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 I've been writing quite a bit today and have been looking forward to The Good Wife tonight when I learn it's not on because of the State of the Union. Sheesh.

So I'm going to watch some State of the Union The West Wing episodes while thinking about Kalinda Sharma fighting zombies in that little red kilt she wore on last week's episode. Mmmm.
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You all know I'm still alive because I post pictures but I've been rather MIA thoughts-wise. I keep starting posts before realizing I only had one thing to say (like how I am convinced Jodie Foster is Kristen Stewart's lesbian guru or about how Cara from Legend of the Seeker makes the best faces in existence).

[livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan tries to convince me to post them but I feel my humour about massaging Mary McDonnell's *ahem* ego is better in a one-on-one environment. Which translates to: I don't want the rest of you to know how crazy/dirty I actually am. ;)

I was watching Season 14 of Law & Order Original Flavour tonight and, again, wanted fic with Serena Southerlyn and Jessica Sheets having hot sex. Clearly I will have to write it since none seems to exist though. :( I make this post every time I watch the show. Serena Southerlyn/everyone fic is needed, pretty much.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan ships CJ Cregg/Kate Harper (and possibly Allison Janney/other girls) so now I feel much less alone. I knew forcing her to watch The West Wing was a stroke of genius.
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[+] Watching the end of Season 1 of The West Wing to try to console my aching heart. You guys know nothing makes me hurt just a little bit less like Toby et al being klutzy and smart.

[+] Also helping me stay together? An epic picspam for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy. Since this month's challenge is FIFTY, it's going to be gigantic

[+] It's so warm here my kids were wearing shorts today. Wut?

[+] My Project 365 has obviously hit a mental block. Anyone have any suggestions to help me out of it like ideas or colours or fruits or images they want to see?
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zucchini! {19/365}
Now I really want a Dalek action figure so I can put it with the Jawas. All you need to do is throw Data in there and it would be all my nerdy sci-fi favourites together.

I'm having a seriously boring/restless day. It's been raining all day and even if it weren't it's shitty weather in the GTA so I can't even go out and take pictures. I've really been aching to hike over to a conservation area near where I live and take some pictures of the stream but the effect is somewhat muted by barren snowless landscape. :(

Also, some random kid didn't understand the Christian oppression pie chart and keeps trying to tell me that I'm both stupid and a troll by pointing out that Christianity covers many denominations. I'm getting tired now and it's not funny anymore so I've popped in The West Wing and am considering making myself a decaf tea. ...and, um, maybe taking pictures of it
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So Aaron Sorkin's new tv show is going to be a behind-the-scenes of a tv show.


Unsubstantiated rumours and speculation has it a news show, a la Keith Olbermann.

That sounds like combining The West Wing with Sports Night...aka My Dream TV Show.
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I woke up with a shitty headache that's only been getting worse, so I put on The West Wing and got back into bed.

About a minute and a half into "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" I literally just burst into tears. By the time Toby found Josh I was full out sobbing.

Clearly something is wrong with me today.
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Does anyone have any good tutorials for fixing up screencaps? Particularly The West Wing screencaps?

The show is such an odd colour and so fuzzy. :(
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My family has been watching The West Wing all afternoon and evening. WITHOUT ME!

I'm so proud.

Of course my dad and I originally watched it when it first aired but he's forgotten all this stuff now.
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I was watching tv with Little Brother and mom while we ate dinner and we put on The West Wing "20 Hours in America" because it's the most inspiring episode and Little Brother always quotes it though I actually think he just is quoting me, quoting it. And we turned it off a little late because we lost track of time.

And when Little Brother turned the channel to The Sarah Connor Chronicles RICHARD SCHIFF WAS ON IT. Clearly all I can think of is Toby. I get inordinately excited about Richard Schiff. I still can't watch Jurassic Park: The Lost World because of what happens to him in it.
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[+] Oh my goodness. The fandom secret where the person is hating on Degrassi because Ellie cut herself with a protractor is HILARIOUS. That totally always bugged me too but not enough to make a secret out of it or anything.

[+] On the subject of [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets: why did someone even bother to make a post about Naomi Novik's fandom identity to taunt everyone when it seems like everyone already knew? Anyways, I still haven't gotten around to reading the last 200 pages of Black Powder War and I mean to. It just feels like I haven't got to the actual novel part. I had the same problem with Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross and the hundreds of pages it took to even get out of the opening scene, which took one day.

