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"I Was Made to Love You" makes me ridiculously sad. First off, I know that poor Joyce is going to die at the end of the episode and it's sad to hear Tara say how sorry she feels for Warren when we all know he's going to murder her.

What I like most about Season 5 is how morality gets even more fudged. Also, how everyone found April attractive.

If Faith had come to Sunnydale after Season 5, and the same events had occurred with the accidentally slaying a person, she would have stayed good, if a little wild. At the beginning of the show, everyone is idealistic because, you know, they're sixteen. Even Giles is idealistic despite his foray into the occult. More and more they find different kinds of evil, many of them human, and it wears them down.

They find Faith's blase attitude to be frightening but they had the right idea by going to Angel. By the end of the show, almost every character is a murderer. Giles killed Ben, fully acknowledging that he was killing someone helpless because Buffy couldn't. Willow murdered Warren, Andrew stabbed Jonathan to death and Oz ripped out Veruca's throat. Anya killed all sorts of people as a vengeance demon, both on the show and during the thousand years before that. Spike and Angel obviously cut a bloody swath through wherever they happened to be. Blah, blah, blah. Pretty much the only people who didn't kill anyone were Buffy, Dawn and Tara. A case can even be made for Xander's not telling Buffy about the resouling spell and Buffy TRIED to kill all her friends. After seven years, all the Scoobies had realized that they were capable of evil or at least severe apathy. So Faith? Not really seeming quite as evil by the end of the show so much as heartbreakingly understood.

Also, I really love how Xander became an actual adult at the beginning of Season Five. The most childish one grew up voluntarily much quicker than the rest of them. Oh, and YAY! Carpentry. One of my many loves.
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Okay, watching Season Five of Buffy and awwwwww, Willow and Tara are adorable. As are Anya and Xander. Anya's excitement about capitalism is one of the best inventions ever.

Anyway, I always get bothered by the ages of the characters on the show. A lot of times, the viewer is supposed to be tricked by the ages of the actors and it comes into sharp relief in Season Five with the addition of Dawn, whose realism as a little sister is actually pretty annoying.

They make a big deal about how old Giles is yet Buffy sleeps with men at least a 100 years older than her, or well over 250 in Angel's case.* Look how they treat Dawn and by the end of Season 5 or early Season 6, she would be the same age as Buffy was when she started slaying. It just kind of bugs me because Michelle Trachtenburg is actually (more or less) the same age as Dawn, whereas all the other actors are at least three years older than the characters they play in the case of Sarah Michlle Gellar and nine or ten in the case of Nicholas Brendan. I just find it weird.

Also, currently watching "Family" and it always makes me sad about how strongly they imply Tara had been abused, at the very least emotionally. Also, Amy Adams as her cousin Beth makes me do a little squiggle of happy. And the addition of Sandy in "Family" and "Shadow" is awesome continuity, considering it's the same girl that Vamp!Willow killed in "Dopplegangland". *loves of Joss*

* When Angel gives his age, we're to assume that it's his vampiric age, based on his gravestone in Angel episodes and not all the years since he was born.
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I started rewatching Buffy again, only I started in Season 4 because I've watched the first three fairly recently/have seen them roughly 1000 times and have them memorized.

Anyway, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I like Riley. I admit, I like the cute, slightly dull ones. He was a little obnoxious in places but he was still so much better than Spike, who became such a wimp after falling for Buffy.

Another thing that bothers me is the Willow/Tara thing. Don't get me wrong, I abso-fucking-lutely love them together but Willow is NOT GAY. She'd be gay if she had never dated boys before or if she had but it just wasn't right but no, she was head over heels in love with Xander. FOR YEARS. And then was completely in love with Oz. So, even if she still dates girls almost exclusively I think her love for Oz, Xander and mid-Tara admission of Giles!crush shows her bisexuality. So everyone stop saying she's a lesbian. Tara, on the other hand? Total lesbo.

I know that part in "Hush" was set up to show the 'magic' between them (hee) but when they're talking afterwards, the chemistry that Willow and Tara has is palpable.

News Report: Anya still the best thing ever. Giles is close second.

Oh, and a final thought about Sports Night because I obviously finished it the other day. When Dana jsut suddenly kisses Sam Donovan, it's really, really hot. Which is odd because I suppose William H. Macy isn't hot although I admit I've always had a thing for him. But kissing Felicity. OMGREALLIFEOTP.
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Blah, I wish I brought my computer to work today because then I could be watching SG1 episodes and doing homework instead of, you know, not. My ride is working late so I'm pretty much stuck here until 7pm.

I have a ridiculous amount of work to do but it's really not things that can be accomplished at work.

