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My Tuesday line-up of NCIS, NCIS: LA and The Good Wife bring me endless joy each week. And I don't care what imdb posters or tv by the numbers say, there is no way TGW is in danger of being cancelled. They say a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demo means cancelled, I say shut the front door. First off, there's a reason why CBS paired The Good Wife up with NCIS/NCIS:LA: both those shows are well-known to dramatically swing older, as TGW does. It took NCIS eight years to get up to the numbers they're at now. Plus, CBS is not going to get rid of the only program that's giving them any play at major awards shows. Julianna Margulies just won her second SAG award for the show, Archie Panjabi has an Emmy (and Christine Baranski was nominated against her), Julianna won a Golden Globe and TGW was the only newbie show nominated and, along with Lost, one of the very few network dramas making any play. But everyone is all "It loses so much from the lead-in shows." To which I say: "Oh, you mean the most watched scripted dramas on tv right now? What would you put there that wouldn't lose even more?"

That's just my two cents. And since it's CBS, who a) have a pretty good track record for supporting their shows and b) don't mind shows that don't do major 18-49 business. And since they're not NBC, they don't shoot themselves in the foot every week.

Now, on to NCIS, which totally gave me the one thing I wanted from the show this season: )

I loved NCIS: LA tonight, just like usual. Since they added the new tech girl, Nell, I've been very happy with the show. Everyone now has a partner to play off of and Hetty has room just to awesome all over the place.

And The Good Wife. Show, I love you )
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DREAM TIME: Um, I had a lengthy dream about River Song being some sort of international jewel thief who defied the laws of gravity and was also a MASTER OF DISGUISE. I kept wanted to go back into the dream whenever I woke up. I don't give a fuck that so much of Doctor Who fandom hates her. I love her. And I love that she shows up and gives me epic dreams. This may have been because Alex Kingston showed up on yesterday's SVU (or tonight's if you're American).

TV RECAP: Most of my shows made me very happy last night. Except Glee. I think I've given up on that show. It's so bad I get secondhand embarrassment now. :/

On the other hand, NCIS made my heart ache. Oh, show. The season finale is going to hurt SO MUCH I can just feel it.

And The Good Wife. I love that show more and more each week. I wrote a thing on tumblr about how I think everyone on this show has perfect chemistry and it's so true. I love how the characters' relationships don't fall into the traditional categories and instead are complicated and real. I particularly love the relationships between Alicia and Kalinda, Alicia and Diane and Kalinda and Cary.

RANDOM: I have been playing ibowling on my iPod ALL day. It's addictive.

But back to the River Song international jewel thief. This is already half-canon, right? There needs to be fic.
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let her kick that ball {28/365}
Something a little more fun and silly. I think that I'm actually going to take toy pictures for the next week. So until next Tuesday the week's theme is "The Secret Life of Toys".

ncis )

I forgot to watch The Good Wife tonight. I usually watch it on Friday or Saturday with my mom when it's quiet.
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NCIS: Los Angeles bored me so much tonight that I spent nearly the entire thing arguing with some doof on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political and then left before the end for a bath. My cheesecake was only supposed to bake for an hour but ended up in the oven for almost two. Now I have to find a place in the fridge (easier said than done) and drizzle chocolate over it for my aunt's birthday tomorrow.

Oh and everything about NCIS proper was love tonight. Ziva is just killing me. Cote de Pablo is absolutely nailing her scenes this season. Now I'm upset my Ziva icons are missing.

In the middle of The Good Wife now. There's just something so empathetic about Julianna Marguiles.
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Oh NCIS, how I love you.

spoilery stuff )

I watched NCIS: Los Angeles last night but didn't like it. It just didn't gel in the same way for me. *shrug*

However, I am completely loving The Good Wife. I have a small fear that it's going to turn into a simple law procedural but at the moment I'm just loving all the interactions between Josh Charles, Julianna Marguiles and Christine Baranski. Also, Archie Panjabi is really, really hot and does a good American accent.

I like it more as a personal drama with law than a law drama and everything that entails.
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So, in regards to the poll I had a few days ago, I'm glad to see that some of you think my sanity was never there to begin with. Excellent, that means you're paying attention. ;)

I have been terribly tired this week and work is just sucking my life-force, as a proper office job should do.

I watched The Mentalist and NCIS last night. I'm not sure I'm terribly excited about the way that storyline wrapped up on NCIS, though.
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Oh man. MCGEE!

Could I love him anymore? Referencing Battlestar Galactica? Nerd love.
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I have important questions for the world. Like, WHY ARE THESE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN HQ? I'm going to spend some more time hunting down the Season 6 promos, obviously.

Can I have an Abby and a Ziva for my very own?
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NCIS, why do you fuck with my mind?

spoilery thoughts )
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Chuck 2x01 is out!

MY HEART COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! I love this show so freakin' much. I think it was my favourite new show last year. Hot CIA agents, Captain Awesome, crazy sidekicks. Even Grey's Anatomy does not fill my heart with as much unadulterated happy as Chuck does.

And tonight NCIS, House and Law & Order: SVU. I know that NCIS will please me because of this promo picture and SVU will likely please me because of the Mariska and Meloni.

Yay! I love the beginning of the television season. I also watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the awesomest parts of Heroes (ie, the parts with Mama Petrelli) because that show bores me to tears when she's not on the screen. I still have to download post-Emmy TDS and Colbert too.


May. 20th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Okay, so that was...what I had hoped would happen. I'm conflicted.

And we're only halfway through.
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Holy jeez, it is almost 4am and I just finished season 2 of NCIS and I HAVE TO GO TO SEASON 3. "Twilight" was the first episode of NCIS I ever watched, after coming home from uni and it seriously fucked me up and I didn't even know the character at the time. But this time I knew it was coming (and also brilliantly foreshadowed in the S1 finale) and I was literally shaking with anxiety. And now I'm practically vibrating with excitement and I NEEDED to go to "Kill Ari."

Also, they changed the way the menus are formatted for Season 3 to a way that I do not approve of. I liked that for the first two seasons the main menu popped up and all you had to do was click on an episode and it immediately started. Now it's all Episode Selection>[Episode Name]. Bleh.


(Also, what is up with me and the complete inability to sleep? 'Cause I was up until almost 6am yesterday too)

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