need to leave a message in a specific post stating you've read the rules. If you had read the rules, it would be apparent what you're supposed to do, as it is listed several times, yet I still keep getting tons and tons of people that have just clicked the 'join' button without reading the rules. Maybe that militant but seriously? How hard is it to read a couple of lines?
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Oh wow, I just watched The West Wing 7x05. The best thing about the episode came out Abbey Barlett's mouth. I put the diaglogue in question behind the cut because some people might fid it spoiler-y even though I don't think it is but it so fully gives me the right to slash Ellie Barlett as much as I want )

So Jed and Abbey just gave me the okay to slash their daughter. It makes me laugh because I totally recced an Ellie/Amy story over at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van yesterday.
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Oh man, the famous homos are just jumping out of the closet this week. Gay!Sulu. Also, the picture on CNN's site is so the bestest, gayest picture of George Takei ever. EVAR! And then there's Sheryl Swoopes who interests me much less because we don't get Women's Basketball in Canada but we do get Star Trek. I probably wouldn't care if we got women's basketball anyway because, hey, this is Canada, we watch hockey.

I haven't used my 'oh the gay' tag in a while so yay!
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Sports Night is one of the best shows that ever happened.

I'm watching "Smoky" and Brenda Strong, a.k.a Mary Alice of Desperate Housewives fame, is flirting with Casey. And she is very fucking hot and tall. And then Dan gets all jealous. Because he is clearly in love with Casey because they are vaguely gay.
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So instead of packing, I just watched Episode 6, "Trinity", of Stargate: Atlantis which means that I'm only missing "Instinct" and I'll be all caught up to the people with the Sci-Fi channel. The thing I love about this show is that it's the opposite of SG-1. The military presence is the minority to the scientific presence which makes for different conflicts.

on to the commentary )
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And a big gay hello to the movie Where the Truth Lies. I want to have sex with this movie RIGHT NOW. My mind is all disjointed with the squee

Okay, calm down, Ahkna. Queerday.com is reporting that the Kevin Bacon/Rachel Blanchard/Colin Firth threesome "has the MPAA ratings board threatening to give [the movie] an NC-17 score." There is an Alice in Wonderland lesbian sex scene apparently but that doesn't excite me as much AS COLIN FIRTH IN A THREE-WAY. Colin Firth sends me into little orgasmic spasms just thinking about him playing Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Or in Bridget Jones's Diary. All I can hope is that Colin and Kevin GET. IT. ON.

Also exciting: the film is by Atom Egoyan, who directs great movies. Mmm, Exotica, starring Jenny from The L Word. Also, it has Alison Lohman, hopefully looking hot. She was the ONLY reason to see the train-wreck that was White Oleander (read the book instead - it's much better). Plus my favourite adopted Canadian, Maury Chaykin. And my favourite indie movie boy of all time: Don McKellar. And Kristin Adams, who was the cute, blonde ingenue sister in Falling Angels.
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I really really really want to see the movie Pretty Persuasion.

AfterEllen describes it as a "dark comedy Pretty Persuasion opens in limited release this weekend. This funny, disturbing film stars Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, Once and Again) as a teenager who charges her drama teacher with sexual harassment just for fun, and manipulates and seduces everyone around her, including an opportunistic lesbian played by Ally McBeal's Jane Krakowski. If you thought Mean Girls wasn't nearly mean enough, Heathers didn't use enough drano, and teen movies are best served up with a dose of lesbianism, racism, corruption, and cruelty, than this is the movie for you!"

I've been so in love with Jane Krakowski and Evan Rachel Wood for so long. This movie could make me very, very happy. I also muchly love Ron Livingston...except when he broke up with Carrie on Sex and the City. Uh uh, not cool. *winks*

The trailer which shows a little Jane/Evan action. I'm so going to hell.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, I screencapped a scene from the trailer:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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I watched The Faculty this weekend at the cottage. Bebe was even hotter than I remembered. And Famke Janssen in the sexy red dress....RAOR! I have so much love for everyone in that movie. I totally feel the Clea Duvall because the eye makeup is hot. Except maybe Josh Hartnett because he is overrated and not that attractive.

Also, I am highly entertained by the actors who have itty bitty parts. Jon Abrahams from Kids, Danny Masterson and Summer Phoenix, younger sister of River and Joaquin (and Brandy from SLC Punk). And how cute is it that she's engaged to Casey Affleck and named their son Indiana? Because River Phoenix played young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Ha! When Jordana Brewster kisses Elijah Wood at the end of the movie, I giggled to myself and thought of them both making out with the same sex. Mmmmm, Jordana in D.E.B.S.. And then my aunt said, "It's so weird to watch him kiss a girl, isn't it? He is so gay." It was HIGH-larious.

Too bad almost all Faculty fic is Zeke/Casey slash because I'm totally groovin' for some Stokely/Delilah/Marybeth (or any combination of that) fic. Because clearly the unrivalled loathing Stokely and Delilah have for each other is repressed sexual tension. CLEARLY.
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Last night I watched The Life Aquatic and does Owen Wilson ever have a pretty body! I would have preferred if Cate Blanchett wasn't pregnant in it because then I don't get to appreciate her pretty bellybutton and waist. I got a real kick out of Cate playing a character whose last name is Winslet(t-Richardson) though, 'cause that means she married the other Kate. C/Kate love! Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston and Jeff Goldblum were utter majesty and I worship at their feet.

Ooh, and then that made me want to watch The Minus Man which is one of Owen Wilson's best movies, where he gets to shine by himself instead of as part of a Wes Anderson ensemble. He's so amazing in that movie. Plus The Minus Man has Janeane Garofalo, whose sarcastic voice always makes me happy.

