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My first response to Lance Bass's Coming Out (it really needs the capital letters) was to laugh hysterically. Maybe this represents my jaded view of the world because other people's secret hells or whatever cracks my shit up. Or maybe it's because upon reading the interview, he sounds even more like an idiot than I thought. The only thing he's done since the deep and philosophical N*SYNC disbanded was want to be an astronaut.

Did anyone ever see that MADtv sketch where Will Sasso played Lance as the most vacant moron ever? Yeah. It cracks me up that even when he's confirming his gayitude, he still has to be macho. "Uh, yeah, I've done TONS of chicks. And I totally was in love with them." Riiight. Someone should run some sort of experiment of Kathy Griffin to see if she is just the haggiest woman in Hollywood or if she has some sort of superpower.

Also, seriously. I started up this community specifically for non-challenge Stargate wallpapers and since I've seen this problem in other comms, there is an application post. It's made very clear that you need to leave a message in a specific post stating you've read the rules. If you had read the rules, it would be apparent what you're supposed to do, as it is listed several times, yet I still keep getting tons and tons of people that have just clicked the 'join' button without reading the rules. Maybe that militant but seriously? How hard is it to read a couple of lines?
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Thoughts on the just-announced Emmy nominations:

Yeah, Emmy hasn't really existed for me in a long while because they are so easily bought. They couldn't nominate an outstanding show if it bit them on the ass. Where's Rescue Me, Weeds (other than Elizabeth Perkins), Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, etc.?

Anyway, Chandra Wilson getting a Supporting Actress nom is great because she is so made of awesome. MADE OF AWESOME. Where is my Kate Walsh?

The West Wing nom for Best Drama can bite me. Now, I love this show possibly more than any show ever and still, when it is said that TWW is a shadow of its former self, they mean it's Peter Pan's shadow and has gone running away from anything resembling awesomeness. That said, all the acting noms are completely deserved because the actors on this show are very good. The writing, however, is very bad and can barely contend without Sorkin. Bite me, Wells. You can bite me too, Jimmy Smits.

I am more than creeped out that Barry Manilow has an Individual Performance nom.

Oh, and another thing about a show I used to love be obsessed with. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The show has spun into such crap that I literally cannot watch an entire episode lately. They all seem to start with what might have been a good case and then end up being completely about Chris Meloni or Mariska Hargitay winning Emmys. Maybe it does win Emmys but it is fucking boring television. GOD, why have Elliot talking to Mary Stuart Masterson when she could be having angry, delicious sexual tension with Olivia? Talk about wasted talent.

Also, seriously? Alre Woodard? Seriously? I mean, I love her but she was pretty boring on Housewives.

It's like the Emmy voters are all geriatrics. My eighty year old grandmother makes more daring choices than this. Okay, not really, but come on.
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Here's a little fanfic rant.

It totally turns me off a fic when there is S&M (or BDSM) with unlikely characters. Now, I actually LIKE these fics when done right and with appropriate characters but, guys, I need to be wooed. I need plot or angst or SOMETHING to explain the foray into the non-vanilla sex. 'Cause lets face it, most television characters are pretty vanilla because their goodness and how they deal with evil is usually what keeps us watching.

Amy Gardner from The West Wing, totally strikes me as loving power play sex and maybe even having a couple of kinks. (She totally loves tying people up and talking dirty). Can you see Donna talking dirty without blushing or being tied up without coaxing? Didn't think so.

I bet Daniel and Sam from SG1 would be about sweet or hot or passionate sex because they get hurt so often in their line of work, it's not something that would appeal to them sexually. Their earnest natures and unflagging innocence just wouldn't be the type to dive into sadomasochistic sex without good explanation.

Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, on the other hand, is probably all about the dirty talk and and pain and domination. She also gets a lot of pain and hurt as a soldier on the front lines but unlike the other characters, she seemed to thrive on it. And later, when she was falling apart would probably have wanted her sexual partners to hurt her, just so she could feel. (Yeah, I expected Kat and Starbuck to have angry, brutal, hot sex in "Scar")

Bottom line: THERE NEEDS TO BE GOOD EXPLANATION. Nothing is more of a turn off than two characters going completely against their (usually moderately shown or hinted at) sexual natures without good reason.

