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I have thoughts on yesterday's Doctor Who. Oh, hell, let's be honest. I have no real thoughts on it, but I would like to look at attractive caps. Join me won't you?

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Doin' the tumblr blackout even though I think it's kind of stupid and a lost cause. We all know that once a website has enough people on it they just run rampant anyway, so...

But I figured I may as well do it. Plus I can get some stuff done.

So, thoughts on Doctor Who: Read more... )

I hope today's episode pleases me more.
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I know this is very 'Canada' weather and all but I really could have done without the snow. I need warm weather and for winter to be over so badly. Sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong country.

And this. For only a few seconds it got me ridiculously excited. RIVER SONG. AMY POND. RORY! THE DOCTOR! Only one month away.
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The dog yipped ALL last night. She had four seizures in 24 hours, for a grand total of 10 in the past 4 weeks and it's driven her crazy. After so many she makes constant whining noises, desperate to be touched and even that isn't enough. Tonight she seems to have been able to fall asleep, since she had her regular afternoon nap (yes, she sleeps from 1pm to 3pm like clockwork).

All my exes will be in Texas Toronto soon for Toronto Pride so I will be avoiding that. I usually hate Pride stuff because people in close quarters in the heat really wig me out but I was considering taking my camera down. I've been wanting to try taking more photos of a journalistic type since the last time I did it was the G20 summit in London last year. We'll see.

Most important news of the day: my bathroom seems to be glowing in the dark. I just went in there to brush my teeth and all surfaces seem to have glowsticks on them. All different colours too. Awesome, right?

Oh and tonight's Doctor Who ) was fantastic.
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You guys. DOCTOR WHO.


Essentially my thoughts are as follows: Eleven ♥, Amy ♥, River ♥♥♥xbillion.

I have come to the following conclusions: Eleven is my favourite Doctor, even beating out Nine in my heart. River is pretty much my favouritest character on Doctor Who. Possibly even more than Donna. There. I said it. I have no idea how people hate her. I love every bit of her.

And now I will return to writing Amy/River (+voyeur!Doctor) fic.
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One of my favourite things about tumblr is all the pretty picspams. It's easy to post them and reblog them so as many people as possible can see them. I've even started taking part.

So I thought I would post some of them here. First, Doctor Who. All of my picspams are Series 5 because I want to spam as soon as I see the episode.

click some and they get bigger! - SPOILERS for the latest episode )
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I did some random Doctor Who fanarts. Essentially it's just for tumblr because I like looking at pretty pictures on my dash.

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DREAM TIME: Um, I had a lengthy dream about River Song being some sort of international jewel thief who defied the laws of gravity and was also a MASTER OF DISGUISE. I kept wanted to go back into the dream whenever I woke up. I don't give a fuck that so much of Doctor Who fandom hates her. I love her. And I love that she shows up and gives me epic dreams. This may have been because Alex Kingston showed up on yesterday's SVU (or tonight's if you're American).

TV RECAP: Most of my shows made me very happy last night. Except Glee. I think I've given up on that show. It's so bad I get secondhand embarrassment now. :/

On the other hand, NCIS made my heart ache. Oh, show. The season finale is going to hurt SO MUCH I can just feel it.

And The Good Wife. I love that show more and more each week. I wrote a thing on tumblr about how I think everyone on this show has perfect chemistry and it's so true. I love how the characters' relationships don't fall into the traditional categories and instead are complicated and real. I particularly love the relationships between Alicia and Kalinda, Alicia and Diane and Kalinda and Cary.

RANDOM: I have been playing ibowling on my iPod ALL day. It's addictive.

But back to the River Song international jewel thief. This is already half-canon, right? There needs to be fic.


May. 9th, 2010 11:29 pm
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The Eleventy Kink Meme is making me very happy. So much so that I'm tracking comments in the post.

I mean, what? I don't even ship Eleven/Amy on the show. In fact, I'm kind of an anti-shipper. Yet Eleven/Amy/River fic is my current hard-to-find cracky love and I keep reading ridiculously porny Eleven/Amy kink fic.

