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Mar. 25th, 2007 10:47 pm
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It was so frakking awesome, and left me with about a million thoughts about cylons.

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La Girlfriend told me I was doing sadface yesterday so she gave me one of my birthday presents early (like 5 weeks early) to make me happy. And it did because it was Veronica Mars Season 2! Which I guessed because I have super uncanny ability to guess exactly what people are thinking, what they think of me and therefore which presents they buy me.

Anyway, a lot of people ragged on VM V.2.0 when it was airing but viewing it in retrospect, it still is very good. I'm impressed that it took them over a season and a half to wrap up how she really got the chlamydia. I know that this season was split up with no year long mystery to make it more accessible to new viewers but I vastly prefer the year long because it pulls the whole season together much nicer. Also, One Tree Hill, which is pretty much the worst show that ever existed, has been on the WB/CW for years so they had better not even consider cancelling Veronica if they let that crap live for so long. (I watched the first season because it was after Gilmore Girls and before Law & Order: SVU - the second season is much better BUT STILL CRAP).

My downloads of the last two episodes have somehow been busts so I have to redownload them. But since I cannot resist a cut-tag, I already know what is going to happen. Knowing the ending has never taken the enjoyment out of a show for me though, because what I like is the journey, the subtleties and the silliness in between. So after I finish with writing this 20 page essay for Monday, I shall partake in some VM.

Also, apparently my French is a lot better than I thought it was. AWESOMES! ... I mean, FANTASTIQUE!
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I'm done with Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. I LOVED the show and now I fucking HATE it.

I hate that this entire episode is about how bad Meredith's life is. Um, why? 'Cause her dad left her and her mom is a bitch? 'Cause her Wun Twoo Luv turned out to be married? She has a pretty fucking awesome life and still whines about it. Shut up, Meredith. Your life is not that bad.

Why is no one calling Izzie on her hypocrisy? Seriously! What is up with her being a bitch about George and Callie when they've known each other longer than she ever knew Denny. George's dad was dying and he was panicked and she got mad at him for calling her on it. Shut up, Izzie, you're being an asshole.

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Finally, can Meredith and Cristina just declare themselves in love and get it over with for goodness sakes?!
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I'm having the overwhelming urge to go out and buy more seasons of The X-Files. I'm more than halfway through Season 3 and I'm remembering my whole obsession with the show. I used to tape reruns on Space at 11 every night and get up early and watch them.

Crap, now I can't decide if what I want for my birthday: S2 Veronica Mars, S2 Stargate: Atlantis, S2 Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, Friends, etc. I like way too many tv shows.

But anyway, I love "Syzygy" even if I cannpt come anywhere close to pronouncing it. Ryan Reynolds and Laurie Foreman, crack-addicted sister, are fun for the whole family. Jealous!Scully is so one of my favourite things.
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So, Scully lives forever, right?

In "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" he says that she never dies. Then the guy, Alfred Fellig, from "Tithonus" didn't look at death when it came for him. He tells Scully not to look and dies in her place. Following in the pattern, Scully will never die, just like him.

So, Scully never dies? That's kind of a fun idea.
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First off, check out the new lj layout. It's all about Addison's Anatomy. And I do mean that in all sorts of ways. Most of them naughty.

Brothers and Sisters is my new crack. I love it. It's reminiscent of old school, first season West Wing: high energy and obvious emotional bonds mixed with affection and silliness just gives it this crack quality that I'm pretty in love with now.

Finished my second run-through of Lord of the Rings today. And yet again watching Appendices. Maybe tomorrow when I'm not doing last minute readings for Gender History I'll star Season 3 of The X-Files.

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I've partially recovered my ability to watch my favourite tv shows. Although I'm working on my second run through of the entire LotR Trilogy. Eleven plus hours. I have motherfuckin' stamina.


the l word )

Gilmore Girls is totally predictable but still quite enjoyable.

Haven't watched the latest Veronica Mars yet but early reports have it sucking.
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I've got all this stuff to do and instead I just sit around watching the third season of The West Wing.

I've got all these downloaded episodes of tv and I've only watched the latest Veronica Mars and the L Word. Both of these were pretty forgettable and my only thoughts can be summed up in the following.

Mac should be in every episode because she is the perfect girl best friend for Veronica.

