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Non-Christian Christmas.

I just like shows about reindeer and Tim Allen and having hot chocolate and decorating trees and giving presents to people I really, really like.

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I get collection calls about my provincial student debt where they threaten me and tell me how fucked up my credit is every week.

Ah, a Bachelor of Arts. Such a waste of money.

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My mom. I spend most of my day talking to my mom and when I'm far away I still want to talk to her for hours because my mom is my favourite person. We don't always agree and sometimes she has opinions that drive me up the wall (like she feels I should respect people who are basically racist homophobic misogynists because everyone is entitled to an opinion) but when something happens, whether it's good or bad I want to tell her.[Error: unknown template qotd]

Except when I have a break up. I can never ever tell my mom that I've broken up with someone or they've broken up with me. I just cannot say the words. But she knows anyway because I get sad and no longer mention her name. I think it's because my mom always really, really likes my girlfriends and thinks I should treat them better. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Mine would for sure change for the worse. 90% of when my family is talking to me I am actually thinking of something else.

And my brain is divided up thusly: 20% television, 5% music, 75% kinky sex. Sometimes all of those things are happening at once. For sure people would think I was a bigger freak than they usually do. o.O
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Last night a headache came upon me like a stampede and I actually had to call in sick to work because it's been making me nauseous and wibbly-legged all day.

I've taken so many pills too and have an ice pack glued to my forehead and the base of my skull and it's not helped a single bit.

Arg. I hate feeling like this.
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The drinking age where I live is 19 and I'm fairly ambivalent about it being lowered but aggressively against it being raised. My mother is a huge proponent of the drinking age being lowered to 18 though because she thinks that underage drinking at universities is much more dangerous than drinking when you're of age. It was raised to 18 to keep drinking out of the high schools when school went up to grade 13. Now it doesn't so she thinks it should be lowered again.

I would tend to agree with that.

The drinking age being 21 and being at uni sounds like a nightmare and I don't even drink that much.

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