I don't even know. But Doctor Who is making me extremely happy right now. I've never actually watched this show as it unfolded before, I caught up on it all last year so it's very exciting.


May. 8th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Who and Seeker Saturday!

Also, via [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets this secret made me happy. Other people ship River/Amy. I am as pleased as punch because a) I love Amy, b) I frakking love River Song and c) my slashgoggles picked up little gay vibes.

Other than being on my period today (which explains the crankiness lately) I'm feeling quite good. We have a fire going and I'm editing pictures so I'm happy as a clam.
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Any Doctor Who theories and predictions yet? I've read some wild ones.
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CURLING! Cheryl Bernard needs to pick up her game or else she's going to get her ass kicked in the final of the Player's Championship.:S She's losing after the sixth end.

Also introducing my parents to the Eleventh Doctor tonight.

I don't really have much to say about Legend of the Seeker. I'll have to download and watch it again but it definitely wasn't as gay this week as last week. I'm definitely assuming that Cara is supposed to be in love with Kahlan now - it is a Raimi/Tapert show after all. ;)
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Alright, caught up on some weekend television. I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Doctor Who, which I am newly in love with, and the latest of Legend of the Seeker, which I am even more in love with.

Yes, there are all sorts of prepositional grammatical errors in that sentence but I don't care.

legend of the seeker )

So, how long until Lucy Lawless shows up to turn the camp level up to 11?

doctor who )

Now I'm excited for the rest of the series. :)

new doctor

Apr. 11th, 2010 01:05 am
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I meant to go to bed an hour ago but I started watching "The Eleventh Hour" on the ipod all curled up under the covers. I had the intention to go to bed after the first five minutes. I was sort of like "I will miss everything about old nu!Who" and that made me a bit sad and reticent about watching.

But now I have and I am EXCITED. So when I wake up I will have new episodes of Doctor Who and Legend of the Seeker AND it will be my 25th birthday and everything that entails.

Sundays are exciting.
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Alright, so [livejournal.com profile] heartsways hasn't left yet (tomorrow morning) so I haven't had time to do up a whole huge post but I'm going to do a little New Year's post while she is in the shower.

[livejournal.com profile] heartsways and I marathoned the entire series of Spaced today and all that nerdery plus [livejournal.com profile] heartsways buying Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" made us want to watch Star Wars. Return of the Jedi is on now and will be followed by the new Doctor Who with dinner.

So, New Year's resolutions. I'll do the same one as always, which is try to read 100 books. I'm also going to genuinely try to take a new picture every day. A Project 365, if you will. I expect you to hold me to that.
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Watching Doctor Who Confidential for Season 4 to cheer me up. Because Tennant and Tate together being cute and awesome is never a bad thing.

How awesome are they together?

In between cleaning I'm working on a wallpaper for Donna so watch this space.
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Finished up the last four episodes of Series 3 of Doctor Who. Somehow I seemed to have completely blocked out Utopia/Sound of the Drums/Last of the Time Lords. I don't know how.

But now I'm jonesing (*rimshot*) for some Lucy Saxon fic. Can anyone point me towards any?
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[+] Owww, my head is hurting again. I have no idea where these headaches come from. But I want this one to go away now because I want to have a nice hot bath and a nice cold coke before Lie to Me.

[+] I've been working on NaNoWriMo a lot, using Write or Die on Kamikaze mode to keep me writing. I have a tendency to work on every sentence until it is perfect so having my words get erased if I pause too long is quite the motivator. ;)

[+] The above means that I'll probably be posting a scene or two on the NaNo filter in the next few days.

[+] I have this coming Thursday's episode of FlashForward to watch and I still haven't gotten around to it yet. I feel like this says something about the show.

[+] New icon! I'm considering doing a Donna picspam because my S4 Doctor Who rewatch just cemented my love for her. Also, just watched S3's "The Shakespeare Code" with the fam and squealed a lot whenever they showed Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.
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I've been rewatching Doctor Who Season 4 and my thoughts can be summed up by the following macro.

I need to find a good Donna icon, stat!
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The pumpkin I carved on Tuesday night. If I can get my cheesecake baked for my dad's birthday early enough I'll probably do another one.

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