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I got these with my lunch today! Of all the other cherries, these were just so perfect!

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sweet rounds {84/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

[view bigger on black]

Okay, this cracks me up.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon, after I got a new memory card (the other one died Saturday).

Somebody blogged it on tumblr and it's been liked/reblogged over 560 times. This has, ironically, only turned into around 37 views on the actual flickr page and no comments.

I find the appropriativeness of tumblr (and of the internet really) to be interesting. People can 'favourite' or 'like' something so they can come back and view at a later date, which happens at a fairly large volume on Tumblr and share it with their followers if they like it. But it is always in relation to them and there is no guilt or feeling like people need to give something of themselves, like a comment, to view.

That's not a criticism, really. I just find it interesting in regards to the way different social networking sites work.

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sweet cherry pie {83/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

This is my dessert to eat with my tea, some Doctor Who, some West Wing and The American President (I've already watched it once in the last fortnight but who cares).

How freaking delicious does this look?
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[+] I'm seriously thinking about dying my hair bright red like Nicola during classic Girls Aloud red or Julianne Moore red or Amy Pond red. This is largely because I haven't dyed my hair in yeeeeaaaars and I miss it. And also because I hate the colour of my hair right now - so boring and dull.

Oh and no matter what colour I dye it, it always turns red.

[+] My dad made noises at me last night about how they're not going to let me into England because my student debt is too high. Thanks for the support, dad. :(

[+] Anyway, last night's picture, taken after a bug got caught in my eye both wigging me out and irritating my eye for hours. I'm not wild about it but I have figured out that I want to spend more time out at night, which will require me actually jiggering myself up another remote so I can set my camera to the bulb setting.
edge of the ocean {72/365}

uber laze

Apr. 16th, 2010 08:13 am
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I've been super lazy about posting lately. I don't really feel like I have anything to say other than Doctor Who or Legend of the Seeker squee which only happens on the weekend.

I have been extra lazy about posting photos though, so here's some thumb nails to my recent pictures I haven't posted here. Clicking them will take you to larger versions, obviously.

grapefruit bubbles {56/365} lemon and honey tea {57/365} beaver cola {58/365} never break the chain {59/365} perched gold finch {60/365} crossroads {61/365} whiskey and wine {62/365} the difficulty of shoes {63/365} where chocolate eggs come from {64/365} milk and cookies {65\365} one day without shoes {66/365} sunset in suburbia {67/365} duffin's creek panorama {68/365} eyes lose their fire {70/365} sunset at the Duffin's Creek weir {71/365}
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calm and clear {69/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

After the evening shoot at Rotary Park in Ajax with a friend a few weeks ago that I was not happy with I finally managed to get a drive to go back. I originally wanted to go to a different part of Lake Ontario's shore but stuck with Rotary Park, not only because it is closest but because I decided that I must master it. *holds up fist like a villain*

It was a lovely night. Cool, very little breeze and very few people. It became a little louder as I was leaving when a bunch of skateboarders with beers ran down a bluff, probably to start a fire and get drunk. It was a lovely time other than that, really.

And now my eyes are barely open so I shall put my computer down and go to sleep.

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[+] almost all the titles to my posts come from the name of the song I'm listening to at the moment

[+] I need to stop waiting until 11pm to take pictures because it means I stay awake until 1 or 2am and I turn into a zombie for work. Not good.

[+] Had a request for more self-portraits so you guys might be stuck with my ugly mug some more. ;) Last night's picture:
stand out! {55/365}

[+] Do I care enough about going to see Jewel Staite and Kate Hewlett to go to Toronto Comic-Con this weekend? There aren't very big names but quite a few I recognize and Kate Hewlett is my favourite playwright. She's actually the only person I would pay for an autographed photo just because I adore her writing so much.
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herald angels {52/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

I spent the day at the annual Canada Blooms festival, a flower and garden event put on every year somewhere around Toronto. I love fairs, festivals and any events that have vendors selling things you usually can't get in stores. Plus, pretty flowers and my camera is a match made in heaven.

Here there was a beautiful white hyacinth in a darker area with a spotlight hitting the petals at just the right angle. I thought it looked quite dramatic.

