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I look like a crazy person right now. I work from home and wear a headset as part of the job and right now I'm using the headset to keep one ice pack on my head while I have a chilled face mask attached to my forehead.

Add to that the fact that my hair is huge right now since I have yet to straighten it today, I literally look like I escaped from a mental hospital and I'm two minutes and a piece of tinfoil away from completing my anti-signal hat.
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I've got these weird bumps along my upper chest and back. Hives, probably. Though, if it was the shirt I was wearing than why isn't my stomach all angrified. It could be anything. Sometimes I get out of the shower and have huge blotchy hives on my thighs and stomach, I can't use most cleansers and moisturizers because they actually make my skin break out. Having sensitive skin blows.

It better not be Chicken Pox, or something similar. Although, I would like to stay home from work and sleep. So maybe I better hope that it is something like chicken pox.
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If my specialty was gender history (possibly with a focus on Canadian families) yet I continue to be a non-feminist, egalitarian and write that men aren't all evil and repressive, would I be attacked by millions of scary feminist historians?
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My father and Little Brother have gotten me addicted to Boston Legal. I can't help it, the show is pretty fantastic. Plus, Candice Bergen is a classic - always hot. The show clearly wanted me to watch it too because it was about Jeri Ryan's boobs and had Parker Posey being weird.

Also, this is one of the most boring days at work EVER. The phone hasn't rang, no one's talking, nothing. I just want to get home and watch the downloaded eps of Grey's and sleep. I'll probably have to shit-away my room too but after napping.
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I'm posting a ton today. Probably because today is my first day back at work, and as such, I am completely bored. I even get to do history and I'm STILL bored. I'm supposed to write a handful of moderately short blurbs about Scottish-Ontarians (is that the proper term for someone from Ontario, I have no clue) for a national pamphlet and write a two page article (real article pages, not double-spaced school pages, bitches) on Jennie Kidd Trout for a magazine. And yet, I have little to no motivation. At least I'm getting paid a half-decent salary, at least for student wages.
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Since Little Brother is still in Europe and my parentals and I are still winding down from our trip, Dad rented The Family Stone and Tristan and Isolde. They were both panned but I liked them. Call me a sucker for Rachel McAdams looking like she's actually relazing with her family (and wearing glasses!) and "historical" dramas.

The Family Stone was excellent to me not because of the romances or whatever but because of the way the family interacted. That's how I imagine my brothers and I would have been in a few years.

Also, my mother is apparently sick to death of me rambling on about how I dislike Claire Danes. Apparently my Mary-Louise Parker love is getting a little over the top. Plus, I suspect that she harbours a secret love for Billy Crudup because he played Prefontaine in Without Limits. All I remember about that movie is Donald Sutherland with his waffle iron of winged victory (extremely oblique pun alert!) and Pre having sex with the Pink Power Ranger. The moral of the story is that no matter how hot Claire Danes is, I will always resent her a little for no good reason.
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So it turns out my inability to do stuff was not actually just me being lazy but ME HAVING MONO!

What the hell? How did I get mono right before exams? Literally, my first exam is Tuesday (coincidentally Tuesday is also my birthday) and I have four more in the two and a half weeks following. Poo.

All I want to do is sleep and be able to swallow without being in massive pain.
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Yet again, afterellen.com has supremely pissed me off. The article is about how Lily Tomlin is representative of all that is wrong with lesbianism. Because apparently despite being an 'out' lesbian isn't enough, you have to be incredibly vocal about just how 'gay' you are, a la Ellen. Well, I think she's everything that's RIGHT about lesbianism. She's out, she's never hid it, she lives with another woman, yet Lily isn't obnoxious and in-your-face and glittery media. I like that Lily Tomlin just exists as a human being who's a lesbian and does her art. That's the way it gets done, not the paparazzi shit that plagues Ellen and Portia.

Now, I love me some Ellen. She's hilarious and adorable and all sorts of gay but her show got NOT FUNNY after she came out. Maybe that had as much to do with her not being so much in the media for a while. 'Cause I remember she did another sitcom that bombed because it wasn't funny either.

