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Um, what?

Carolyn Darbyshire, who plays second for Cheryl Bernard and won a silver medal in curling last week was part of a group of people held at knifepoint at a school? What a letdown after winning an Olympic medal.
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14 GOLD MEDALS. A new record for most gold medals won by any country ever at a single Olympic games beating the previous record of 13.

With glowing hearts
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Since I'm obviously no longer going to England, I think I'm going to spend the money I was socking away on camera equipment as a way to cheer myself up as consolation for now being completely alone. Right now I'm thinking about a second external flash to use as a slave. I've been increasingly frustrated by how limited I feel with only the one, which probably says something bad about me as a photographer because I need to learn how to light with a single flash first or something.

The Olympics has me way too stressed, as much as I love it, I'm going to be glad when it's over. As great as it is seeing people win, I hate seeing people lose too. It's tiring.


Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:10 am
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Look at these gorgeous specimens of Canadiana!

Now I'm off to lay in bed. I woke up feeling like the back of my head was going to blow off and I have to go to work in a few hours.
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I've already cried at a Tim Horton's commercial. Who wants to bet how many times Canada makes me cry before the end of this Olympics?

Okay, it just started three seconds ago and I'm already bawling.
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I'm all out CRYING right now because TSN is airing Canada's top 10 Winter Olympics moments.

We just got to number 2 which is the women's hockey team absolutely kicking America's ass in Salt Lake City 2002 for the Gold.

I remember screaming and crying at that moment. Even though my baby Cassie Campbell is no longer on the team, I hope they can pull out a third gold in 2010.

And then the men won so we had double gold in hockey, which is the number one moment.

I keep my Lucky Loonie on my dresser so I can see it every day as a remembrance of these moments.

Oh God, I love Olympics. And I love Canada. SO much.

I fear for the UK when I am there in 2012 fangirling the fuck out of Team Canada. I will literally being wearing head to toe Canada gear every single day of the Olympics in London.


Aug. 21st, 2008 11:47 am
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just in case there is someone on my flist that doesn't want to be spoiled for the individual show jumping final )

On the other hand, my stomach is all tied up in knots and my dad asked me not to break the bad news to her, to let him do it when he gets home, which should be any minute
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I am actually shaking after watching the men's triathlon. I thought Simon Whitfield might have had a second Olympic Gold but Silver is pretty nice too.

SHAKING. Seriously.
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My mom is going crazy. She's screaming and writhing around watching the Show Jumping Finals.

Ian Millar is up! My mom is pretty much trying to do the jumps herself right now. CLEAN ROUND, CLEAN ROUND.


Oh man, we're in place for a gold!

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Shit, one of our girls, Lauren Groves, in the Women's Triathlon was involved in a crash and it seems like she broke her wrist. Crap. She was one of the favoured to win a medal. Poor girl.

ETA: Damn, she's on her way to the hospital with a suspected broken wrist. And Karen Tremblay is way back in 20th. :(
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All I have done all day is watch Olympics. I usually only watch from about 7:30 to about noon and then start at about 6pm until midnight or so. But today I've just watched ALLLLL day.

Thank goodness CBC airs Olympics 22 hours a day.

I'm trying to finish up about ten fics that I started at some point and got stuck on but I'm not getting very far. :/
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Why am I discovering so many fic challenges lately? Especially ones like [livejournal.com profile] un_love_you which is basically begging for the angst. And I am in an angsty, bad place right now.

Also, anyone on my flist willing to read some Grey's Anatomy fic for me and give me some feedback? I'm having some doubt issues.

The one thing that is making me feel really good today? The Canadian medalists. Carol Huynh (pronounced "win") crying and singing along to the national anthem and then smiling so widely during the last few words? It made me tear up and smile too. It was beautiful.
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My grandfather got four tickets to tonight's Argos v. Alouettes game from some guy at the Legion, so the fam and I headed to the Skydome. We upgraded our tickets so we got into the 100-section for cheap. However, the game was lame.

The Argos couldn't complete a freakin' pass to save their life and they couldn't stop the Alouettes players for shit either. The final score was 32-14 for Montreal. Bleh.

The best part was when they did a tribute to Ross Weaver, who's beencalled up to active duty by the US Air Force. The entire Skydome cheered and gave him a standing ovation. It was very touching. I teared up a little.

ALSO YAY! Our Carol Huynh is in the gold medal match in women's wrestling (48kg). Awesome!

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