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My mom. I spend most of my day talking to my mom and when I'm far away I still want to talk to her for hours because my mom is my favourite person. We don't always agree and sometimes she has opinions that drive me up the wall (like she feels I should respect people who are basically racist homophobic misogynists because everyone is entitled to an opinion) but when something happens, whether it's good or bad I want to tell her.[Error: unknown template qotd]

Except when I have a break up. I can never ever tell my mom that I've broken up with someone or they've broken up with me. I just cannot say the words. But she knows anyway because I get sad and no longer mention her name. I think it's because my mom always really, really likes my girlfriends and thinks I should treat them better. 
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She needs to watch the last hour of the Westminster Dog Show, where the dogs are incredibly ugly and deformed, after missing the previous two hours because she needed to pick my brother up and have a bath. But she NEEDS to see that rather than let me watch my favourite show, the one I wait all week for and talk about incessantly. AHAILFAzkl;dsgafhg


Dec. 12th, 2010 02:49 pm
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I am beyond a cranky bitch today for a variety of reasons, number one of which is that the little dog that I found in September is now looking for a new home and my mother won't let him come here. And the second of which is that my brother's girlfriend is ALWAYS here and she's obnoxious and he's about five times more obnoxious with her around.

This is going to call for a lot of episodes of Friends and The West Wing. And I'm going to continue capping all my Stargate DVDs and doing up screencaps.
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Sometimes my family is so fucking annoying I want to scream. They never answer any questions with anything other than meaningless noise and the dog barks at everything.

Mom made ham and pea soup tonight which has officially robbed me of my appetite, which you all know is substantial. There is nothing that makes my stomach turn and cure my hunger more than the disgusting smell of ham. :(

Really I am just desperate for sushi but I don't want to walk to Sushi Mountain in the rain. I foresee myself making a batch of cream cheese icing and just eating it for the hell of it.

I may have to put season 1 of The West Wing on, I'm that cranky.

Oh and I'm thinking of turning my default icon, which has been Toby et al for about three years, to the Cara icon accompanying this post. There is just so much prettiness. I may need to get a new layout for the icon and everything.
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[+] I don't like the Fleetwood Mac sample on that Cheryl Cole song "Boy Like You". I guess I'm just possessive about Fleetwood Mac because I rarely like any songs they've been sampled in.

[+] Dad and I put up the Christmas lights yesterday before the weather gets too cold or it snows. I was 15 feet up in the tree and bouncing around on the roof. Quite the exhilarating feeling.

[+] Filled two albums with pictures of Medium Brother while watching Up and Frost/Nixon, both for the second time. I love those movies a lot.

flist cut

Oct. 19th, 2009 06:11 pm
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I've done a small friendslist cut for the first time in five years. If you have even a passing interest in this journal, I've probably kept you. This was mostly just to cull journals that are no longer updated and people I have no relationship with. But consider this the time to cut me if you don't think we have similar interests or if you don't care. This is your Get Out of Jail Free card.

I've been going through some heavy stuff and just have felt blah for a while. I might be posting about that and I know a lot of you are only interested in fannish things.
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My Girls Aloud Out of Control Tour DVD arrived today and mom and I are watching it. How much do I love that my mother will not only go to the Kylie Minogue concert with me but tell me to put on the Girls Aloud tour DVD?

My mom rocks. I have to keep explaining the girls though. "That's Cheryl...yes, she's the one married to the cheating footballer...yes and the one from The X Factor." And like most people she has trouble remembering who Kimberley is.

Little Brother and Dad are out because Little Brother came home from school today with an announcement he had to go see "Antigone" put on by the Soulpepper Theatre group tonight. It was on his syllabus but naturally he didn't remember until the last two nights. I hope he actually passes this year.
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I'm really getting fucking sick of only being able to watch television shows when my fucking brother doesn't have something to watch.

He wants to watch Supernatural so I don't get to watch my favourite show.

I've been working for the past eight years to pay for school and to buy the tv shows on DVD that I like. He gets free reign to watch all my DVDs whenever he wants (I get yelled at if I don't share) and he's never had a job so my parents pay for everything.

I'm so over the top fucking sick of him always getting special attention "because he needs it" and "because [mom] doesn't have to worry about" me. Fuck that.

No wonder I want to live in another country, thousands of miles away.
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smiles for cousins

Another one from my cousin's wedding. This time Jac is posing with one of our other cousins, Teagan, the flower girl.
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Whoa, it's been a long time since I posted one of these. I barely picked up my camera at all for the past two months but I've had it with me constantly for the past few days. So, I bring you an offering from my foray to Jungle Cat World in Orono.