Blah. That website just gets things so skewed sometimes. It's like they don't want lesbians to be real people. They bitch about killer lesbians and bisexuals on a show like CSI and Law & Order. Um, yeah, have you ever watched these shows? All the straight people are murderers too. It's not like it's actually bad visibility because if they ignored homosexuality then there would be even more bitching.

Let's all just exist as human beings.
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Thank you, Ron McLean! For saying exactly what I've been saying this whole time. You can't slap a hockey team together a couple of weeks before the Olympics while the players are still playing with their own teams until two days before their first game. It just doesn't work.

Contrast and compare the women's and the men's teams. The women have been practicing together for quite a while and were even in Italy ten days before the Olympics even started. They had a real team dynamic. When they passed, their shots landed on sticks. The men are obviously all amazing hockey players, I mean, they get paid millions of dollars a year to play but they just lacked a cohesiveness as a team.\

And I still maintain that choosing Todd Bertuzzi for the Olympic team was a mistake. I don't think his stupid sucker punch on Moore should disqualify him from playing NHL hockey but it definitely should have eliminated him from contention for the Olympic team. There's a surprising amount of people that agree with me on this one. Whether or not, Todd Bertuzzi is a good player, he DOES NOT represent the values and sportsmanship that Canada stands for on the world sports stage. And it turned out having him on the team didn't even fucking help because he was deservedly called on a series of agressive and unneccesary penalties.

People always misinterpret my argument against Bertuzzi as an argument against hockey violence. It's not. I like hockey fights, I think they're fun. I even want women's hockey to include checking to make it more of a physical game. What Bertuzzi did wasn't a fight, where the other guy pissed you off so you throw a punch and then he throws a punch. What Bertuzzi did was take a shot at a guy from behind. It was dirty and it was unsportsmanlike and made Bertuzzi undeserving of the honour of being named to the Olympic team. Fuck you Bertuzzi.

On the other hand, YEAH! Four medals today! TWO GOLD AND TWO SILVER! Cindy Klassen is the first Canadian ever to win four medals in a single Winter Olympics. She better be carrying the flag during the closing ceremonies.

I'd also like to point out that 13 of 18 Canadian medals this Olympics have been won by women. THIRTEEN OUT OF EIGHTEEN. Women have won 72% of Canadian medals. That'll change, of course, because men's curling has a guaranteed medal (either silver or gold) but I think Cindy Klassen has another race and the women's curling team is competing for bronze.

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Everyone on the flist is talking about the Golden Globes and I didn't watch and now I feel sad. On the other hand, I rewatched The L Word 3x01 again with The Girlfriend and friend, then proceeded to watch 3x02. And it's offical: The L Word just annoys me more and more all the time. I have no idea why all the characters are so bloody selfish and uncaring. Were they like this before? And why is Helena the only one who is nice now, since she used to be vying for Bette's spot as Queen Bitch?

So many questions, so much boredom. It's too bad they make you turn in your lesbian card if you don't watch it because it so totally bores me now.
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Zoinked from [livejournal.com profile] surrealphantast

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Twelve hours from now I'll be sitting in the theatre with my best friend watching RENT. I'm already vibrating with excitement.

Unfortunately, I still have three classes, a review of literature to hand in, a project proposal to finish and 40 pages of seminar readings to do before. Rarr! I can't even concentrate I'm so excited.
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So, for sure my DVD player hates me. It went all crazy and skippy (not like the peanut butter) when I tried to watch any movies starring Sigourney Weaver and it completely rejects the first disk of SG1 Season 5. Which hurts me because "Ascension" is on that disc and it is the one where we get to see the inside of Sam's house and see her in clothes that aren't completely form-covering. Because I obviously like her form. And because I have a post-"Ascension" teamfic for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 that I want to make sure fits canonically before I post.