For example. Wesley of Season 3 Buffy would have stuttered and fallen of the bed if confronted with Lilah in a school girl outfit. Yet because of the way his character was developed, it was completely in character for him to be having evil, hot and role-play-ey sex with Lilah.
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You know what really bugs me about livejournal? The communities that get taken over by idiots. I've had to leave several due to the inordinate amount of posts with nothing to do with anything. On [livejournal.com profile] chenzel_love, [livejournal.com profile] west_wing_fans and [livejournal.com profile] tbj_ladies, to name a few, good communities have been taken over by people who don't follow the rules, continually go off topic and sound like they're morons. This has nothing to do with the mods because there is only so much you can spank people. A little discretion or thought would be nice from the members of these communities.

Do I really need an entry on my friends page because some random girl found that she shares a birthday with Ron Silver and had to post it on hundreds of people's friends pages? Another thing is when people post fic and don't follow any type of template or just ramble on and on in the notes about nothing. I just skip over it because they couldn't be arsed to be in any way organized.

This has been a rant by Ahkna, who is just a little sick of having her friends page clogged with nothingness.
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Yet again, afterellen.com has supremely pissed me off. The article is about how Lily Tomlin is representative of all that is wrong with lesbianism. Because apparently despite being an 'out' lesbian isn't enough, you have to be incredibly vocal about just how 'gay' you are, a la Ellen. Well, I think she's everything that's RIGHT about lesbianism. She's out, she's never hid it, she lives with another woman, yet Lily isn't obnoxious and in-your-face and glittery media. I like that Lily Tomlin just exists as a human being who's a lesbian and does her art. That's the way it gets done, not the paparazzi shit that plagues Ellen and Portia.

Now, I love me some Ellen. She's hilarious and adorable and all sorts of gay but her show got NOT FUNNY after she came out. Maybe that had as much to do with her not being so much in the media for a while. 'Cause I remember she did another sitcom that bombed because it wasn't funny either.

Blah. That website just gets things so skewed sometimes. It's like they don't want lesbians to be real people. They bitch about killer lesbians and bisexuals on a show like CSI and Law & Order. Um, yeah, have you ever watched these shows? All the straight people are murderers too. It's not like it's actually bad visibility because if they ignored homosexuality then there would be even more bitching.

Let's all just exist as human beings.
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Thank you, Ron McLean! For saying exactly what I've been saying this whole time. You can't slap a hockey team together a couple of weeks before the Olympics while the players are still playing with their own teams until two days before their first game. It just doesn't work.

Contrast and compare the women's and the men's teams. The women have been practicing together for quite a while and were even in Italy ten days before the Olympics even started. They had a real team dynamic. When they passed, their shots landed on sticks. The men are obviously all amazing hockey players, I mean, they get paid millions of dollars a year to play but they just lacked a cohesiveness as a team.\

And I still maintain that choosing Todd Bertuzzi for the Olympic team was a mistake. I don't think his stupid sucker punch on Moore should disqualify him from playing NHL hockey but it definitely should have eliminated him from contention for the Olympic team. There's a surprising amount of people that agree with me on this one. Whether or not, Todd Bertuzzi is a good player, he DOES NOT represent the values and sportsmanship that Canada stands for on the world sports stage. And it turned out having him on the team didn't even fucking help because he was deservedly called on a series of agressive and unneccesary penalties.

People always misinterpret my argument against Bertuzzi as an argument against hockey violence. It's not. I like hockey fights, I think they're fun. I even want women's hockey to include checking to make it more of a physical game. What Bertuzzi did wasn't a fight, where the other guy pissed you off so you throw a punch and then he throws a punch. What Bertuzzi did was take a shot at a guy from behind. It was dirty and it was unsportsmanlike and made Bertuzzi undeserving of the honour of being named to the Olympic team. Fuck you Bertuzzi.

On the other hand, YEAH! Four medals today! TWO GOLD AND TWO SILVER! Cindy Klassen is the first Canadian ever to win four medals in a single Winter Olympics. She better be carrying the flag during the closing ceremonies.

I'd also like to point out that 13 of 18 Canadian medals this Olympics have been won by women. THIRTEEN OUT OF EIGHTEEN. Women have won 72% of Canadian medals. That'll change, of course, because men's curling has a guaranteed medal (either silver or gold) but I think Cindy Klassen has another race and the women's curling team is competing for bronze.

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So, here's where The West Wing pisses me off. Remember in the good old (Sorkin) days? There was a President, a Chief of Staff, a Deputy Chief of Staff, a Communications Director, a Press Secretary and a host of other characters with important jobs.