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edge of the lake {50/365}, originally uploaded by xaverie.

I went out with an old friend and her dog tonight. We headed down to the the Ajax waterfront right at sunset so I could take pictures of Lake Ontario. There was a great sky but I'm still learning how to photograph at night so my shots are still a little amateur so far.

But spring is coming (I woke up today to lovely green grass and crocuses peeking out of the soil) so I foresee a lot more night shoots. :)

I'm thinking of going out to a place near my house to try to perfect my long exposure evening shots without having to go back to the lake.

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breakfast of champions {31/365}
Click here for maximum splash viewage in gigantic size

Another "cookie splash" photo but this time focusing on breakfast. Although this photo is totally a lie. The glass of milk was poured over Shreddies today. Though I did have some toast, a yogurt and a nice, juicy orange.

Also, the glass is a Vancouver 2010 one. If you look closely you can see the Inukshuk logo dead center. I'm extremely excited for Canada to compete in a few days. I hope our athletes bring home lots of gold; if they do I will for sure be crying because the national anthem always has that effect on me.

Strobist: 580exii at 1/4 power through umbrella, bounce off ceiling, camera left even with glass
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late night cafe {30/365}

I had a rather cranky day (what else is new) but I've been watching The West Wing so it's helped with that. I'm also spending a lot of the evening reading "The Creation of Eve", my LibraryThing Early Reviewer book. It's historical fiction, which is usually right up my alley, except it's written in a diary format. The author is good enough that it is working pretty well except that my favourite part is that I'm getting unintentional lulz from the heroine being too dense to understand that pretty much everyone knows that Michelangelo is a big gay. There's even Spanish Inquisitors asking her questions and she's like "buh?"

The back of the book promised me a love triangle, so it better deliver, is all I'm saying.
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love light {29/365}

I didn't take pictures today at all until after 11pm. I've been kind of disapppointed lately in my photography for the last few days but I tried a little something new tonight and this is what I came up with. I know it's not Wednesday so technically the bokeh is a day late but still. ♥
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shrink ray {28/365}
"I told you not to go back there, Artoo! Now look what you've gone and done!"

Artoo totally would investigate a shrink ray.
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let her kick that ball {28/365}
Something a little more fun and silly. I think that I'm actually going to take toy pictures for the next week. So until next Tuesday the week's theme is "The Secret Life of Toys".

ncis )

I forgot to watch The Good Wife tonight. I usually watch it on Friday or Saturday with my mom when it's quiet.
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in cherry blossom shadows {27/365}

"In cherry blossom
shadows, no one, really, is
a stranger now"
~ Kobayashi Issa

This photo session was pretty much a bust. My flash was dying and sort of ruined quite a few shots but I think I learned a lot by experimenting. In all honestly I'm displeased with almost every shot. Some might have been cool but I screwed them up in some way; this was just the first I took a genuine look at. Maybe tomorrow when I don't have such an insane headache I'll try again.
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for apple's sake {26/365}

"Adam was but human - this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple's sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent."
~ Mark Twain

To be honest, I am far from pleased with this picture, as I had a fairly frustrating session, but it was the only one with the water doing anything interesting. I think it was because the apple was far too tiny so it is off to the grocery store tomorrow. :)

I've had a very lazy day today. Nothing happens on Sundays. So it was spent watching How I Met Your Mother in front of the fire. I made a nice spaghetti dinner too but it made me ache for the summer when I just go out onto the deck and grab as many fresh herbs as I want. Food is always better if you can add fresh basil, oregano and thyme.
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no individual raindrop {24/25}

I went out with my dad yesterday, slept the whole way there in the car (and we drove from Ajax to Brampton and then back), then the whole way home. And then went to bed at 8pm. I could barely keep my eyes open so there wasn't much chance of me firing off a photo yesterday. I wanted to take two today but it took me about two hours to really get this shot so I'm resting and watching the West Wing while I think of what else to photograph.

This really required a ridic set-up. Most of the How-To guides seem to require some sort of remote flash trigger that used either sound or motion. And I just don't have that kind of stuff so I rigged up a little thing that allowed me to do it manually, though it took longer and isn't nearly as accurate.

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