[+] I have been too poor to go pick up The Dragon Heir from the bookstore but now I have monies and want it so badly. But until I finish Ink Exchange, which I am enjoying muchly, I'm not even thinking of picking up another book.

[+] To make up for leaving me waiting in a bus terminal for half an hour, my father went and finally got my the West Wing S3 & S4 DVDs. Wunderbar! Even though certain people who shall remain completely anonymous got me all emotionally drained and was completely exhausted (totally worth it though), I came downstairs to watch "20 Hours in America" because I've been craving it far, far more than is reasonable. Not watching it when I was feeling downtrodden was like losing my security blanket. Or, if you're me, the Care Bear my great-grandfather brought for me the day I was born).
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Why is compiling picspam so freakin' addictive?

I'm working on an epic one right now and I really like how I just settle into a routine. It's a nice way to sort of distract myself in order to have clear thoughts, if that makes sense to anyone but myself. I must multi-task if I want to accomplish something, which is strange, I think. I like being able to shut everything off.

Also, "18th and Potomac!" I'm so close to "Two Cathedrals" again, where I will, as always, cry.
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[+] You know, you would think with my commitmentphobia and severe intimacy issues, I would have an easier time writing Meredith Grey. Especially since my last relationship was frightening close to the Meredith/McDreamy relationship. And yet...

[+] In "20 Hours in America" if Mallory O'Brien doesn't completely blow Sam's mind (pun intended) when she takes him home, I will be severely disappointed. She put him through so much, she pretty much owed him some sex, especially considering how sweet Sam always was to her. Does such a fic exist where this happens?
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[+] I went to the doctor today about how I've been on my period for THREE OF THE PAST FOUR WEEKS. Yes. Three weeks. He's adjusting my birth control. He also asked if I've been having headaches and nausea, so the massive headaches (like the one I have right now) that never seem to go away and the not wanting to eat? Are symptoms me being over estrogenized. So hopefully they will go away soon.

[+] I've had the Wonderfalls theme song stuck in my head for DAYS. It won't go away and I'm not sure I want it to because I love it to pieces.

[+] I keep writing incredibly random non-shippy gen!fic. Apparently the [livejournal.com profile] galpalficathon is coming along at just the right time because friendship is what I want to write lately and shippy fics have been surprisingly problematic. Throw some Grey's fic ideas at me, peoples!

And just a poll: Erica/Izzie even more wrong than Callie/Izzie or about the same amount of wrong? Because I am feeling strangely compelled to write Erica/Izzie because of its incredibly inherent wrongness and how it would feel like watching a car wreck in motion.

[+] Watched part of Wayne's World today. I never, ever get over Lara Flynn Boyle hitting the car with her bike and flying over the hood. I laugh every single time and it transports me back to being on the bus for a band trip to Halifax (20 straight on a bus!) and how we made the teacher rewind that scene about half a dozen times.

[+] While still on Wayne's World: why is Rob Lowe so pretty?! He's pretty much the most attractive man in the whole world to me and it's making me want to go steal back my West Wing season 3 and 4 DVDs from my grandparents' neighbour. I really need to watch "20 Hours in America."

[+] After weeks us of trying to use the term "peely-wally" as much as possible, my dad finally asked my grandfather what it means and it turns out we were using it completely correctly! (For those interested, it's Scottish slang for being pale or sickly, basically for being hung over)

[+] And finally, I've started watching Birds of Prey (I know, I know, six years too late), The Middleman and something else that I can't remember at the moment but I vaguely recollect enjoying.
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Part of me is sad that The West wing ended when it did because watching the Santos administration would have been so much fun.

Sam, Josh and Lou would have been awesome. But it bugs me every time about Bram and Ronna. Their jobs should have been switched. He was basically Santos' secretary the entire time and she actually seemed to make policy contributions.
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I'm not feeling very great today. My stomach is upset and my throat is very sore (my mom thinks it's indicative of a thyroid issue), so I've been hiding in my room watching Season 7 of The West Wing which I love the most out of the post-Sorkin seasons, even if it did commit the unforgivable sin of giving Toby the shaft. I also have the urge to write post-series banter-y Josh/Donna (light on the twoo luv) and Annabeth/Lou. So I signed up for general series over at [livejournal.com profile] drabble123.

