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I haven't changed my LJ layout in forever, yet somehow all my tags are magically along the right side.

Also, why is Cherry Jones suddenly on my tv talking to me about LGBT rights? She was wearing glasses and I love her so I stopped. Now I can't decide whether to watch a LGBT documentary or Season 9 of SG1.

Okay, unsurprisingly, Claudia Black's boobs in leather and my newfound appreciation for Cameron Mitchell won out. I haven't seen most of Season 9 because I wasn't that interested, didn't have tremendous access (my television only got three channels last year) and everyone kept telling me how boring it was.

Plus side of being back at school means school internet which means VERY FAST. So Weeds only took a couple of minutes to download instead of days like on my home internets. And I'm liking this season even more than the last. Also, how does Mary-Louise make everything so subtextually slashy?
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I knew it was going to come sometime but I'm pretty heartbroken that they've decided to cancel SG1. Just when I was starting to really love it again.

Much to my chagrin, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Living in Canada means we don't get Sci-Fi and therefore don't get SG1 until Space picks it up. Extra sad because I actually could have done something: I live in a Neilsons Rating house where the whole household watches Stargate so we could have done our part. Sadface.

On the other hand, ten years and 215 episodes is an amazing feat and I've loved most of it. Firefly fans are still rabid and there were only 14 episodes made four years ago.
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OH DEAR FUCKING GOD! I have never been more excited for an episode of television EVER. FUCKING CRACKTASTIC.

Anyway, this one has just been begging to be done but the Dorothy is wrong but this one pretty much makes my entire fannish life.

Now I'm really pissed I'm going away this weekend and won't get to see download it THE SECOND the torrent is available.
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Is there a Stargate timeline that tells when events happened? Like "3000 BCE - SG1 screws with the timeline; 2010 - future SG1 screws with the timeline; 2004 - Janet Fraiser killed", etc.

Or am I going to have to make one myself?
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I've finished Season Eight of SG1. So, yeah. "Moebius". It's a little odd that I find Geek!Sam to be really hot. Jeez, add glasses and extra geekiness to anyone and I go melty. Oh man, I am such a nerd. I even made this icon of Sam and Daniel being all geeky and cute.

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katiedammit, I got to see "Ripple Effect" as my download of Season Nine is permanently stalled at 94%. But yeah, there was waaaaay too little Sam and Janet interaction. Also, I'm kind of not feeling Cameron Mitchell or Landry. It can't be just that they're not Jack or General Hammond because Daniel is one of my favourite characters and I still really liked Jonas a lot. Maybe I'll like him more after watching a couple of episodes.
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I want SG1 fic where Daniel is the last person to join the OT3-ness once he comes to terms with his curse where everyone he loves ends up a goa-ould host, because Sam and Jack have already fulfilled that requirement.
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Okay, I finished "Heroes" which was what I've been dreading about Season 7. And yeah, it hurt just as much as I thought it would. I don't know anything about combat situations but I do know about losing loved ones and fuck, that hurt. Yeah, most of my thoughts are way too personal to even try to type out. Also, Janet was totally having her best hair ever.

So, to work through my television-inspired angst, I made an icon of Teryl Rothery being cute or sexy...or both.
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I don't get it. Talk about Superman being gay is really dumb. Unless Lois Lane is actually Louis Lane, and I'm pretty sure that's not the case, Superman is pretty damn straight.

Although the best part is when Bryan Singer says that Superman is "probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I've ever made". Thus all our certainty talk of how gay X-Men is has now been confirmed. Wolverine loved Jean but totally would have boned Cyclops too. Magneto and Xavier, plus their younger counterparts, Iceman and Pyro explain themselves.

Also, I'm up to "Heroes, Pt 1" in Season 7 and my stomach hurts just thinking about it. I don't want to see Janet die. Also, I need to get back to making SG1 wallpapers. I just need some inspiration.

These sleeves never used to be so short. Either I'm developing monkey arms or my shirt shrunk.
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Many thoughts because I'm having a busy brain day.

1. Just hours ago I said the next time I saw Stargate SG1 for cheaps, I would purchase it. Then, LO! There it was, for $40 bucks, and even in that new skinny format with two discs to a thin case. Dude, awesome. Then I looked around and saw that all of the currently released seasons were in this new skinny format. AND $29.99. WHAT?!

I bought Seasons 1-7 when they were one disc to a regular size DVD case, five cases to a season. AND THEY WERE $40! GRRR! Now these ones are newer and shinier and WAY more compact and I've already bought the previous seasons. This merits a SEVERE WHAT THE FUCK! And also CAPSLOCK OF RAGE.

2. My jaw is really sore today, sore enough that it hurts to chew. Before you all get your minds in the sexual gutter, it's because of the needle from yesterday's dental work, which apparently has bruised the muscle. Bleh.

3. I've turned into one of those girls. Old Me just used to wear t-shirts with sayings on them (Typical saying: "Is your mom busy tonight?") but now I'm wearing girly clothes, straightening my hair every day, and not only having long nails but painting them. And now I just went out and bought a few items of makeup. AND THOUGHT ABOUT GETTING WAY MORE BUT DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME BECAUSE IT'S ONLY MY LUNCH HOUR. Those were Capslocks of Abject Horror, in case anyone was wondering.