Now here's the thing: WHERE DID THESE JOBS GO? Presumably Cliff Calley is still Deputy Chief of Staff but other than that... These characters were always busy. Then CJ gets promoted to Chief of Staff and TOBY is the new Press Secretary? What the hell? Doesn't he have a job of his own? So they hire Annabeth Schott to help with this but now she's helping with Leo's campaign. So the entire Communcations Director job seems to have disappeared though it still exists in name because now Will has it.

How is that possible? CJ had more than a full-time job as Press Secretary and Toby had more than a full-time job as Communications Director and now the jobs seem to be and the same. Also, don't people need to be in any way qualified for these jobs? Because none of them seem to be. Incompetent fumbling does not make for good television over and over again. Josh being arrogant and incompetent as Press Secretary made for an amusing and great episode but it was only a part of it and everyone knew it was a bad idea and they had to deal wih the aftermath.

God, this show sucks so hard now but it's like watching a car crash - you just can't turn away. Plus, I'm a little in love with Lou and Donna is always good just because Janel Moloney has the best facial expressions I have ever seen.
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So I discovered something yesterday: French webspeak is just as annoying as English webspeak. "slt ki es ce"? What? Slt = salut? *is confused*

I always add whoever adds me to their MSN list because sometimes they're actually people I know. Yet somehow the creepy French people keep adding me. I tell them I'm not actually who they think I am because I neither know them, nor speak French all that well. And yet there is still that guy that e-mails me overly cliched love notes.

That's it. Anyone else that wants to add me to their MSN list now has to pass a written test. I've given up on trying to get people who are actually on my list to even make sense. I've told my best friend that she isn't allowed to message me unless she uses some punctuation. Seriously, she could type about five sentences and not use a period ONCE. Good thing she lives two rooms down or else we would never talk.
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Two notes I would like to make:

1) Gilmore Girls was mean last night. Seriously. Every character was mean and sad. And there was still no Lane. And just a little Sookie. And no Paris whatsoever.

2) I've read in several fics about tongues being sandpapery. What? Even 600 grit, closed-coat sandpaper (which is the smoothest and softest you can get) isn't that soft. Definitely not something I would want being run up my inner thigh. We need new adjectives here, people.
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I referenced Ender's Game twice in two days and was struck by a nearly overwhelming desire to read it again. Then I remembered the old Civilization Watch article and totally got turned off of rereading Ender. And of course, rampant homohatred makes me feel the need to go out and be extra gay so maybe it isn't that I get turned off of reading Ender so much as it is I'm too busy reading gay smut.

Remember when this article came out? I was in the Harry Potter fandom and all the BNFs were going crazy, writing essays and rants against it. I find it so truly bizarre that I am totally turned off of the idea of reading a book I love based solely on the author's personal opinions. Oddly enough, I keep the link bookmarked to read occasionally to stir me into a queer frenzy or something.

Yep, now I am ready for that Queer Revolt Jon Stewart was talking about.
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I feel like ranting a little about television right now. I keep reading and seeing several things that have just been rubbing me a little raw lately, so a rant, divided into three [mostly] unrelated topics. I have three topics: Character Development (or Stagnation), Why I Watch Science Fiction and Race in Television.

Fandom people bitch about inconsistent character development all the time. "How she reacts in this Season Seven episode is so out-of-character for so-and-so", etc. The one that comes to my mind first is Sam Carter from Stargate SG-1. Even Amanda Tapping complains about her being inconsistent as a character.

Another example that springs to mind is Season 5 and 6 characterization on The West Wing. I don't actually think that counts though because Josh, Leo, CJ, Donna and Toby don't resemble themselves from the Sorkin-penned earlier episodes one single iota. This isn't bad characterization, it's really bad writing. There's a difference.

I, for one, try not to complain about how Sam is acting like a mooning school girl and Leo is short tempered and podlike. In real life there is no such thing as consistency. People never react the way you think they will. People are selfish and cruel and sometimes their personalities remain stagnant for years with little or no personal growth. Ideally, our television show characters would grow as people but come on, let's just take inconsistency to be a little bit of real life thrown in.

I watch science fiction because anything is possible. It's great for the imagination but more than that, death isn't permanent and the heroes always find a way to save the world. I think that's why I'm not so obsessed with Battlestar Galactica as everyone else seems to be. I mean, I love it to pieces and I'm avidly watching it but it's a very serious show.

I want to see Buffy be resurrected because she's special. I want to see Teal'c risk his life to save Jack, Sam and Daniel from hell and have them be okay. I want to see Q fuck around with Captain Picard. I love whumping more than the average girl but I like it to be better. I want everything to be right in the end.