Which brings my total of fic challenges I've signed up for in the past three weeks up to SEVEN. Six for Grey's Anatomy: two at [livejournal.com profile] drabble123, [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100, [livejournal.com profile] un_love_you, [livejournal.com profile] 16candles_fics and [livejournal.com profile] 10_quotes.

And I'm tempted to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] 10_what_ifs so I can write all the Grey's characters in high school. And you know that would be so much fun.

Plus I'm still working on request fics for [livejournal.com profile] spiletta42 and [livejournal.com profile] bohemea but they're coming slowly (I'm obsessive about characterization, guys).
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[+] HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN WONDERFALLS BEFORE? It's a perfect little strange Canadian show even if it's supposed to be American. It's super obvious that it's filmed on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and most of the main actors are Canadian. I really like Caroline Dhavernas a lot; she's totally adorable and her voice coach must be excellent because you can't hear any French at all in her tone. I'm only about halfway through the first episode but I'm already in love.

I always fall for the shows that end too soon.

[+] I realized something today. The reason Erica Hahn is my favourite character on Grey's Anatomy?

She's the Toby Ziegler of Grey's Anatomy. Come on, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. They're sort of curmudgeonly, confident in their own abilities, they don't like people (except a select few) and they want to make the world a better place even if it's a world they're not really taking part in. Erica by saving the life of someone who would have otherwise died and Toby by trying to make his country an ideal place to live. Both of them don't really fit in and aren't really that concerned about it.

Also, this: The Chief=The President, McSteamy=Josh, McDreamy=Sam, Addie=CJ, Bailey=Leo & Callie=Kate Harper. I don't really know if the interns fit into that model though. Except Lexie is maybe Will Bailey?

But mostly this post was about how I tend to connect to the same thing in multiple characters.

[+] I'm up to "Two Cathedrals" in my West Wing rewatch, which is roughly where we're at over at [livejournal.com profile] ww_renaissance. I know without a doubt that "Two Cathedrals" is the best hour of television I've ever seen and an argument could probably be made for it being one of the best hours of television EVER.

[+] I thought of a few more random things to add to my intro post but I decided it would be kind of weird to add things after the fact.

[+] I had stuff about my family issues in this post but I deleted them for no good reason. The gist of it is: my father bought me books today to cheer my up, I'm pretty much starting a new job tomorrow and I'm pretty much in charge of all of Little Brother's finances as far as it relates to university. o.O
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How much do I love that Lisa Edelstein talked to Richard Schiff's wife about stripping for House? How much do I love that this interview makes it seem like maybe her and Richard are friends?

The answer, my friends, is A LOT. West Wing love for the win.
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Check it out! I've been scanning photos for a Christmas project and came across the feature article from Entertainment Weekly in 1999. The pages were a little worse for wear, after hanging around my bedroom for right years but still.

And, as a bonus, a completely adorable portrait of Bradley Whitford. So much love for this man!
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In my search for more UHQ pictures of Law & Order: SVU (why is there no pictures of fucking ALEX CABOT, PEOPLE!?) I managed to find OVER 300 UHQ pictures of THE WEST WING.

I have never seen hi-res pictures of the Wing EVER. There are possibly no words to contain how excited I am. I want to post them...yet I have to leave to graduate today and Addison sucks at receiving wireless internet at the moment.

But Josh and CJ and Toby and Donna and the President and Leo and Sam and Charlie and everyone.
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My mom and I have been watching through The West Wing. We just finished Season 4 and skipped to season 6 because I refuse to own Season 5. Downright refuse to pay money for it.

But it hurts me so much. The entire show is in this state of discord is SO wrong:

i) there is NO way Leo and the President would have been acting that way to each other. NO WAY. They have been through VERY bad things before and Leo always says "I serve at the pleasure of the President."

ii) there is also NO WAY Leo would have been alone in the forest for a heart attack. HE HAS A CONSTANT SECRET SERVICE DETAIL, WRITERS. They follow him everywhere and at minimum should have known where he was, if not be there with him. But I guess that isn't dramatic enough.

iii) There is also NO FUCKING WAY Josh should have reacted like he did. At the end of season 4 Donna explains about understanding Josh to Amy. At the beginning of the season, Donna had just been blown up and had major surgery and Leo had a heart attack so bad they don't know if he's going to live AND JOSH AND CJ JOKE AROUND AND THEN HAVE A COMEDY ACT ABOUT JOSH EATING BADLY?! What the hell. The people that wrote this crap should have been shot.

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