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I am obsessed with Once Upon a Time lately. And I know we're only seven episodes in but I really wish some of the 'good guys' were written better

The villains are managed by very good actors so I love every delicious inch of them. But I just find it hard to care about Emma, Henry, Graham and Archie at all when they're being such assholes all the time.

Can we get some Richard and Kahlan or some Xena and Gabrielle going on up in here? I want to have good guys I can root for, not be all "Wow, that was a really douchey thing to say" every few minutes.

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[+] first rule of tumbr: gif the fuck out of everything. 

[+] second rule of tumblr: even the most mediocre gif will get tons more reblogs than your most well thought out and executed picspam

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I am going to need an epic multi-chapter Once Upon a Time fic about Regina and Emma reluctantly falling in love and that being what breaks the curse. Because THEIR FACES.

Or a post-curse break fic where everyone goes back to fairytale land except Emma, Henry and Regina because they don't really belong there.

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I am getting obsessed with Once Upon a Time and if Grimm can bring me some more ladies, I could really get behind that show too. My only problem with OUaT is that it's really, really white. This is and will always be something that bothers me on a very deep level. On the other hand, the women on it so far are really quite interesting. 

And yeah, I've said it a lot, but I really ship Regina/Emma because I love the hot evil lady and the stubborn pretty hero. Especially because I have a thing for ships that are a) never going to happen for reasons and b) even if they did it would end in death and heartbreak anyway. I watch Spartacus so I clearly have a thing for love that ends in bloodshed and tragedy.

Look, kink meme! Someone suggested Regina/Emma and caning and it wasn't me! I'm going to need someone talented to fill that one because if I'm not having caning fun, I want to read about it.

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