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What do you guys think of this one? I am oddly proud. I just like the colour and the composition of this one. Good work on staying the frame, splash!

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I had such a good day today.

It was beautiful and sunny and hot. My high school best friend Crystal, the one I visited last week, came over to my house with her hubby and her puppy. I wanted her to show her puppy off to my parents and tell them about her new house. She's always had a really good relationship with my parents so I knew that would be important to her.

Dinner took a little longer than expected so we didn't end up eating until after seven but it was nice anyway because we ate on the back deck.

Then I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed out the door. I've taken my dog with me so many times that as soon as she sees me with my camera bag and sees me grab the car keys she gets overly excited and pushes herself out the front door.

We got to the park and the park was overflowing with people. There seemed to be some sort of event there and there were just tons of people. For some reason that just made me very happy, to see so many people from my community just out enjoyed each other.

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I got these with my lunch today! Of all the other cherries, these were just so perfect!

sushi time!

May. 4th, 2011 07:46 pm
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I've been obsessed with sushi lately. So photos!
Anyone got some ideas for what I should photograph in my light tent tonight?

rainbow roll [79/365]
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In my random surfing of the internet I came across an article about heterochromia iridum which is essentially more than one colour of the eye. I thought it was just something like having one eye being blue and the other green but apparently there are different types. And I took a picture to see if it looked like I had central heterochromia. Judge for yourselves. I've never liked the brownish ring around my pupil because I like my eyes being a little lighter. My parents and both my brothers have brown eyes and I'm the odd one out, although at least one of their parents has light coloured eyes so it does run in the family.

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Some bitch on tumblr was posting one of my more popular candy photographs and put herself as the credit. I got ragey and seemed incapable of leaving a nice message so I left a rude one. So I expected a rude reply (and I would totally deserve it) but the stupid loser lied to me about tumblr works, saying that it automatically credits your tumblr if you leave the link at the bottom empty. Which is an out and out lie.

I can't. So I'm watching some tv and posting a photo of candy I took last night.

sweet tarts [34/365]
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Christmas decorations! I thought I had put off taking some photos of my decorations long enough.

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So I redid the photobook, making it 10"x8" instead of 12"x12" which involved several days of intense reworking as I had to start essentially from scratch.

You can see the book here and preview the entire thing.

It's for sale too though I am aware it's mostly only of interest to my family. But it's done. It's scheduled to get here by December 10th or 11th or something so I'll have plenty of time to send one to [livejournal.com profile] heartsways and wrap one in time for my paternal grandparents as we're having Christmas a week earlier.
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So, if I were putting together a coffee table book of a few hundred of my landscape photographs, what should I title it?

Seriously. I'm trying to put one together but I can't come up with title other than 'Landscapes'. Help me, my loyal followers!
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[+] I'm so bored and tired and cranky today.

[+] I did watch Legend of the Seeker which pleased me in many ways but I need me a hardcore Cara episode where she is hot and gay with Kahlan and kicks ass. And makes more faces of epicness.

[+] I'm working on a lot of landscapes lately and I'm irked that I'm not out right now with my friend at the beach because it clouded over. Booooo.

[+] My whole house is being painted which gives me too many headaches. :(

[+] I'm in desperate need of some good fanmixes. I say this because I was working on two in itunes and then itunes deleted the library I was using and replaced it with another library. So now they are nowhere to be found. Itunes undermines my authoritay at every possible opportunity. So listening to some new stuff is just what the doctor ordered. Especially since I've listened to 'Becky' by Be Your Own Pet far, far too many times in a row now.

uber laze

Apr. 16th, 2010 08:13 am
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I've been super lazy about posting lately. I don't really feel like I have anything to say other than Doctor Who or Legend of the Seeker squee which only happens on the weekend.

I have been extra lazy about posting photos though, so here's some thumb nails to my recent pictures I haven't posted here. Clicking them will take you to larger versions, obviously.

grapefruit bubbles {56/365} lemon and honey tea {57/365} beaver cola {58/365} never break the chain {59/365} perched gold finch {60/365} crossroads {61/365} whiskey and wine {62/365} the difficulty of shoes {63/365} where chocolate eggs come from {64/365} milk and cookies {65\365} one day without shoes {66/365} sunset in suburbia {67/365} duffin's creek panorama {68/365} eyes lose their fire {70/365} sunset at the Duffin's Creek weir {71/365}
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calm and clear {69/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

After the evening shoot at Rotary Park in Ajax with a friend a few weeks ago that I was not happy with I finally managed to get a drive to go back. I originally wanted to go to a different part of Lake Ontario's shore but stuck with Rotary Park, not only because it is closest but because I decided that I must master it. *holds up fist like a villain*

It was a lovely night. Cool, very little breeze and very few people. It became a little louder as I was leaving when a bunch of skateboarders with beers ran down a bluff, probably to start a fire and get drunk. It was a lovely time other than that, really.