Seriously, killing off characters permanently just for the emotional upheaval is liable to turn me off of a show. Janet Fraiser, Tara, Jadzia Dax, etc. Blurp. I want to see UST and witty/sarcastic comments when in dangerous situations and victory in the face of overwhelming defeat and the occasional episode of hysterical silliness.

I've seen enough freak deaths like Janet's and Tara's (which were freakily similar to each other, oddly) and had to deal with the heartbreak and emotional upheaval that kind of stuff brings. I can't be the only one who feels this way or the most popular shows on television wouldn't be sitcoms.

Uh, yeah, so for the most part only white people and black people exist on television. And even then it's mostly white people. What the hell?

Yay! Grace Park on Battlestar Galactica, a Korean! Is it just American television or American-produced shows? Asians are hardly ever shown as regular characters, with the notable exceptions of the aforementioned Grace Park, Keiko Agena on Gilmore Girls and Ming-Na on ER and people of Middle Eastern descent? Only in the past couple of years with Naveen Andrews on Lost and Parminder Nagra on ER has anyone brown made it on American tv. And, I feel it is necessary to note, that both Parminder and Naveen have British accents (yes, I think Naveen's shines through on Lost). English accents represent class and refinement to the North American public for some reason, so that reduces them to being foreigners due to accent as opposed to colour, like television is denying that brown people live in America.

I specifically point at American shows because Canadian television doesn't seem to fall into the same sort of traps. There are shows like Metropia which is for all intents and purposes a cheesy, low-budget night-time soap but represents cultural and ethnic minorities as they appear in Toronto. North of 60 was an entire show about being Native Canadian, for goodness sakes. Edgemont had several Asian characters. And one of them was gay. Gay minorities are highly underrepresented as well.

Jeez, the only thing more marginalized then Eastern races on television is Eastern religion. Maybe I don't have the right to complain as a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant - one of the majority but it really bothers me. Maybe I'm just naive too but I want to see everyone get represented.
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I'm reading this article on Sam Carter from SG1 being a stereotype. There's a part where the author mentions Sam fainting in episode 3x21, 'Crystal Skull' "like a soppy girly and having to be caught by a big strong man" and how much it annoyed her. That statement kind of bugged me because it was made obvious that Jack passed out as soon as he made it through the Stargate.

Granted, Sam did faint first and Jack did catch her and run with her to the Stargate but keep in mind that Richard Dean Anderson is 6'1 1/2" and male. Amanda Tapping is 5'9" and female. More than four inches, plus the female-male weight-muscle differential that obviously exists would mean that he likely weighs fifty pounds more than her. It was also made clear that the gigantic Teal'c (6'3" and likely 300 lbs) did not pass out like Jack and Sam but was only weakened by the radiation poisoning.

So, in the event of passing out due to radiation poisoning, Sam probably would have passed out first because she has much less body mass and therefore would be affected quicker.

I know this is just a random ramble but accusing the writers of oblique misogyny and female stereotyping for a scene that was probably pretty accurate science-wise is kind of annoying. And not stereotypical. The author of the article was going on about how Sam is "the protected character" because she is female. I admit I've only seen the first five seasons and bits and pieces of other seasons but all evidence pointed to Daniel actually being the protected character because he's not military and the most physically and emotionally vulnerable.

Maybe it's just because I don't LOOK for misogyny and stereotypes on television shows, though I can recognize a real stereotype from a mile away. There are all these articles on how women are badly written, overly weak and inapprotiately emotional and blahblah but I honestly don't see it in science fiction shows. And I have a very low tolerance for obnoxious girly girls, see 7th Heaven for evidence of badly, incongruously written female characters that annoyed me to the point that I can no longer watch the show.

Maybe it's just my 20 year-old WASP-y, big-city-suburb naivete showing. I've never once in my life felt helplessly oppressed. I used to referee soccer when I was 14 and there was a coach who was abusive to the referees. After hearing complaints, the soccer club removed all teenage refs from games where that coach would be present. I wrote a strongly worded letter to the executive board detailing why I was perfectly capable of doing the job I was supposed to and by removing me they were disrespecting me. Or something. It was a long time ago. They immediately let me ref those games again. Suffice to say, I've always stuck up for myself but at the same time, I know my limits and I don't think it's weak to admit that men are physically stronger. And I feel that the lead characters, male or female, on Stargate SG1 (in addition to Stargate: Atlantis, the Star Treks, The X-Files among others) are amazing role models for young people like me and my brother.

Then again, who really cares.

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