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My mom. I spend most of my day talking to my mom and when I'm far away I still want to talk to her for hours because my mom is my favourite person. We don't always agree and sometimes she has opinions that drive me up the wall (like she feels I should respect people who are basically racist homophobic misogynists because everyone is entitled to an opinion) but when something happens, whether it's good or bad I want to tell her.[Error: unknown template qotd]

Except when I have a break up. I can never ever tell my mom that I've broken up with someone or they've broken up with me. I just cannot say the words. But she knows anyway because I get sad and no longer mention her name. I think it's because my mom always really, really likes my girlfriends and thinks I should treat them better. 
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I know this is very 'Canada' weather and all but I really could have done without the snow. I need warm weather and for winter to be over so badly. Sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong country.

And this. For only a few seconds it got me ridiculously excited. RIVER SONG. AMY POND. RORY! THE DOCTOR! Only one month away.
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She needs to watch the last hour of the Westminster Dog Show, where the dogs are incredibly ugly and deformed, after missing the previous two hours because she needed to pick my brother up and have a bath. But she NEEDS to see that rather than let me watch my favourite show, the one I wait all week for and talk about incessantly. AHAILFAzkl;dsgafhg


Dec. 31st, 2010 10:28 am
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Ugh, I am still SO sick. My nose has stopped running so much but now I'm running a fever and have a cough. Boo-urns. And on vacation!

ETA: my fever has gone up to 101F. No wonder I feel all hot and cold at the same time.
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mmm, hot apple cider, a hot bath and a bunch of happy, cute Bend It Like Beckham fic. Perfection.

cat tails

Dec. 16th, 2010 11:24 pm
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I have the most passive aggressive cat ever. I was fawning over the little cat today, which he doesn't like because I'm his Person, and then I clipped his back claws so when I came up to my room to go to sleep just now, I find that he vomited over my extra winter blanket.

This cat has too much personality sometimes. *rolls eyes*

I mean, this is what I have to deal with. Him giving me bitchface all the time.


Dec. 12th, 2010 02:49 pm
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I am beyond a cranky bitch today for a variety of reasons, number one of which is that the little dog that I found in September is now looking for a new home and my mother won't let him come here. And the second of which is that my brother's girlfriend is ALWAYS here and she's obnoxious and he's about five times more obnoxious with her around.

This is going to call for a lot of episodes of Friends and The West Wing. And I'm going to continue capping all my Stargate DVDs and doing up screencaps.
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So I redid the photobook, making it 10"x8" instead of 12"x12" which involved several days of intense reworking as I had to start essentially from scratch.

You can see the book here and preview the entire thing.

It's for sale too though I am aware it's mostly only of interest to my family. But it's done. It's scheduled to get here by December 10th or 11th or something so I'll have plenty of time to send one to [livejournal.com profile] heartsways and wrap one in time for my paternal grandparents as we're having Christmas a week earlier.
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yay! It's snowing!

I love snow, it's the only redeeming feature of this entire shitty season. I hate winter SO much but I like snow a lot, probably because it has to be warm to snow

Today we're going to put up some of our Christmas decorations to make it feel a little more festive and it's snowing just to get me in the mood.
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So I've been out of the livejournal world for a bit because I've had a throat infection. Yeah, remember that sore throat when I lost my voice? That was a lovely throat infection. Apparently the cold that's going around town has a side effect of pink eye, a throat infection or pink eye AND a throat infection.

But I'm much better now with only a bit of a cough left over. I've stopped coughing all night though so that's great.

I've pretty much fallen off most of my tv shows. I don't care at all about Lie to Me anymore. It's all Lightman, all the time with barely any of the other characters and he's almost entirely unwatchable for me anymore. He's just such a jerk ALL THE TIME.

I'm watching Chuck and Castle on and off but I don't really mind missing them as we'll probably end up with them on DVD. My only must-watches are Lost Girl, The Good Wife and Private Practice. Apparently I need lovely ladies on my screen the majority of the time to be interested.

Ooh, and I'm almost all caught up with Season 2 of Fringe.

With that, I'm off to go make popcorn and then cap Lost Girl.
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There are times I hate my little brother. But mostly I love him.

One of the things I love best about him is his taste in movies. He likes stupid comedies a little too much for my taste but he also has a love for beautiful period movies as well. A weeks days ago he watched Amazing Grace every day for over a week.

I came from today and he had just turned on Elizabeth. And I got drawn in. I love this movie.
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The dog yipped ALL last night. She had four seizures in 24 hours, for a grand total of 10 in the past 4 weeks and it's driven her crazy. After so many she makes constant whining noises, desperate to be touched and even that isn't enough. Tonight she seems to have been able to fall asleep, since she had her regular afternoon nap (yes, she sleeps from 1pm to 3pm like clockwork).

All my exes will be in Texas Toronto soon for Toronto Pride so I will be avoiding that. I usually hate Pride stuff because people in close quarters in the heat really wig me out but I was considering taking my camera down. I've been wanting to try taking more photos of a journalistic type since the last time I did it was the G20 summit in London last year. We'll see.

Most important news of the day: my bathroom seems to be glowing in the dark. I just went in there to brush my teeth and all surfaces seem to have glowsticks on them. All different colours too. Awesome, right?

Oh and tonight's Doctor Who ) was fantastic.


Jun. 15th, 2010 09:59 pm
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[+] Still upset about Criminal Minds. Seeing the actors tweeting about it breaks my heart. Kirsten, Joe, Thomas, Gube and Paget have all tweeted about it.

