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ahkna ([personal profile] ahkna) wrote2012-01-01 02:52 pm

new year's resolutions

I guess I should make some.

  • not let myself by so annoyed by my brother and his girlfriend's abject assholery. (already failed that when they came home yelling and continued to talk loudly at the bottom of the stairs for half an hour at 3:30am)
  • go to the gym five times a week
  • put a significant debt in my student loan (the provincial one being much more crucial than the federal one)
  • get an iphone
  • finish that screenplay
  • get my own apartment and lady to live in it with
  • actually finish something i start
  • stop writing porn that is so filthy i only send it to one person or post it anonymously
  • not fall behind on the tumblrs i run
  • stop being cranky about everything
Some of those goals are more significant than others.