I just had the biggest urge to track down a copy of Gods and Monsters and watch it obsessively. Ian McKellan at his ohsoqueer best, and that's saying a lot. And Brendan Fraser. RAOR! In addition to just being really pretty, this is his best acting ever. Plus, yummy Lolita Davidovich (I like to say her name).
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First of all, Toni Scanlan as Helen Blakemore on Water Rats rarely gets a chance to shine but the ep I just watched. WHOA! She was wearing her dykey cop leather and told a punk she wasn't sorry for shooting him and that she wasn't going to get into trouble. It was soooo hot. Almost as hot as when they showed her and her then-girlfriend fucking. I would KILL for Water Rats DVDs...or at the very least prostitute myself. I am shallow and covetous.

Wow, the Bebe-behind-the-scenes of her Got Milk? ad posted over at [livejournal.com profile] tbj_ladies is so fucking hot I think I spontaneously combusted, came back to life then spontaneously combusted again.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Look how cute Teryl Rothery is!

Ha! In the episode where Sam and Janet get Cassandra (feelin' the Katie Stuart love) Sam tells Cassie to say that she's from Toronto. Which is where Amanda Tapping is from. I love inside jokes.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Feelin' the Sam/Janet love too. I totally (friend)ship them.
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*hyperventilates* OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD! I didn't realize it until this moment because I was just giving my laptop a once over last night after I got it back from the shop. ALL MY FUCKING TRIAL BY JUDY EPISODES HAVE BEEN DELETED OFF MY HARDDRIVE!!

Fuck fuck fuck! I wasn't finished screen capping them. And I can't live without the Tracey/Kelly HoYay!
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And now that I've mentioned Chloe (I can never remember which letter the umlaut goes over):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And look at this delightful picture of the cast of Party Monster which is a very queer movie, in both senses of the word.
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Did I miss Chloe and Edie Falco playing dykes on Will and Grace last year? I missed the Bebe ep and this one? Fuck man, I should start watching that show again.
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I watched Le Divorce tonight because it was on, I had nothing better to do and it had Bebe in it. There was very little Bebe actually in the movie but she made up for that by being completely fucking hot and adorable (at the same time) in the seconds she did have. Oh and Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts were there to fill the inbetween-Bebe moments with their cute blondness and crazysexyhot French speaking skillz. The movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. Very quirky.

And because of that here is a delightfully gay and domestic picture of Kate and Naomi. (I KNOW! Naomi all over a girl that is not Nicole!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also watched Shattered Glass which was a very hot movie about Hayden Christensen or something. I really wasn't paying attention because it had CHLOE SEVIGNY, ROSARIO DAWSON AND MELANIE LYNSKEY LOOKING VERY HOT.
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See? Rosario with straight hair and glasses is like a wet dream. Mrow!

The movie also featured Jamie Elman whom us Canadians will remember as Cody from Student Bodies. Jake and I were obsessed with that show. I had a major crush on Flash.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If this isn't the gayest icon ever, I don't know what is. And it's of the two C/Kates! Meow!
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And three more just because I feel like it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dana/Alice love!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The name of this picture on my computer is "Metaphorical Gayness.jpg" because anything with Eliza Dushku in it is automatically lesbionic.

And finally, vampy Kittie.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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An episode of Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone came on after W's rerun of Gilmore Girls. I'm actually watching it right now because it happens to have Kathleen York in it. She is majesty as Andi on The West Wing.

Lo and behold, it's the lesbian episode. And who is the first dyke Miss Match sets Cute Lipstick Lesbian up with? That would be Ion Overman, Candace from the The L Word. I find that to be hilarious. If there's no girl-on-girl action here, I'm going to be pissed off.

Is Dina Meyer a dead ringer for Marcia Cross or what?
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Remember The Moffats? Bubblegum pop band of brothers from a bunch of years ago? Well one of them, Dave, apparently tried out for Canadian Idol. I'm not sure whether this is boring, bizarre or hilarious. Maybe a bit of all three. The blog that it says he started looks pretty damn fake though.
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I'm totally pouting right now. At some point this summer, my family will be going to visit some extended family in New York and I want to go to Broadway, of course. And they don't want to take me. Blech. And no one will go see Into the Woods at the Stratford Festival with me either.

Luckily there was many hours of Law & Order on tonight. The 7pm SVU had Elizabeth Mitchell in it. That girl is seriously gorgeous and seriously likes to make out with girls on tv. Hi, Angelina/Elizabeth sex in Gia is...a dream. I should screencap.

Okay, so I did. I have a little problem putting up screencaps with nudity without a friendslock but I have no problem putting up gayness without a friendslock. Because it is very, very hot and ohsoright.
Angelina and Elizabeth
Mmm, pretty girls
Yes, I really am just shallow like that.

Anyway, NBC (bastards) played two eps of original flavour back to back. The first had ADA Alex the Third who could suck a golf ball through a straw she blows so much. She both sucks and blows, to quote Bart Simpson. Luckily Marisa Ryan was in it. My aunt kind of talked throughout the whole thing so I missed it/wasn't really interested. The second episode had Kittie (meow) being told that she could get a whole bunch of plastic surgery and that 31 is just the right age to start. Gross. Elisabeth Rohm is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, for real and even though it was scripted I wanted to throw things at the screen for anyone even suggesting that she is anything less then perfectly beautiful. I don't watch Original Flavour like I watch SVU because it really lacks the heartbreak and passion that SVU has.

I think a lot of my interest has to do with blonde, blue eyed ADAs, especially when they wear glasses. Rowr.

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