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This was a big long post about my grandmother's health, the Canadian election and my dislike of broad sociological generalizations in regards to privilege but I just got angry writing and just bahleeted all that crap. I'm actually so tired from spending so much time in the pre-op assessment clinic today that I can't sleep now because I'm over tired. And possibly because I like the way my fingers feel against my laptop keys. I don't know, guys, I'm beyond exhausted. So here are some colour study picspams of Legend of the Seeker:
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May. 8th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Who and Seeker Saturday!

Also, via [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets this secret made me happy. Other people ship River/Amy. I am as pleased as punch because a) I love Amy, b) I frakking love River Song and c) my slashgoggles picked up little gay vibes.

Other than being on my period today (which explains the crankiness lately) I'm feeling quite good. We have a fire going and I'm editing pictures so I'm happy as a clam.
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OMG guys, someone just, like, went off on me on ONTD because I compared Legend of the Seeker to Xena except said that the production was better. (Of course it is, it's 15 years later). Oh stans.

Speaking of, how long do you think I'm going to have to wait before all six seasons are re-released like Farscape?

I definitely am going to need the complete collection of Xena, Hercules, Legend of the Seeker and Sanctuary as far as campy sci-fi/fantasy that I'm addicted to goes.

ETA: This just keeps getting lulzier and lulzier. This is basically a Kirk versus Picard argument. No wonder I can't stop, I love having that argument ad nauseum with Little Brother.
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This is me right now. What the fuck? Legend of the Seeker has been officially canceled.

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[+] I'm so bored and tired and cranky today.

[+] I did watch Legend of the Seeker which pleased me in many ways but I need me a hardcore Cara episode where she is hot and gay with Kahlan and kicks ass. And makes more faces of epicness.

[+] I'm working on a lot of landscapes lately and I'm irked that I'm not out right now with my friend at the beach because it clouded over. Booooo.

[+] My whole house is being painted which gives me too many headaches. :(

[+] I'm in desperate need of some good fanmixes. I say this because I was working on two in itunes and then itunes deleted the library I was using and replaced it with another library. So now they are nowhere to be found. Itunes undermines my authoritay at every possible opportunity. So listening to some new stuff is just what the doctor ordered. Especially since I've listened to 'Becky' by Be Your Own Pet far, far too many times in a row now.

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CURLING! Cheryl Bernard needs to pick up her game or else she's going to get her ass kicked in the final of the Player's Championship.:S She's losing after the sixth end.

Also introducing my parents to the Eleventh Doctor tonight.

I don't really have much to say about Legend of the Seeker. I'll have to download and watch it again but it definitely wasn't as gay this week as last week. I'm definitely assuming that Cara is supposed to be in love with Kahlan now - it is a Raimi/Tapert show after all. ;)
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Alright, caught up on some weekend television. I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Doctor Who, which I am newly in love with, and the latest of Legend of the Seeker, which I am even more in love with.

Yes, there are all sorts of prepositional grammatical errors in that sentence but I don't care.

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So, how long until Lucy Lawless shows up to turn the camp level up to 11?

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Now I'm excited for the rest of the series. :)
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[+] Last.fm tells me that in the past seven months I have listened to 1000+ unique artists. Which is funny considering I didn't even know I could name 10 unique artists. Right now I'm listening to a lot of The Eames Era, The Sounds (a rec from here, yay!), Broken Bells and Hot Chip. Broken Bells just released their first album this month and it's amazing.

[+] Life stuff is happening. I can't tell if it's good or bad. I think I'm moving in the right direction in a lot of ways and in some particularly painful directions in others where I'm not sure if things are going to be okay. I'm trying to be fine with everything that's coming but I'm not very good with emotions so I'm pretty scared. This is pretty vague but I just don't want to get into the complicated things involving personal relationships, family, grandparents, etc.

[+] I've had a complicated, photoshop heavy image in my head for a few days but my base shots yesterday didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted them to and today I was just too tired so everyone cross your fingers for tomorrow. Hint: it involves wine and flowers. And no, I am not photographing me seducing any pretty young things, unfortunately.

[+] Reasons #1-11 of why Legend of the Seeker is my favourite show of the moment:
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You all know I'm still alive because I post pictures but I've been rather MIA thoughts-wise. I keep starting posts before realizing I only had one thing to say (like how I am convinced Jodie Foster is Kristen Stewart's lesbian guru or about how Cara from Legend of the Seeker makes the best faces in existence).

[livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan tries to convince me to post them but I feel my humour about massaging Mary McDonnell's *ahem* ego is better in a one-on-one environment. Which translates to: I don't want the rest of you to know how crazy/dirty I actually am. ;)

I was watching Season 14 of Law & Order Original Flavour tonight and, again, wanted fic with Serena Southerlyn and Jessica Sheets having hot sex. Clearly I will have to write it since none seems to exist though. :( I make this post every time I watch the show. Serena Southerlyn/everyone fic is needed, pretty much.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan ships CJ Cregg/Kate Harper (and possibly Allison Janney/other girls) so now I feel much less alone. I knew forcing her to watch The West Wing was a stroke of genius.
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[+] The Kylie Minogue song I just listend to was ONE HOUR AND NINETEEN MINUTES. Usually songs entitled "Megamix" are about ten minutes max. I guess if you have dozens of hits you can get away with 50 or 60 song samples. :S

[+] Saw a movie today called Cooking With Stella about a Canadian diplomat, her husband and baby in India and their servants, Stella and Tannu. It was okay, not amazing, but cute and utterly watchable. But most importantly Lisa Ray and Shriya Saran are too gorgeous for words.

[+] My Legend of the Seeker download of tonight's episode is moving at the speed of a snail so I won't get to watch it tonight. I need my Cara and Kahlan fix. They're just so pretty and make these FACES that make me happy.

[+] I've been shit about taking pictures again. :(
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So, I just want to say that for the past two weeks I've been watching Legend of the Seeker and it is essentially my new happy place.

I know a few of you have been watching it a while, so are there any important picspams/fic/mixes/crack that I should catch up on?

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