Yeah, I need to finish Season 5 in the next two weeks so I can send it home to Little Brother for his birthday. I am trying to keep my Best Sister EVAR title, afterall.
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I finally got around to watching 7x02 of The West Wing. Is it weird that I am so completely okay with the new campaigns? I don't necessarily like the campaigns and I hatehatehate Jimmy Smits but all the characters I used to love don't even resemble themselves anymore. And I kind of want to put them to rest right now.

I want more Marlee Matlin, more Kristin Chenoweth, more Janeane Garofalo, more Janel Moloney, more John Spencer, more assistants like Carol, Ronna and Margaret, more Patricia Richardson, more Alan Alda. They are all entirely watchable in a way Allison Janney, Richard Schiff and Martin Sheen just aren't anymore.

And if you think that doesn't break my heart...uh, well, it does.

ETA: Hey, got my first 'Welcome Back to NaNoWriMo' e-mail this morning. I want to actually finish it this year.
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Apparently The Cousins met Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway last night at the premiere of whatever movie they were seeing at the TIFF. See what I could have been doing instead of getting drunk at my uncle's wedding?

Anyway, as a result of that we've been watched StarTV to perchance catch a glimpse of my cousins. I could only stand 45 minutes before the pulsing interview-beat got to be too annoying. But I got to see the people who really excite me in my pants: Douglas Coupland, one of my favourite authors; Chloe Sevigny (who looked about ready to pop) and JR Bourne (who played Martouf on SG1). JR made me very happy. I think I need to do a picspam post of him just because he's so pretty he makes me tingle in my pants.

And we all know it's a rarity for boys to make that happen.
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Leaving the wedding yesterday, I saw Marisa Ryan outside the Cumberland theatre and got all excited. Best Friend, Mother and Little Brother all looked at me like I was insane. Well, only twisted people like myself like to watch movies like Wet Hot American Summer anyway so I was trying to explain where my mom had seen her before. "That episode of Law & Order where there's culty incest? What about that episode of Sex and the City at the Hamptons Hoedown? No? Damn."

Then there was a whole thing where I tried to make her remember Deadline, the show with Bebe Neuwirth, Lili Taylor, Oliver Platt and Hope Davis that was on for, like, three episodes in 2000 because Marisa guest starred on that too. I remember because I thought she was cute. Nothing there either. Damn Mother's short term memory loss because then she doesn't get excited about my obscure star sightings.

Oh and Grandpa saw Keifer Sutherland but that's less exciting for me because a) I wasn't there and b) he's boring.

Grrr, I'm pissed off this wedding got in the way of me being obsessive at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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Dad: We like Richard Dean Anderson because he plays hockey.
Me: Yeah, he does in the show too. Or, more like beat up Hammond's car with his hockey stick.
Little Brother: Yeah because he was upset that his lover Daniel died.

Okay, that is seriously verbatim. Little brother used the words 'lover' and 'Daniel' together. SO HILARIOUS.
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More cuteness from my Fandom Family.

Little Brother is a closet slasher. He's a straight boy slasher. They don't come along very often. This is hilarious.

His favourite is of course Sam/Janet because he is a heterosexual but he talks about how everyone is in love with Jack O'Neill on SG1 and even makes up scenarios where Daniel kisses/fucks Jack. And then he says Teal'c and Sam want in on the action. He loves UST and talks about how everyone has it with Jack. But Little Brother ships Jack/Daniel. He slashes more in the Stargate fandom then I do. Weeeeird.

Oh Little Brother, you rock.
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That's right, baby. Fully legal!

Yeah, Canada fucking ROCKS.
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So, my brother has been obsessed with SG1 lately, after he somehow got addicted to Stargate: Atlantis. I'd seen SG1 before but never really been obsessed and now I am pondering...what was I thinking?! How did I never before realize how fucking HOT Sam Carter is or how utterly gay Sam and Janet are?

Well, I managed to procure my wee brother SG1 Season 1 on DVD. Suffice to say, he jumped up and down like a pre-teen meeting Josh Hartnett. He screamed: "You're the best sister EVAR!" And of course, I shall not deny it.

And so, pretty pictures of Amanda Tapping:
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