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 Gah, I feel so nerdy right now and have the desire to discuss fandom at length. Any fandom, I'm not picky. 

I think this is all [livejournal.com profile] heartsways fault. We had a conversation today and talked fandom, like always, and it just made me feel happy. I've been thinking a lot about The Good Wife because I'm trying to finish a fic and Stargate SG-1 because I was watching it today. There was a time that I absolutely hated seasons 9 and 10 but now I love them best.

I have a lot of feelings about the upcoming episodes of The Good Wife. I am so over Alicia/Will and actually get angry thinking about it happening now. Random. And my dislike of Cary is growing exponentially.

Why is [livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan having a life? She's usually who I pester with the televisual thoughts.

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So...should I post a ficlet for The Good Wife with my version of the coming Alicia/Kalinda confrontation? Or is that just silly? I'm always torn about whether to post things like that.
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alright, I think I've calmed my reaction down from just random computer smashes.

Video of the last two scenes:

response )

So, discuss with me, peeps!
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I MEAN SERIOUSLY. THIS EPISODE. SO MUCH LOVE. FOR EVERYTHING. It even made me forgive Cary a teeny bit. And it made me ship Alicia/Kalinda a hell of a lot more too. You guys know how much I love unrequitedness and fucked-upness in my ships.
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My Tuesday line-up of NCIS, NCIS: LA and The Good Wife bring me endless joy each week. And I don't care what imdb posters or tv by the numbers say, there is no way TGW is in danger of being cancelled. They say a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demo means cancelled, I say shut the front door. First off, there's a reason why CBS paired The Good Wife up with NCIS/NCIS:LA: both those shows are well-known to dramatically swing older, as TGW does. It took NCIS eight years to get up to the numbers they're at now. Plus, CBS is not going to get rid of the only program that's giving them any play at major awards shows. Julianna Margulies just won her second SAG award for the show, Archie Panjabi has an Emmy (and Christine Baranski was nominated against her), Julianna won a Golden Globe and TGW was the only newbie show nominated and, along with Lost, one of the very few network dramas making any play. But everyone is all "It loses so much from the lead-in shows." To which I say: "Oh, you mean the most watched scripted dramas on tv right now? What would you put there that wouldn't lose even more?"

That's just my two cents. And since it's CBS, who a) have a pretty good track record for supporting their shows and b) don't mind shows that don't do major 18-49 business. And since they're not NBC, they don't shoot themselves in the foot every week.

Now, on to NCIS, which totally gave me the one thing I wanted from the show this season: )

I loved NCIS: LA tonight, just like usual. Since they added the new tech girl, Nell, I've been very happy with the show. Everyone now has a partner to play off of and Hetty has room just to awesome all over the place.

And The Good Wife. Show, I love you )
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The Good Wife. I downloaded. I love.

I love this thing they're doing where there's one slower episode and then one that has you on the edge. Just, GAH. THIS EPISODE.

I mean, I knew it was all going to happen because I find most television shows predictable and it is a network drama but the execution is so lovely. I think I might be in love with Julianna Margulies. Or her hair. I've been watching S4 of ER and the contrast from straight to curly is just so lovely. I want nice, dark hair like her.

Seriously. I'm considering dying my hair a few shades darker because it's this mousy brown right now and I am not a fan. I'm also considering getting my hair cut to a just-a-bit-longer-than-chin-length layered bob. Or just have a little layering down to my current length, which is two or three inches past my collarbone.
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She needs to watch the last hour of the Westminster Dog Show, where the dogs are incredibly ugly and deformed, after missing the previous two hours because she needed to pick my brother up and have a bath. But she NEEDS to see that rather than let me watch my favourite show, the one I wait all week for and talk about incessantly. AHAILFAzkl;dsgafhg
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Alrighty, my obsessive televisual compulsions have lead me to screencapping. I just finished capping The Good Wife in its entirety so now I have to decide if I want to spend the time zipping and uploading the caps to share online.

I'm moving on to ripping my Stargate DVDs so that'll take a while since, uh, you know, there are 15 seasons between SG1 and SGA. o.O
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 I've been writing quite a bit today and have been looking forward to The Good Wife tonight when I learn it's not on because of the State of the Union. Sheesh.

So I'm going to watch some State of the Union The West Wing episodes while thinking about Kalinda Sharma fighting zombies in that little red kilt she wore on last week's episode. Mmmm.
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So I'm sitting here, playing Zuma's Revenge, the most addictive game of all time, and all I can think of is writing a novel length zombie apocalypse The Good Wife fic.

I don't even know. Except that Kalinda and Alicia holding really big guns is never a bad thing.

two courts

Jan. 18th, 2011 10:55 pm
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Could I love The Good Wife more. I don't know. Every time it's on I can feel the hairs on the back on my neck stand up with excitement and I wait all day for it to air. I'm just so pleased that there is an intelligent drama spearheaded by strong, able women on my television every week.

I may have to watch it again when I download an HD copy to screencap before I can have thoughts though because I've just been so happy with this episode. I'm definitely enjoying it more than last week's. There are just so many different storylines and so much politics going on. Wee!
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I drove my mom and aunt to Costco so we could go shopping and that is ALWAYS a mistake. Shopping with my aunt is crazycakes because she wanders everywhere and never brings enough money. We ended up spending over two hours there. TWO hours! And all she initially went there for was something for dinner.

On the other hand, mom got a lot of Christmas shopping done.

Now on to my shows:
Lost Girl: I love this show and everything about it. It's so ridiculous and campy. It makes me happy in that stupid way Legend of the Seeker and Smallville and Xena and True Blood do. There's no deep thoughts or anything deep about them. Most of my thoughts have to do with Kenzi's hair, which is more shallow than I usually go, but I love Kenzi the mostest because Bo is the Stereotypical Leader Character that I usually dislike like Buffy or Jack O'Neill or Owen Hunt.

