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I have thoughts on yesterday's Doctor Who. Oh, hell, let's be honest. I have no real thoughts on it, but I would like to look at attractive caps. Join me won't you?

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I MEAN SERIOUSLY. THIS EPISODE. SO MUCH LOVE. FOR EVERYTHING. It even made me forgive Cary a teeny bit. And it made me ship Alicia/Kalinda a hell of a lot more too. You guys know how much I love unrequitedness and fucked-upness in my ships.
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Holy shit, Lost Girl BROUGHT IT last night.

It was boring for the first bit, but the second half was just...guh.

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Those are just preliminary and off the top of my head thoughts. My final thought though was that I love my stupid, ridiculous, campy fae show. I've always been very attracted to the moral and sexual ambiguities of faeries and fae and I hope they go more into it in the second season.
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Alright, caught up on some weekend television. I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Doctor Who, which I am newly in love with, and the latest of Legend of the Seeker, which I am even more in love with.

Yes, there are all sorts of prepositional grammatical errors in that sentence but I don't care.

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So, how long until Lucy Lawless shows up to turn the camp level up to 11?

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Now I'm excited for the rest of the series. :)
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Anyone who's still awake feel free to talk about tv with me in the comments. :)

The Mentalist: Probably the best ep of the season, though I'm not wild about the ending.

FlashForward: Rather boring, but I liked the Mark/Aaron scenes and the Olivia/Bryce scenes. I like the platonic friendships on this show a lot. Bryce was also a character I didn't care very much about but now I kinda love him.

Supernatural: Pretty much what I expected. I don't love Castiel as much as Little Brother does though. One thing I find myself hoping is that the show actually ends this year. They keep building up to the final confrontation and it's going to be so epic nothing can top it. Plus, I am hard pressed to find a show that went out on a high note of their own volition.

Private Practice: I love Charlotte more every week. Dad watched part of it with me and even though he spent most of that time looking at lolcats and lolcat motivation posters he paid enough attention to say that Cooper is a douche. I wasn't particularly moved by any of the stories other than Charlotte's general awesomeness this week but I definitely feel like they're moving towards something.

Grey's Anatomy: I turned it off about 20 minutes in. I've got a download and I might watch it tomorrow. I just don't get this show's age thing. First, age gaps don't matter, then they matter when plot-convenient, then they don't matter again, blah blah blah. It's pretty annoying.

Final tv note of the night: does anyone know where I can find mp3s of Stephen Colbert singing? I love his voice, especially when he sings with his guests.
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All in all, last night was a good night of television but the only thing that blew me away was Grey's Anatomy, which was a shock since I've thought it's been really bad for going on two years now.

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The Mentalist: B+
FlashForward: B
Supernatural: B+
Grey's Anatomy: A
Private Practice: B+
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I just watched the BSG season finale. [livejournal.com profile] heartsways and I had to take a break in the middle in order to get our breath back.

I think that I might post more about it tomorrow.
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You know, I expected not to like tonight's episode because of Brooke but the entire thing was absolutely terrible.

Only Erica and George actually seemed in character and no story seemed to work. No one had any respect for humanity and they had to be "taught a lesson" that we've heard about 97 time previously on the show. This just isn't the show I fell in love with in 2005.

I'm just terribly disappointed. At least I won't have to download 30 Rock now.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.
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Grey's both thrilled me and pissed me off insanely tonight. Figure out at which parts.

Let's discuss in the comments.
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Hee! Seelix from Battlestar was in the season premiere of Supernatural and she was fucking HOT. I am too obsessed with Vancouver-based actors.

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And holy jeez, I want to take Dean for a ride badly. And then have him take me for a ride in the Impala. And any of the girls that appeared in the premiere can come too. ;)
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Okay, I'm finally ready to have Battlestar thoughts. I like to watch the episode more than once to really catch all the details that I missed the first time and I also like to read other people's responses in order to fully flesh out my thoughts. Other people's opinions help me gauge where I stand on what happened because I often find that on my first time through, my thoughts are geared more towards "So and So is such a fucking bitch! Whatsherface is frakking hot! The Ugly One acted the hell out of that!"

Anyways, on to the thoughts, by character/arc )Okay, that got, really, really long. If you read all that, I will send you a cookie in the mail.

In closing, I would like to have an orgy with Tory, Helo and Anders.

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