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What do you guys think of this one? I am oddly proud. I just like the colour and the composition of this one. Good work on staying the frame, splash!

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I got these with my lunch today! Of all the other cherries, these were just so perfect!

sushi time!

May. 4th, 2011 07:46 pm
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I've been obsessed with sushi lately. So photos!
Anyone got some ideas for what I should photograph in my light tent tonight?

rainbow roll [79/365]
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Some bitch on tumblr was posting one of my more popular candy photographs and put herself as the credit. I got ragey and seemed incapable of leaving a nice message so I left a rude one. So I expected a rude reply (and I would totally deserve it) but the stupid loser lied to me about tumblr works, saying that it automatically credits your tumblr if you leave the link at the bottom empty. Which is an out and out lie.

I can't. So I'm watching some tv and posting a photo of candy I took last night.

sweet tarts [34/365]
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sweeter than this {16/365}

I've been ordered not to take pictures of food anymore and instead make my famous oatmeal raisin cookies. Or take pictures while I make those.
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popstars on the moon {14/365}

Tried something new tonight based on this awesome photo. Mine is obviously subpar but it was neat to experiment. Plus, I have an obsession with Coca-Cola, as anyone who has ever supped with me knows.

Also, title is an exerpt of lyrics from a Kylie song. If you know which one without cheating, tomorrow's picture will something you want or are interested in.
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orchard invisible {13/365}

Bah, watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King all night. Love these movies so much it hurts.
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sewn together {12/365}

"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years."
~Simone Signoret

Speedlite 580exII center left overhead at 1/32 power through an umbrella
Reflector to the right
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My warm-me-up-so-I-can-sleep tea. Raspberry Mist Herbal Tea.

vancouver 2010 {9/365}
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Tried something new for today's picture.

oranges aren't the only fruit {8/365}
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someone's in the kitchen with dinah

The first of my 100 Situations photo meme. This is #78 Kitchen.

I made my famous oatmeal raisin cookies today. And ate a lot of the dough before it could be made into cookies. What?! I like the dough best!
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Fresh asparagus, part of a yummy yummy dinner of cheese tortellini in a basil pesto with garlic bread using tomato-basil bread.
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I thought I'd do that meme thing where you post pictures for seven days of what you made for dinner and the preparation. So, here goes; tonight I made Mr. Bojangles, which is the Crazy Plates ladies' way of saying bowtie pasta with chicken, sundried tomatoes and broccoli. It's my favourite dinner (and [livejournal.com profile] heartsways' too, once I made it for her) and there's a great farmer's market on Saturdays where I can get the proper sundried tomatoes so I can make it whenever I want.

The preparation.

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