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Just when you think Grey's Anatomy couldn't be anymore of a horrible, cheesy (albeit lovable) cliche, it goes and does this.

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I drove my mom and aunt to Costco so we could go shopping and that is ALWAYS a mistake. Shopping with my aunt is crazycakes because she wanders everywhere and never brings enough money. We ended up spending over two hours there. TWO hours! And all she initially went there for was something for dinner.

On the other hand, mom got a lot of Christmas shopping done.

Now on to my shows:
Lost Girl: I love this show and everything about it. It's so ridiculous and campy. It makes me happy in that stupid way Legend of the Seeker and Smallville and Xena and True Blood do. There's no deep thoughts or anything deep about them. Most of my thoughts have to do with Kenzi's hair, which is more shallow than I usually go, but I love Kenzi the mostest because Bo is the Stereotypical Leader Character that I usually dislike like Buffy or Jack O'Neill or Owen Hunt.

Also, even though I really love Saskia, I'm kind of annoyed that the season finale looks like it's going to feature her more than, say, The Morrigan. Because I LOVE The Morrigan and want to see some evidence of her power. Celtic battle goddesses for the win.

The Good Wife: I posted a big long thing a few episodes ago and I want to rewatch the last two episodes so I can write another big long thing. Because I LOVE this show. I love the subtly to it and how it answers some questions while posing others at the same time. I'm actually working on a picspam of the top 5 actors I want to guest star on the show.

Grey's Anatomy: A lot of people have expressed boredom with how the Cristina storyline is playing out ie how long it's taking but I love it. It takes years to get over horrible things. How April can be "over" falling in her best friend's blood is beyond me. Back to the Cristina storyline. It's nailing home how much I HATE Owen. I don't think I've ever hated a character as much as I hate Owen. But McDreamy is being so lovely to Cristina. I'm really loving their burgeoning relationship.

I know this makes me a bad lesbian but I don't really care that much about the Callie/Arizona break-up. Right now I'm really disliking how horrible Callie always is to Arizona. I just want more Arizona and Alex together. I've been wanting the show to have a mentor-student relationship that didn't have a sexual component and I just love how she encourages him.

Private Practice: I like watching this show every week but the characters feel much less "real" to me than in other shows. I hate Addison a little bit more every episode and I just want them to DO something with Amelia.

I can't think of any shows I've been watching lately that I have deep thoughts on. I've been watching Misfits and The Walking Dead but they're just sort of like popcorn.

Ugh, we're watching The Family Stone and it's making my mom and me argue.


Jan. 12th, 2010 12:02 pm
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I don't even care about Grey's Anatomy and half watch it before bed so [livejournal.com profile] heartsways can babble and I'll know what she's talking about but THIS is too cute. I'm sure most people have been it before but awwww.

Also, I'm seriously amused that the itunes shuffle played "Untouchable" by Girls Aloud and then "Untouchable" by Garbage. Awesome.
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Anyone who's still awake feel free to talk about tv with me in the comments. :)

The Mentalist: Probably the best ep of the season, though I'm not wild about the ending.

FlashForward: Rather boring, but I liked the Mark/Aaron scenes and the Olivia/Bryce scenes. I like the platonic friendships on this show a lot. Bryce was also a character I didn't care very much about but now I kinda love him.

Supernatural: Pretty much what I expected. I don't love Castiel as much as Little Brother does though. One thing I find myself hoping is that the show actually ends this year. They keep building up to the final confrontation and it's going to be so epic nothing can top it. Plus, I am hard pressed to find a show that went out on a high note of their own volition.

Private Practice: I love Charlotte more every week. Dad watched part of it with me and even though he spent most of that time looking at lolcats and lolcat motivation posters he paid enough attention to say that Cooper is a douche. I wasn't particularly moved by any of the stories other than Charlotte's general awesomeness this week but I definitely feel like they're moving towards something.

Grey's Anatomy: I turned it off about 20 minutes in. I've got a download and I might watch it tomorrow. I just don't get this show's age thing. First, age gaps don't matter, then they matter when plot-convenient, then they don't matter again, blah blah blah. It's pretty annoying.

Final tv note of the night: does anyone know where I can find mp3s of Stephen Colbert singing? I love his voice, especially when he sings with his guests.
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All in all, last night was a good night of television but the only thing that blew me away was Grey's Anatomy, which was a shock since I've thought it's been really bad for going on two years now.

The Mentalist )

FlashForward )

Supernatural )

Grey's Anatomy )

Private Practice )

The Mentalist: B+
FlashForward: B
Supernatural: B+
Grey's Anatomy: A
Private Practice: B+
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Other shows from tonight.

Grey's Anatomy: I'm not even going to spoiler cut this because to say it was horribly bad is not a spoiler. Jessica Capshaw and Kevin McKidd remain the only good things about the show but everything else just made me rage and feel bad because of how much I used to LOVE Grey's for being a silly, soapy drama that made me laugh and cry.