Also, even though I really love Saskia, I'm kind of annoyed that the season finale looks like it's going to feature her more than, say, The Morrigan. Because I LOVE The Morrigan and want to see some evidence of her power. Celtic battle goddesses for the win.

The Good Wife: I posted a big long thing a few episodes ago and I want to rewatch the last two episodes so I can write another big long thing. Because I LOVE this show. I love the subtly to it and how it answers some questions while posing others at the same time. I'm actually working on a picspam of the top 5 actors I want to guest star on the show.

Grey's Anatomy: A lot of people have expressed boredom with how the Cristina storyline is playing out ie how long it's taking but I love it. It takes years to get over horrible things. How April can be "over" falling in her best friend's blood is beyond me. Back to the Cristina storyline. It's nailing home how much I HATE Owen. I don't think I've ever hated a character as much as I hate Owen. But McDreamy is being so lovely to Cristina. I'm really loving their burgeoning relationship.

I know this makes me a bad lesbian but I don't really care that much about the Callie/Arizona break-up. Right now I'm really disliking how horrible Callie always is to Arizona. I just want more Arizona and Alex together. I've been wanting the show to have a mentor-student relationship that didn't have a sexual component and I just love how she encourages him.

Private Practice: I like watching this show every week but the characters feel much less "real" to me than in other shows. I hate Addison a little bit more every episode and I just want them to DO something with Amelia.

I can't think of any shows I've been watching lately that I have deep thoughts on. I've been watching Misfits and The Walking Dead but they're just sort of like popcorn.

Ugh, we're watching The Family Stone and it's making my mom and me argue.
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Shit, I am still buzzing on tonight's episode of The Good Wife. I totally knew from the first episode that this would be a show that would please me greatly because it contained so many things I adore, like an amazing cast I've been obsessed with for years, subtle writing and lawyers in really nice suits.

I love it even more this season. So much so that I've bestowed upon the show the highest honour I can give: "It reminds me of The West Wing in Season 1 and 2." This is a compliment I have never given another show, even other shows I love dearly.

spoilers for tonight's show )
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So I've been out of the livejournal world for a bit because I've had a throat infection. Yeah, remember that sore throat when I lost my voice? That was a lovely throat infection. Apparently the cold that's going around town has a side effect of pink eye, a throat infection or pink eye AND a throat infection.

But I'm much better now with only a bit of a cough left over. I've stopped coughing all night though so that's great.

I've pretty much fallen off most of my tv shows. I don't care at all about Lie to Me anymore. It's all Lightman, all the time with barely any of the other characters and he's almost entirely unwatchable for me anymore. He's just such a jerk ALL THE TIME.

I'm watching Chuck and Castle on and off but I don't really mind missing them as we'll probably end up with them on DVD. My only must-watches are Lost Girl, The Good Wife and Private Practice. Apparently I need lovely ladies on my screen the majority of the time to be interested.

Ooh, and I'm almost all caught up with Season 2 of Fringe.

With that, I'm off to go make popcorn and then cap Lost Girl.
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Holy fuck, The Good Wife, I love you.

Especially since you're now enacting my favourite scenes from The Practice.
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DREAM TIME: Um, I had a lengthy dream about River Song being some sort of international jewel thief who defied the laws of gravity and was also a MASTER OF DISGUISE. I kept wanted to go back into the dream whenever I woke up. I don't give a fuck that so much of Doctor Who fandom hates her. I love her. And I love that she shows up and gives me epic dreams. This may have been because Alex Kingston showed up on yesterday's SVU (or tonight's if you're American).

TV RECAP: Most of my shows made me very happy last night. Except Glee. I think I've given up on that show. It's so bad I get secondhand embarrassment now. :/

On the other hand, NCIS made my heart ache. Oh, show. The season finale is going to hurt SO MUCH I can just feel it.

And The Good Wife. I love that show more and more each week. I wrote a thing on tumblr about how I think everyone on this show has perfect chemistry and it's so true. I love how the characters' relationships don't fall into the traditional categories and instead are complicated and real. I particularly love the relationships between Alicia and Kalinda, Alicia and Diane and Kalinda and Cary.

RANDOM: I have been playing ibowling on my iPod ALL day. It's addictive.

But back to the River Song international jewel thief. This is already half-canon, right? There needs to be fic.
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Whoa. The Good Wife brought the gay tonight, didn't it?

Let's discuss.
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NCIS: Los Angeles bored me so much tonight that I spent nearly the entire thing arguing with some doof on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political and then left before the end for a bath. My cheesecake was only supposed to bake for an hour but ended up in the oven for almost two. Now I have to find a place in the fridge (easier said than done) and drizzle chocolate over it for my aunt's birthday tomorrow.

Oh and everything about NCIS proper was love tonight. Ziva is just killing me. Cote de Pablo is absolutely nailing her scenes this season. Now I'm upset my Ziva icons are missing.

In the middle of The Good Wife now. There's just something so empathetic about Julianna Marguiles.
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Oh NCIS, how I love you.

spoilery stuff )

I watched NCIS: Los Angeles last night but didn't like it. It just didn't gel in the same way for me. *shrug*

However, I am completely loving The Good Wife. I have a small fear that it's going to turn into a simple law procedural but at the moment I'm just loving all the interactions between Josh Charles, Julianna Marguiles and Christine Baranski. Also, Archie Panjabi is really, really hot and does a good American accent.

I like it more as a personal drama with law than a law drama and everything that entails.

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