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Aw, a girl wants to join the Degrassi football team. It's funny because she gets hazed or something.

We had multiple girls on our high school football team so it's kind of funny to see the show making it an issue.
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[+] Oh my goodness. The fandom secret where the person is hating on Degrassi because Ellie cut herself with a protractor is HILARIOUS. That totally always bugged me too but not enough to make a secret out of it or anything.

[+] On the subject of [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets: why did someone even bother to make a post about Naomi Novik's fandom identity to taunt everyone when it seems like everyone already knew? Anyways, I still haven't gotten around to reading the last 200 pages of Black Powder War and I mean to. It just feels like I haven't got to the actual novel part. I had the same problem with Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross and the hundreds of pages it took to even get out of the opening scene, which took one day.

[+] I have been too poor to go pick up The Dragon Heir from the bookstore but now I have monies and want it so badly. But until I finish Ink Exchange, which I am enjoying muchly, I'm not even thinking of picking up another book.

[+] To make up for leaving me waiting in a bus terminal for half an hour, my father went and finally got my the West Wing S3 & S4 DVDs. Wunderbar! Even though certain people who shall remain completely anonymous got me all emotionally drained and was completely exhausted (totally worth it though), I came downstairs to watch "20 Hours in America" because I've been craving it far, far more than is reasonable. Not watching it when I was feeling downtrodden was like losing my security blanket. Or, if you're me, the Care Bear my great-grandfather brought for me the day I was born).
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i) I am weird today. I was going to go to a movie but I decided I didn't want to spend all that time walking, especially in the middle of the night, so I'll probably go out tomorrow.

ii) I downloaded 5x01 of Stargate Atlantis even though I've only watched a handful of episodes in Season 4. I'm not really sure why. I don't even know if I like SGA anymore.

iii) I also downloaded In Plain Sight, the new USA Witness Protection Program show with Mary McCormack but I had to stop a few minutes in because Mary has a new face. Seriously, she's had her lips puffed up and it really, really does not look good on her. She was pretty much the only reason I even wanted to watch the show, so I'm kind of upset about it.

iv) I accidentally started writing a Grey's Anatomy Callie/Izzie angsty hate-sex fic for a porn battle. It really was totally by accident too. And then it kind of turned into a Callie/Erica fic and is strangely long now. But it's seriously wrong. I'm writing Callie and Izzie. Together. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

v) Also, while I'm writing about Erica, I have a strange urge to write Law & Order fic about Claire Kincaid and Margot Bell. What's up with that? My Brooke Smith love is getting a little over the top. I just really like when Brooke and Jill Hennessey act together. They were so adorable on Crossing Jordan.

vi) All of a sudden I really want to finish the Alex/Paige Degrassi AU future-fic but I don't even know if I can. I really like parts of it and want to post them but they don't make sense out of context so I can't.
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Sweet! My Degrassi Season 5 DVDs came today. HELLO THERE LEXICON OF LOVE! Unfortunately, there's only one deleted scene with Paige and Alex and almost no bloopers either. Dee and Lauren are either hated by the producers or rarely fudge their lines. Either way, they are love.

And these will probably be the last DVDs I buy for a while as I have to start paying back $20,000 in student loans. It's $280 a month and with no income at the moment I won't be able to buy anything soon. Anyway, 25 years of Degrassi makes for lots of seasons but that doesn't matter because I've got the best two seasons of Degrassi TNG on DVD.
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Okay, I've watched all three "sneak peeks" of Degrassi season 7 from The-N (don't even get me started how fucking lame it is that it's featured on American tv before Canadian tv) and I'm kind of dreading the season. Why focus so much on characters no one really likes that much (Mia, Peter, Darcy) and then ADD even more characters? Couldn't they just focus on the characters that we've followed for years like Paige, Alex, Ellie and Marco?

It just seems like it's going to be less Degrassi and more South of Nowhere/One Tree Hill/any other lame soap opera-esque teen show that barely resembles real life. The reason why I liked Degrassi in the first place is because it felt like what high school and university really felt like. But around the beginning of season 6 it changed to something else. I think I'm too possessive of my shows. I'm kind of dreading the new season. But hey, upside NEW BOYCOTT THE CAF REVIEWS!
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I am so sick of getting this lame half a second of Paige and Alex in between so much Degrassi-Lakehurst time. But ALEX SLAPPED PAIGE! My happy world where they live happily ever after and get married is so not going to happen. WAAAAAH!

