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Since today is Amanda Tapping's 40th birthday (raor!) there shall be picspam.

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She's so totally the cutest thing ever. So cute I made this picture into my default icon.

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In this episode, soon after this picture, she hustles some guys at pool then beats them up. In a leather motorcycle jacket.

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And, of course, her hot back. Mmm, I have a thing for upper backs. So much that I made this picture into another icon.
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YESYESYES! The fam and I are finally watching Stargate: Atlantis Episode 4. And the new opening credits are so fucking hot. And yes, when we saw Paul McGillion's name on the screen, Little Brother and I went insane. We love Beckett.
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I'm going to stop in my incessant rambling about how cute Amanda and Teryl are and instead talk about: FOOTBALL!

That was such a sweet game last night. Argonauts 25, Stampeders 16. Oh oh! Levingston scores 111-yard touchdown! I love my Argos. CFL rules.

And because apparently I can't go a whole post without talking about Stargate. Here is my rambling about 2x03 'Runner' )

And my download of Battlestar Galactica Season 1 is only at 25% as of this morning. Boo. Go faster.
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So I'm watching the SG1 Season 3 special features finally, and yeah, I am so so so in love with Amanda Tapping and Teryl Rothery.

Them being all cute as Terlene and Minnie, with the accents? I seriously had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I want to keep them in my pocket, which is my highest compliment.

And then, Amanda is talking about how when they were filming an episode whoever was controlling the Thor puppet put it's hand on her ass. And she turned and smacked it without even thinking THEN APOLOGIZED. How fucking adorable is that? Also, so Canadian. Seriously, I've apologized to inanimate objects for bumping into them as well before realizing it wasn't a person.

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The First Annual Interstellar Naquadah Open by [livejournal.com profile] butterflykiki (SG1)
Best. Fic. EVAR. Jack and Teal'c go go golfing during the events of 'Window of Opportunity'. I love it when Teal'c is silly (but still serious, natch) and that episode just made me giggle. They argue about par for alien planets! So many moments where I was just laughing hysterically. So much love.

"We had agreed upon that already, O'Neill." Teal'c eyes narrowed in thought, then his mouth creased into a pleased smile. "The winner will wield the Z2000 Super-Soaker during the waterfight in our next repetition of the day at the SGC."

And another SG1 rec:

The Knife's Edge of Madness by Strix Varia
This was recced over at [livejournal.com profile] stargateficrec a few days ago. It's an AU after the end of the Season 5 episode 'Desperate Measures'. Sam is an amnesiac with brain injury. Her recovery is slow, taking almost a year and it honestly *hurts* to read it but it's so good you can't stop. The Sam point of view is spot on and it nails her friendship with Janet and the rest of the team better than most fics. Definitely worth the read.
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Why is there no Sam/Jack entry over at [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto?
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Anyway, because I am a total sci-fi geek, I'm reading the Stargate magazine. And here, I typed up my favourite quotes. Good thing I can type something like 90 words a minute.

Firstly, there is a short interview with Amanda Tapping being cute, although she apparently refers to herself in the third person more than once. That's slightly odd. Anyway, quote time:

MAG: "Usually it's you welcoming new people to the set, but this time it's you that has started after everyone else - has it been strange for you, coming into a situation where everyone else has been working together?"
AMANDA: "I'm the new kid on the block! It's really weird because they've been together now for two months, and it took a couple of days for me to get back into the groove. It's like being on the chess club and hanging out with all the football players...they're all cool and they've got their group together. But Beau is a sweetheart, Ben's great - Claudia's great and I wish that she was staying! And you knw, Michael and Chris and I - we've known each other for nine years and that's easy."

Give it up, Amanda, that football metaphor is totally stolen from American tv. You went to high school in Toronto, we all know that Ontarians don't care about high school football. It's all about the rugby and the hockey. But I totally love the references to the cast being friends outside the show. It makes me all happy and squiggly inside.

And here's an excerpt of Paul McGillion's "Behind the Scenes Journal". He is absolutely adorable and he talks about how beautiful Torri is. anyway, behind the cut for length and nose hairs )

And that's all I feel like typing up.
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Due to the living in Canada, the latest seasons of Battlestar Galactica and SG1 haven't reached up here yet. Luckily, Stargate: Atlantis is available on TMN.

Only little brother likes to wait so we can have marathons. But I put my foot down and the whole fam watched the first two eps of Season 2 last night.

a little spoiler-y squee-age behind the cut )

Hopefully, we get to watch the other two tonight. Yeah, I really, really like this show. Although it doesn't have Amanda Tapping, so...

Oh and I have to add, remember that time that Colonel Caldwell slept with Sam Carter and then she died? Or wait...was that when Walter Skinner slept with Carina Sayles and then she died? HAHAHA! I love Vancouver crossover.
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I'm reading this article on Sam Carter from SG1 being a stereotype. There's a part where the author mentions Sam fainting in episode 3x21, 'Crystal Skull' "like a soppy girly and having to be caught by a big strong man" and how much it annoyed her. That statement kind of bugged me because it was made obvious that Jack passed out as soon as he made it through the Stargate.

Granted, Sam did faint first and Jack did catch her and run with her to the Stargate but keep in mind that Richard Dean Anderson is 6'1 1/2" and male. Amanda Tapping is 5'9" and female. More than four inches, plus the female-male weight-muscle differential that obviously exists would mean that he likely weighs fifty pounds more than her. It was also made clear that the gigantic Teal'c (6'3" and likely 300 lbs) did not pass out like Jack and Sam but was only weakened by the radiation poisoning.

So, in the event of passing out due to radiation poisoning, Sam probably would have passed out first because she has much less body mass and therefore would be affected quicker.

I know this is just a random ramble but accusing the writers of oblique misogyny and female stereotyping for a scene that was probably pretty accurate science-wise is kind of annoying. And not stereotypical. The author of the article was going on about how Sam is "the protected character" because she is female. I admit I've only seen the first five seasons and bits and pieces of other seasons but all evidence pointed to Daniel actually being the protected character because he's not military and the most physically and emotionally vulnerable.

Maybe it's just because I don't LOOK for misogyny and stereotypes on television shows, though I can recognize a real stereotype from a mile away. There are all these articles on how women are badly written, overly weak and inapprotiately emotional and blahblah but I honestly don't see it in science fiction shows. And I have a very low tolerance for obnoxious girly girls, see 7th Heaven for evidence of badly, incongruously written female characters that annoyed me to the point that I can no longer watch the show.

Maybe it's just my 20 year-old WASP-y, big-city-suburb naivete showing. I've never once in my life felt helplessly oppressed. I used to referee soccer when I was 14 and there was a coach who was abusive to the referees. After hearing complaints, the soccer club removed all teenage refs from games where that coach would be present. I wrote a strongly worded letter to the executive board detailing why I was perfectly capable of doing the job I was supposed to and by removing me they were disrespecting me. Or something. It was a long time ago. They immediately let me ref those games again. Suffice to say, I've always stuck up for myself but at the same time, I know my limits and I don't think it's weak to admit that men are physically stronger. And I feel that the lead characters, male or female, on Stargate SG1 (in addition to Stargate: Atlantis, the Star Treks, The X-Files among others) are amazing role models for young people like me and my brother.

Then again, who really cares.
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WHOA! How did I not remember that David Hewlett (Rodney MacKay on both Stargates) was in Cube, which is one of my favourite movies of all time? Probably because I was completely obsessed with the beautiful Nicole DeBoer at the time, who went on to be in my second favourite Sci-fi show of all time: DS9. I also forgot that David was a regular on Traders too. I love Canadian actors.

Hee! *watches Cube again*

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