"you'll be sorry!"
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My family has been watching The West Wing all afternoon and evening. WITHOUT ME!

I'm so proud.

Of course my dad and I originally watched it when it first aired but he's forgotten all this stuff now.
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So it only took four days but my mom is now addicted to Doctor Who and likes jumping around to Girls Aloud.

My mom is so fun.
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There has been so much funny stuff happening this morning. Little Brother is making crepes, which he has never done before, so him and mom are sort of being hilarious trying to figure things out. It's taking forever though.

Anyways, Kirby wanted to jump from Prince Edward Island (the island in the kitchen) onto the counter. I saw him but by the time I yelled "Kirby NO!" he was halfway there. He recoiled and dropped like a stone and didn't make it to the counter. He even hit the dog bowls and spilled water everywhere. He could have been injured but he wasn't. So it was HILARIOUS.

And the dogs have been jumping around being cute and silly. Ripley likes to throw things for herself and then chase it down.

Right now in front of me I can see all five pets and my family is all sitting around and we're doing pub quizzes.

I love Sunday mornings. They're my favourite.
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You know, as much as I love my family, as much as I love spending so much time with them, there is a part of me that only breathes freely when they're gone. It literally feels like my breathe comes easier when I've got the house to myself. I love being alone so very much.
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Ha! The Grey's Anatomy official site has been revamped and they've updated the personality quiz. I did it, hoping that this time I wouldn't get Meredith (Little Brother mocked me mercilessly for that one). And low and behold, who did I get but my favourite character!

ooh, clicky )

Also, we went to the zoo again today. These memberships were one of the best presents I've ever had. Every time I've gone I've seen something I've never seen before. When we went in the winter it had just snowed and we saw the Siberian tigers wrestling and frolicking in the snow. I patted sting-rays last time. We've seen tons of things because we just go for a few hours at different times in day through the year. It's fun.

This time we were in the Aussie Walkabout (where you walk this little path and you're actually in the enclose and unseparated from the emus, wallabies and kangaroos) and all the kangaroos started going nuts and jumping around at the birds. I got several videos of them hopping around. Ooh, and the Macaques were entertaining themselves by chasing each other then surprising all the spectators by throwing themselves and the glass. It was pretty funny.
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[+] HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN WONDERFALLS BEFORE? It's a perfect little strange Canadian show even if it's supposed to be American. It's super obvious that it's filmed on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and most of the main actors are Canadian. I really like Caroline Dhavernas a lot; she's totally adorable and her voice coach must be excellent because you can't hear any French at all in her tone. I'm only about halfway through the first episode but I'm already in love.

I always fall for the shows that end too soon.

[+] I realized something today. The reason Erica Hahn is my favourite character on Grey's Anatomy?

She's the Toby Ziegler of Grey's Anatomy. Come on, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. They're sort of curmudgeonly, confident in their own abilities, they don't like people (except a select few) and they want to make the world a better place even if it's a world they're not really taking part in. Erica by saving the life of someone who would have otherwise died and Toby by trying to make his country an ideal place to live. Both of them don't really fit in and aren't really that concerned about it.

Also, this: The Chief=The President, McSteamy=Josh, McDreamy=Sam, Addie=CJ, Bailey=Leo & Callie=Kate Harper. I don't really know if the interns fit into that model though. Except Lexie is maybe Will Bailey?

But mostly this post was about how I tend to connect to the same thing in multiple characters.

[+] I'm up to "Two Cathedrals" in my West Wing rewatch, which is roughly where we're at over at [livejournal.com profile] ww_renaissance. I know without a doubt that "Two Cathedrals" is the best hour of television I've ever seen and an argument could probably be made for it being one of the best hours of television EVER.

[+] I thought of a few more random things to add to my intro post but I decided it would be kind of weird to add things after the fact.

[+] I had stuff about my family issues in this post but I deleted them for no good reason. The gist of it is: my father bought me books today to cheer my up, I'm pretty much starting a new job tomorrow and I'm pretty much in charge of all of Little Brother's finances as far as it relates to university. o.O
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*kisses ground* Canada, I missed you so freakin' much.

After two weeks, six states, NASA, Disney, Universal Studios and far too many hours spent in close quarters with my family, I am back in Toronto.

I had an amazing time and I will post more (including pictures) tomorrow.

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