I am way too invested in Degrassi.
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The new Degrassi promo makes me all nervous-like. Spinner's bald, Manny still has the dumb bangs and LAKEHURST? Lame. That only means more focus on Mia who is boring.
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I saw this Work-In-Progress meme floating around and I thought I would partake. I tend to get really involved fic ideas but then it takes me years to write them. And they still never get posted.


Untitled post-'2010' fic )

Celestial Navigation: A Paige/Alex future AU )

Hmmm, only two stories. Except for the original stories I'm working on but I don't think I'm ready to post any of those yet.
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It really annoys me when I read Degrassi fics that act like the students know everything about Toronto or that act like Toronto is a town.

It's the fifth largest city in North America, behind Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. It's a big city. Possibly a nitpick but I am protective of my city.

Also, it cracks me up that my mood icon is actually from the West Wing episode I'm watching right now.
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Why am I so addicted to Degrassi fanfic? And bad stuff to boot. Almost every story revolves around the characters (mostly the canon relationships of Dylan/Marco, Sean/Emma and Paige/Alex) being in twoo luv, going through hardship and then having babies, which is something I don't usually like in other fandoms unless it is well done. And yet, I'm relishing these ones.

But seriously, how can you not read a story that has this description: "42 students, three days, one objective: to kill each other off until only one remains. Battle Royale. AU, eventual Palex." Death match with girls making out. I can already tell I love it, even if it's the worst crap in the world. And the author's name is Dr. Sex Walrus, which makes my mind do some sort of crazy meld of Alice in Wonderland and the Beatles.

And this one? "Prostitution, drugs, mob wars, and bank robbing. Welcome to Toronto. AU. Palex. Jaylie." They actually describe Toronto and the surrounding area correctly, which is extremely rare in Degrassi stories and it's apocafic where everyone is a prostitute, porn star or gunslinger. It's a pretty awesome fic, other than the part where Marco's family is some sort of crime family after the apocalypse which I have a hard time buying since Marco's dad pretty much IS Mario. Seriously. When Little Brother first saw him he said, "It'sa me! Mario!" Mario would never run a crime family.
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My obsession with Degrassi just keeps getting worse. I've probably watched 'Lexicon of Love, pt 1 and 2' about 20 times. Seriously. I love that they're still together.

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Of all the times Alex and Paige have kissed, I like this one the best because it's all tense and sweet. I highly recommend watching both parts of the episode, which are available on youtube. I really love that Alex, who had previously been acting out a little against gayness by bugging Marco, had calmed herself down by that time. I also really love that even though Paige freaked out, they started dating by the end of the next episode. I love that they broke up in such a realistic way and I love that they got back together. They are so my favourite couple.
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My love of Degrassi: The Next Generation grows daily. I was watching the minis that are available on both the the-n.com and ctv.ca and dear God, I laughed so freaking hard. How many other shows write their own fanfiction then film it?

They have ones where Paige and Liberty switch characters, where Jay is the naive enviro-geek and Emma is the sexy, evil bad girl who gives out social diseases like candy. Ones where Alex stabbed Paige in the back and stole her job with Jimmy and Spinner, making them evil 27-year old billionares and where they do a send up of The View where Paige is called 'a sexually confused college freshman with a mean streak' and then they all talk about erect nipples.

I love this show and it's cheesiness and how often Paige and Alex make out. Seriously. I'm so happy they got back together in the season 6 finale.
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I have now successfully gotten my little brother and my mom addicted to Battlestar Galactica. My mom already thinks Starbuck is the best character. The only drawback is that they keep asking me questions and I really want to tell them, but I know that they don't really want to know.

In other (very) tv news:

Grey'sI'm pretty much completely done with Grey's Anatomy now. Addison is still made of awesome and, oddly, considering how much a of jackass I thought he was the first two seasons, so is Alex Karev. Oh, and Callie. Who is looking hot. And that is what is important. But I don't think I'll watch it next season.

Veronica Mars: Still haven't gotten around to watching it since it got off hiatus. I even get the right channel here and everything but Tuesday is big family viewing day, so hard to get the time. On the other hand, I'm still heartbroken about Veronica not getting picked up for a 4th season so I might postpone the episodes until my heart can take it.

Degrassi: Damn STRAIGHT Alex and Paige got back together. Although my heart hurts for the Alex character for having such a deadbeat mom.

Gilmores: The perfect ending to the show. That's all I have to say to that. I've been in the same grades as Rory throughout the show and now that I'm essentially done my undergraduate degree, I have no idea what I want to do. I wish I was more like Rory.
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I'm sorry but Degrassi is SO much better than South of Nowhere. Maybe Canada is just different.

Alex and Paige just have this awesome chemistry and it's realistic and yay.

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