I am officially done with it. I still want to write Addison/Erica all the time though.

On the other hand, Private Practice actually made me squeal with glee. thoughts on the show )

FlashForward B+ (up from last week's B-)
Grey's Anatomy: C (up from last week's D-)
Private Practice: A (up from last week's A-)
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A video exists where Eric Dane is walking around naked.

BUCK NAKED. I need to see an uncensored video of this stat.
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There's an angst battle that's beginning over at [livejournal.com profile] ga_angst_battle.

Go and leave prompts! The prompts are open until Thursday night.

Pretty please, do it for me? I love angst like nobody's business and I don't want to have to write my own prompts.


May. 28th, 2009 11:41 am
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Made a post to [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt about TR Knight's fate on Grey's Anatomy.

Spoilers (if you still even care)
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So, I have thoughts on Grey's Anatomy. I kind of want to express them through interpretative dance but apparently this is not the right medium for that. So I will express them thusly.

That is all.
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You know, I expected not to like tonight's episode because of Brooke but the entire thing was absolutely terrible.

Only Erica and George actually seemed in character and no story seemed to work. No one had any respect for humanity and they had to be "taught a lesson" that we've heard about 97 time previously on the show. This just isn't the show I fell in love with in 2005.

I'm just terribly disappointed. At least I won't have to download 30 Rock now.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.
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Let's discuss Grey's as it goes.

and go )
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The latest Grey's Anatomy spoiler has me LIVID. Like, I can't even express my anger but any chance of me EVER coming back and watching the show again are DESTROYED.
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Has anyone else noticed that Erica never stands up for herself? She's brusque and, like tonight, sometimes an outright bitch but whenever people go off on her she just stands there and takes it quietly. She's been yelled at by Bailey, the Chief, Meredith, even Cristina and she doesn't respond like the other characters do when attacked like that.

It makes me think that Erica was seriously beaten down by her superiors in her surgical training (or even further back if we want to get really soapy). It's just something interested I've noticed.

Also: IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH: I still ship Mark and Erica harder than any other Grey's pairing. The end.
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Okay, so tonight's grey's anatomy )

The moral of the story is that I am in love with Erica Hahn and her bitchiness/loveliness.
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Grey's both thrilled me and pissed me off insanely tonight. Figure out at which parts.

Let's discuss in the comments.
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I've been having very important Grey's Anatomy thoughts today. I'm considering writing a fic where Mark brings home a one night stand and she ties him and drips wax on him. Then he goes around telling Derek, Callie and Erica all about it in a really loud voice. Naturally, they don't think this story is evidence of the girl being crazy as it is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS and laugh at Mark instead.

I was also thinking about writing Mark/Callie porn wherein they go at it in every position BUT missionary and it's for the [livejournal.com profile] un_love_you fic challenge so obviously, Callie would just be using poor Mark for his *ahem* boy parts. I think it might even be a little mean. Sometimes I think Mark might like that.

I don't know why I'm having so many sexytimes thoughts about Mark. Clearly he is affecting my gayness in some way.

I'm going to watch Sports Night and try to write fic. Feel free to weigh in on which one of those I should write. OOH! Or give me a prompt because I write really good comment!fic
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It's just rumour right now but if Mary McDonnell does an arc on Grey's Anatomy, my television life will pretty much be completed. COMPLETED, I tell you.

I actually gasped aloud when I read that and my mom thought someone died or something.

And apparently the girl who played Kendra Shaw in BSG: Razor is going to be doing an arc on The Sara Connor Chronicles. Holy hell, like I need another Hot Girl Reason to watch that show.
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Hee! All the Grey's Season 4 extras make me very happy. Brooke is literally the cutest thing in the world, just so funny and adorable. I loved that completely random throwing thing she did with Eric for some reason.

And the little extended cuts in "The Becoming" and the deleted scenes totally make the Callie/Erica stuff seem way less abrupt. I liked in "The Becoming" during their little awkward laugh thing at the bar that Erica actually snuck another look at Callie when she was looking away.

Also, that little Alex/Izzie deleted scene was so freakin' cute. Why does Alex have to try so hard to make me like Izzie? I'm doing totally fine thinking she's a total tool and then Alex goes and does something all sweet and I hate her less. Same with Addison, though it makes it easier for me since Addie's in LA now (woe).

Oh Grey's. You are such a delightful guilty pleasure that makes me so happy. Too bad so many of your fans (no one my flist, don't worry) are jerks.
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You know what's funny? No one voted for Izzie/Denny picspam in my poll, yet I did it anyway. Partly because I'm in the middle of Season 3's screencaps right now and the Izzie/Denny storyline is already done. And the other part is about how my love for Papa Winchester knows no bounds. It knows no bounds, guys. (I can't wait for Watchmen)

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