I was just thinking of this quote about when Buffy accepts a date with Principal Wood and it always cracks me up.
Xander: Also, like, ten years older than you, right?
Willow: Which is, like, 100 years younger than your type.
Buffy: Yay! Someone who doesn't remember the Industrial Revolution.
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I just finished "Chosen" and it killed me as much the second time as the first time. So, I've decided that Buffy still holds the same place in my heart that it has since the first time I watched it in 1997. Never before have I emotionally latched onto a show like this and sometimes I forget how much I love it. I absolutely freaking LOVE metaphors on tv shows and this show delivers in spades. I bonded with my now best friend over "Once More With Feeling", I saw my grief played out in Buffy and Dawn in "The Body" and "Forever" and a million other things. Oh Buffy, I love you.

Although it always pisses me off how much they go on about Faith murdering people. Let's remember when Giles killed Ben because Buffy couldn't, when Willow killed Warren, when Anya used to kill people, when Andrew killed Jonathan, when Spike killed people ALL THE TIME. I mean, they bring up most of them but Buffy always acts like she's better than Faith because of it. Why should Faith be in jail more than Andrew, Giles, Anya or Andrew? Because there was magic involved? I'm pretty certain that there was always talk of how there was freewill. It's just seems so fake when they show that there are consequences when there are only consequences for one character amongst many for similar acts.

Also, Vi is so very much my new favourite Slayer. I want fic!
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Dude! I never noticed but in "Beneath You" when Nancy says "Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?" Spike and Xander look at each other and then look away. I take this to mean, 'Ohmigod, all the slashers were right! They HAVE slept together!"

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Also, I bought almost $200 worth of clothes today. I would feel bad about it but my mom paid for $80 worth and I am in desperate need of them, since I need to look like a grown-up now, what with Grand Camp coming up in a couple of weeks. And I dyed my hair again. It's a rich mahoganey colour, which is fancy talk for dark, brownish-red.

I'm also addicted to cataloguing all my books at <a href="http://librarything.com</a>LibraryThing.com</a>. I'm about halfway through my books, more or less.
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Due to me buying Buffy Season 7, I'm doing a rewatch. I actually haven't watched this since it originally aired in 2002-2003, back when I was utterly and completely obsessed.

Anyway, 7x01 "Lessons" was so boring to me. Mostly set up, so I guess it was necessary but the only thing that made me go all squee-y was the end scene with all the villans haunting Spike. Warren was just such ordinary evil that I hate him the most. Adam was boring too but he had mommy issues which are always hilarious. Dru, the Mayor, the Master and Glory were all such riots and I forget how awesome they are.

On to the next one. I hope it doesn't disappoint me as much during the rewatch as it did during the original viewing.
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I went out at lunch and wandered around aimlessly. I went to HMV hoping to find Gilmore Girls Season One for cheaps but instead found Buffy Season Seven for $24.99. Dude! Every time I go somewhere that sells DVDs I check to see if they have Season Seven lest anyone discover that I should have it but don't.

I got Season Seven as a Christmas gift in 2004, which I promptly traded in for The West Wing Season Three because that's how I roll. Anyway, now I have the complete collection and now only have to wait until Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy Season 2 come out. And for everything else that is already out to become magically cheaper.

Also, I've noticed that I've been using 'dude' and 'seriously' a lot in my speaking patterns. I believe this is Grey's Anatomy's fault because I did not say them quite so much before I watched the show. Well, maybe that's not technically true because when people do impressions of me they always say "Seriously, guys. Seriously." And this was long before Grey's.

So, has Grey's changed my speaking patterns or has it just resurrected my old Homestar speaking patterns? You be the judge. And judging that I'm a little nuts is not an option.
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Final diagnosis? The West Wing is a pretty decent show when compared to other mediocre shows, unfortunately it pales in comparison to its former self. And I'm totally only watching out of the same dogged loyalty that kept me watching Buffy long after it ceased to be good.
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I think Little Brother and I should write a science fiction/fantasy show. We shall follow all the cliches and it will be wonderful. Here's the pitch, fully referenced and everything (but only with shows I've watched).


NOTE 1: My knowledge of some of the shows is quite incomplete and I will also probably update this if and when I see more episodes of various shows. So if you have an episode to add, comment! That said, this is for fun and just to keep track of all the similar plots and characters I ntoed in sci-fi/fantasy.
NOTE 2: I don't use ranks or salutations in this because they change often. So, no one is Doctor/Major/Commander/Pa'u.
NOTE 3: Most information is from The Internet Movie Database or my own memory but I also used The StargateWiki, Wikipedia and Memory Alpha
NOTE 4: Shows referenced: Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: Enterprise; Stargate SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis; Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity; Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The X-Files and Farscape/The Peacekeeper Wars
NOTE 5: All notations are clickable and will take you directly to the specific foonote. Episode names and numbers are included in the footnotes. Also, character names are linked to their Wiki entry the first time they appear.

It shall be called: STARCLICHE!

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