Paget in particular seems angry, as she called bullshit and said that the reasons ARE financial, not creative. I kind of love this thing with celebrities tweeting because there's no real filter.

[+] In other news, I saw The A-Team tonight and it was awesome. It was everything I love in an action movie. I love funny action movies with tongue-in-cheek humour the most so I was giggling like an insane school-girl. I kept on fantasizing about a Charlie's Angels/The A-Team cross-over movie of crazy plans and outrageous heists.

[+] I've got a lot of stuff I want to get done this week. I'm just putting that out there to remind myself to get my ass in gear.
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[+] I'm seriously thinking about dying my hair bright red like Nicola during classic Girls Aloud red or Julianne Moore red or Amy Pond red. This is largely because I haven't dyed my hair in yeeeeaaaars and I miss it. And also because I hate the colour of my hair right now - so boring and dull.

Oh and no matter what colour I dye it, it always turns red.

[+] My dad made noises at me last night about how they're not going to let me into England because my student debt is too high. Thanks for the support, dad. :(

[+] Anyway, last night's picture, taken after a bug got caught in my eye both wigging me out and irritating my eye for hours. I'm not wild about it but I have figured out that I want to spend more time out at night, which will require me actually jiggering myself up another remote so I can set my camera to the bulb setting.
edge of the ocean {72/365}
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Sometimes my family is so fucking annoying I want to scream. They never answer any questions with anything other than meaningless noise and the dog barks at everything.

Mom made ham and pea soup tonight which has officially robbed me of my appetite, which you all know is substantial. There is nothing that makes my stomach turn and cure my hunger more than the disgusting smell of ham. :(

Really I am just desperate for sushi but I don't want to walk to Sushi Mountain in the rain. I foresee myself making a batch of cream cheese icing and just eating it for the hell of it.

I may have to put season 1 of The West Wing on, I'm that cranky.

Oh and I'm thinking of turning my default icon, which has been Toby et al for about three years, to the Cara icon accompanying this post. There is just so much prettiness. I may need to get a new layout for the icon and everything.
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There are certain things I have realized I really hate this morning:

1. Morning
2. Rain
3. Cold
4. Rain when it's cold
5. Rain when it's cold in the morning
6. Morning
7. Cat who won't stop miaowing

I am so exhausted my eyes won't stop burning. When I get home from my first crossing shift I am climbing into bed and sleeping straight until lunch.
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[+] almost all the titles to my posts come from the name of the song I'm listening to at the moment

[+] I need to stop waiting until 11pm to take pictures because it means I stay awake until 1 or 2am and I turn into a zombie for work. Not good.

[+] Had a request for more self-portraits so you guys might be stuck with my ugly mug some more. ;) Last night's picture:
stand out! {55/365}

[+] Do I care enough about going to see Jewel Staite and Kate Hewlett to go to Toronto Comic-Con this weekend? There aren't very big names but quite a few I recognize and Kate Hewlett is my favourite playwright. She's actually the only person I would pay for an autographed photo just because I adore her writing so much.
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[+] Last.fm tells me that in the past seven months I have listened to 1000+ unique artists. Which is funny considering I didn't even know I could name 10 unique artists. Right now I'm listening to a lot of The Eames Era, The Sounds (a rec from here, yay!), Broken Bells and Hot Chip. Broken Bells just released their first album this month and it's amazing.

[+] Life stuff is happening. I can't tell if it's good or bad. I think I'm moving in the right direction in a lot of ways and in some particularly painful directions in others where I'm not sure if things are going to be okay. I'm trying to be fine with everything that's coming but I'm not very good with emotions so I'm pretty scared. This is pretty vague but I just don't want to get into the complicated things involving personal relationships, family, grandparents, etc.

[+] I've had a complicated, photoshop heavy image in my head for a few days but my base shots yesterday didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted them to and today I was just too tired so everyone cross your fingers for tomorrow. Hint: it involves wine and flowers. And no, I am not photographing me seducing any pretty young things, unfortunately.

[+] Reasons #1-11 of why Legend of the Seeker is my favourite show of the moment:
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[+] The Kylie Minogue song I just listend to was ONE HOUR AND NINETEEN MINUTES. Usually songs entitled "Megamix" are about ten minutes max. I guess if you have dozens of hits you can get away with 50 or 60 song samples. :S

[+] Saw a movie today called Cooking With Stella about a Canadian diplomat, her husband and baby in India and their servants, Stella and Tannu. It was okay, not amazing, but cute and utterly watchable. But most importantly Lisa Ray and Shriya Saran are too gorgeous for words.

[+] My Legend of the Seeker download of tonight's episode is moving at the speed of a snail so I won't get to watch it tonight. I need my Cara and Kahlan fix. They're just so pretty and make these FACES that make me happy.

[+] I've been shit about taking pictures again. :(


Mar. 8th, 2010 10:00 pm
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[+] One of my hotshoes for my flash is broken or at least not working and I cannot see in which way things are broken. I get really frustrated when I can't see something in order to take it apart. Also boo because I can't take pictures right now. :( And I ruined a beer and I didn't even get a shot of it.

[+] I posted my 50 Canadian Olympians from Vancouver 2010 picspam for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy's current monthly challenge of fifty.

[+] I had a few old friends that I hadn't seen in a few years (but known for about twenty years) dropped in yesterday, which picked me up a lot. They were really impressed with my photography, and one wants to go out shooting with me. Which is great because yay! Camera buddy!

[+] The weather has been fantastic so I'm currently loving my job.

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