4. One week until Grand Camp, which means I not only have to know about Segregated Funds and practice being sociable with old people but I have to spend time with The Girlfriend without the ol people knowing about me being a homo and finish a 2500 essay. I should probably get the lenses on my glasses replaced too.
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This morning Little Brother was watching the end of SG1's "Heroes, Pt. 2" and I was very sad at the thought of no more Janet. Also, I confess that I've only seen up to the end of Season 6. I mean, we have it, I bought Seasons 1-7 for Little Brother and I to share but I just couldn't get up the interest to watch the season where Janet dies, even if she does look really hot. I've kind of been newly inspired though. The next time I see Season 8 for cheap, I'm going to get it.

Also, I'm really hoping that since Amanda Tapping had great hair in the promos, her hair will be god in Season 10, because I haven't been loving her hair since, like, Season 5.

And this is the end of this shallow and pointless post, except to mention that I'm taking requests for SG1 animated icons right now. Actually, probably any request.
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The new SG1 promo pictures have killed my brain a little bit. Yeah, and I thought Torri Higginson and Joe Fanigan in leather couldn't be topped.


Okay, I'm done with the capslocks for now. I've just had the insane urge to go find Vala/Sam (does any exist?), Cam with everyone, and just smut in general about all of them. Oh God, I am so shallow. And possibly evil because simple pictures can reduce to me wanting to read/see/create a fivesome.

So, OT3 refers to Jack/Sam/Daniel. OT3 V2.0 is Sam/Daniel/Cam. And OT5 is Cam/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c/Vala. Dude. I need to go make icons.
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Gateworld's talk of Vala's baby seems awfully familiar. Didn't I already see this on Xena? They've obviously run out of plots. That's sad. And there isn't even OT3 to make up for it.
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So, the winner of the fanart poll (go tell me what you want me to make next) seems to have been SG-1, so here's a new one.

I'm experimenting with style and such, trying out new things and I thought that trying out my personal favourite ship, the OT3, would be a good test run.

[x] comment if you zoink
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Woohoo! Little Brother and I finished SG1 Season 6 and I tipped my hand and revealed that I already have Season 7, which we won't watch until the next time I'm home, which could possibly be sometime in May. He's going to be in Europe soon after I get home from School and then I go to Victoria, BC.

Anyway, back to the shallow Stargate worshipping. So, Season 6 was not very good for my Jack loving because I felt there were several times that he just crossed a line that annoyed me. Sam was so very, very cute. And Janet was smoking hot, especially at the end with the really nice hair and the red lips. Yes, pretty girls, I like them a lot. And for pretty boys, whenever Daniel appeared in his cream coloured sweatshirt I had a little fit of orgasmic squee. Little Brother was like, "You are a very bad lesbian, you keep squealing over boys." I just cannot help it if I found Jonas to be adorable and Daniel to be incredibly sexy in that sweater. I'm going to go make a Ascended!Daniel icon.

Some of the episodes I liked, some I didn't. As always, I'm in love with Fireman!Verse because Teal'c is extremely hot there. It must be the v-neck shirt he wears. Ooh, and the facial expressions. The lack of Daniel wasn't always felt though because I really like Jonas, but it's really all about the OT3. ALL ABOUT THE OT3.

Also sucky was that the only non-Jack potential love interest that Sam had was a psychopathic felon and he didn't even die. Sad. But lucky she was hot. Especially in her dress uniform. OH OH! And that time she wore the white shirt and and and leather pants. LEATHER FUCKING PANTS! And the tailored suit jacket. I love love love girls in that exact outfit Sam wore in "Nightwalkers" even though SG1 was playing Mulder and Scully in that episode. Only kind of boring.

And now off I go to read fic.
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So, I am now fully caught up on Stargate: Atlantis. W00t! My favourites were "Critical Mass" because Elizabeth got to be all dominant and "Grace Under Pressure" because it featured my two favourite characters from SG1 and SGA. So now I can continue to download them and watch them at the same speed as everyone else.

And I'm working my way through the first part of season two of Battlestar Galactica.

And YAY! I got season one of Dead Like Me with one of my giftcards. Yes, I have a ridiculous amount of television to catch up on now.
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Is it some sort of television rule that if your last name is 'Carter' everyone has to call you that in lieu of your first name?
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I finally made it through Season 5 of Stargate SG1. I know, I know, I'm wasn't supposed to watch it without Little Brother but I couldn't resist. I'm sending it home for his birthday next week, so I figured I would watch it first. Then we can watch Season 6 together when I go home for Christmas as it will be his Christmas present.

Anyway, I'm watching the "Ascension" commentary and at one point Amanda, Martin Wood and That Other Guy Doing Commentary start talking about how much Random Tech Guy looks like Ian Tracey. Then they explain to that Ian is on Da Vinci's Inquest. It totally made my little fangirl heart squee that they were unintentionally pimping DVI. Yay!

Yeah, I know, obsessively Canadian, yada yada.
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So, for sure my DVD player hates me. It went all crazy and skippy (not like the peanut butter) when I tried to watch any movies starring Sigourney Weaver and it completely rejects the first disk of SG1 Season 5. Which hurts me because "Ascension" is on that disc and it is the one where we get to see the inside of Sam's house and see her in clothes that aren't completely form-covering. Because I obviously like her form. And because I have a post-"Ascension" teamfic for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 that I want to make sure fits canonically before I post.

Yeah, I need to finish Season 5 in the next two weeks so I can send it home to Little Brother for his birthday. I am trying to keep my Best Sister EVAR title, afterall.
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Oh man, [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 is catching on like CRAZY. There's over 1000 people signed up to write 100 fics. I know that when I took math in high school, I failed it but that is a lot of fics.

Stargate: Atlantis has about a thousand people signed up but SG1 only has a few. I totally want someone to sign up for Sam/Janet and Jack/Sam/Daniel, because I love my OT3.

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