And now my eyes are barely open so I shall put my computer down and go to sleep.

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[+] almost all the titles to my posts come from the name of the song I'm listening to at the moment

[+] I need to stop waiting until 11pm to take pictures because it means I stay awake until 1 or 2am and I turn into a zombie for work. Not good.

[+] Had a request for more self-portraits so you guys might be stuck with my ugly mug some more. ;) Last night's picture:
stand out! {55/365}

[+] Do I care enough about going to see Jewel Staite and Kate Hewlett to go to Toronto Comic-Con this weekend? There aren't very big names but quite a few I recognize and Kate Hewlett is my favourite playwright. She's actually the only person I would pay for an autographed photo just because I adore her writing so much.
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[+] Last.fm tells me that in the past seven months I have listened to 1000+ unique artists. Which is funny considering I didn't even know I could name 10 unique artists. Right now I'm listening to a lot of The Eames Era, The Sounds (a rec from here, yay!), Broken Bells and Hot Chip. Broken Bells just released their first album this month and it's amazing.

[+] Life stuff is happening. I can't tell if it's good or bad. I think I'm moving in the right direction in a lot of ways and in some particularly painful directions in others where I'm not sure if things are going to be okay. I'm trying to be fine with everything that's coming but I'm not very good with emotions so I'm pretty scared. This is pretty vague but I just don't want to get into the complicated things involving personal relationships, family, grandparents, etc.

[+] I've had a complicated, photoshop heavy image in my head for a few days but my base shots yesterday didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted them to and today I was just too tired so everyone cross your fingers for tomorrow. Hint: it involves wine and flowers. And no, I am not photographing me seducing any pretty young things, unfortunately.

[+] Reasons #1-11 of why Legend of the Seeker is my favourite show of the moment:
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Thanks to everyone for the music recs the other day. I've checked out a bunch of the groups/artists mentioned, if I hadn't already heard them.

POLL because I'm bored and yay! March break!
[Poll #1537375]

I'm also considering trying to download as many episodes of America's/Britain's/Australia's Next Top Model as possible to make screencaps and notes on all the photoshoots in it. I'm just anal enough to do it too. Or just enough to get halfway through before giving up.
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Since I'm obviously no longer going to England, I think I'm going to spend the money I was socking away on camera equipment as a way to cheer myself up as consolation for now being completely alone. Right now I'm thinking about a second external flash to use as a slave. I've been increasingly frustrated by how limited I feel with only the one, which probably says something bad about me as a photographer because I need to learn how to light with a single flash first or something.

The Olympics has me way too stressed, as much as I love it, I'm going to be glad when it's over. As great as it is seeing people win, I hate seeing people lose too. It's tiring.
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My feet are killing me. I've scrubbed the whole house for my parents coming home from a week in Mexico, which compounded my aching feet from the hour+ dog walk from earlier. Wearing the warm but painful boots that give me blisters? Not a good idea.

In other news, I have several photos I want to take floating around in my head but right now I'm pretty exhausted. We'll see if I can calm down after my parents get home. Everyone will be all crazy tonight. Little Brother has fencing tonight but my parents are going to want to tell me every minute detail so I don't know if I'll be able to escape to take today's photo.
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I cannot fall asleep so I'm stanning for Kylie on an ONTD post because seriously, is there such a thing as a popstar who can even TOUCH Kylie Minogue? I mean, Beyonce and GaGa pretty much steal everything she's ever done because Madonna is too obvious.

I keep meaning to compile a picspam that but I always get distracted halfway through.

I am too easily distracted from everything except photography, tbh.

Oh! I just found this great quote from Mark Hamill about being in Star Wars where he said he felt like a raisin in a fruit salad and he didn't know who the cantaloupes were. And now I want to recreate this scene with action figures in a fruit salad. I even have the Luke in Stormtrooper gear action figure. No Han unfortunately though. He's dressed normally.

I have another idea involving a Yoda action figure but I can't find a role of regular gray duct tape, I can only find the red. I'm also trying to think up inventive tea set-ups because I'm obsessive compulsive.
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a sidekick's work is never done {20/365}

Another Star Wars one. Seriously fellow LJ-ers, you do not want to see my whole collection of Star Wars stuff, largely amassed before my 15th birthday. Hats, shirts, books, banks, action figures, magazines, puzzles, toys. Pretty much everything you can imagine, I have in some sort of Star Wars form.

Unfortunately, the prequels totally ruined my obsession. And it's not helped by the fact my brother watches them all the time and actually DEFENDS the validity of Episodes 1-3. For everyone that has seen Spaced, please insert any of Simon Pegg's rants in this place.

Long story short: I am a serious geek.

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