I guess more than one good episode in a row was too much to hope for The L Word. Marlee Matlin is hot. Why is there so much basketball? This show is about as subtle as a bag of cats.
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I have spent FAR too many hours at the library in the past couple of days. To the point that I feel weird when I'm not looking at obscenely tiny type in periodical indexes or photocopying. Also, microfilm/fiche is the DEVIL! So annoying and not great for actually finding things! DAMN YOU, PRIMARY SOURCES!

Anyway, because I just spent three hours at the library (I would have spent more but the stupid university library closes at 5) I'm watching The West Wing and going to do a tv meme I zoinked from [ profile] illusory_thrill

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thoughts on recent SGA episodes )

And on the gay front, I downloaded a copy of Loving Annabelle and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's very short and could have used a little bit more plot in places but the lead actresses are very talented and have fantastic chemistry. It ends just like you expect it to but for some reason it's not as depressing as all the other lesbian movies I've been forced to watch against my will. I hate gay cinema 98% of the time for being utter crap but this was quite good although not as good as Imagine Me and You. But that had GILES.
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Before I say anything else, oh dear GOD, that was brutally bad.

l word 4x01 'legend in the making' )

Bleh, all these lesbians around me that love this show are just so desperate to "see themselves" on tv that they overlook all this garbage but I always identified with well-written characters regardless of sexual orientation. Maybe they just watch shitty tv.
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I just watched the latest episode of Supernatural and I can't even express how excited it makes me. This show is truly the heir to The X-Files.

I love this show so much and though there is a large group of slashers totally digging the Wincest, I'm obviously not watching for that. I love that Supernatural dares to exist darker than most shows will ever even dabble with and those are just their light-hearted standalone episodes. I love the mythology of the show and how Sam and Dean already have quirky side characters that help them along a la the Lone Gunmen.

I'm such a sucker for sibling bonding too. As close as those adopted families on tv are, like the Scoobies on Buffy and such, but I think that having them as real brothers makes the bond so much deeper. Although Little Brother and I don't hunt demons, the Winchesters remind me of everything I love and hate and cherish about my little brothers. Also, I understand that overwhelming desire to save your family and I love how desperate Sam and Dean are when the other one is in danger. I would do anything - anything - for my other brother to be alive again.

Guh, Supernatural just hits on all my favourite television emotional points and is so awesome. I seriously cannot wait for the new episodes each week.
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talk about various casting spoilers for Stargate: Atlantis )

And on a non-spoilery note, I've been sort of rewatching Season 1 of 'lantis and I forgot how fun it is. Teyla's hair definitely got better in the second season though. I feel like when they make jokes about Canada because of Rodney everyone is smiling to themselves because so many of them are Canadian. You know how it is, we rock.
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These BSG headshots make me all hot and bothered for some reason. Especially Gaius.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip )

Was that actually why Cheno and Sorkin broke up?

I'm going to watch this tomorrow night too. Perhaps I can be more coherent.
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I have to facilitate organized fun tomorrow in the form of "Rez Fest". So very, very displeased about that. I'll take my book and hope that I don't have to do anything at one of the 'Campus Hunt' points and then clean up as quickly as possible after the barbeque.

I ordered Stargate: Atlantis Season One and The West Wing Season Five off of Amazon. I don't even know why I ordered Season 5 because I hated that season more than any other post-Sorkin season. Although it does have Lizother than I'd watched eighteen episodes in a day. But whatever.

I watched The West Wing all day and well into the night yesterday and then watched the entire CSI marathon on Spike today. I'm apparently on a huge Jorja Fox kick. Also, I'm totally crushing on Louise Lombard right now so between Jorja and Louise I may have to actually watch CSI on Thursday night. CTV is showing Grey's Anatomy at 8 and CSI at 9, so I don't have that pesky conflict as some do.

God, I hate organized fun, upbeat people and being forced to talk to people I could care less about so tomorrow is going to be unbearable.
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Wee! I'm on a huge Dead Like Me kick right now so I'm posting a whole bunch of hi-res pics.

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The new Battlestar Galactica promos are delicious and are making the wait until October even more unbearable. But check out Starbuck's new tattoo. HOT! Also, I have the shirt that Lucy Lawless is wearing.

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